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IN CROWDED URBAN BATTLE ZONE - The image of a dead preschooler cradled by the prime ministers of Egypt and Gaza in a hospital hallway has drawn attention to the dangers Gaza’s children face in this crowded urban battle zone. Children make up half of Gaza’s population of 1.6 million and seem to be everywhere in the current round of cross-border fighting between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers. Children loitered Friday outside a Gaza City morgue for a glance at the latest “martyrs”. Others followed adults to funerals or even rushed to the site where Israeli missiles had just struck a government building and fire was still smoldering.
Despite outward bravado, young boys of elementary school age said quietly that fear of air strikes kept them awake at night. So far, six of 28 Palestinians killed in Israel’s offensive this week have been children, ranging in age from just under 1 to 14 years, according to Gaza health officials. 

Most were killed by shrapnel while in or near their homes. In Israel, 12 children were hurt in rocket attacks this week. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Hamas of using Gaza’s civilians, particularly children, as human shields by launching rockets from crowded residential areas. Gazans argue that Israel is unleashing massive air strikes on their territory without regard for civilians. They say that even Israel’s self-described surgical strikes on targets put civilians at grave risk in Gaza, one of the world’s most densely populated places. 
Mahmoud Sadallah, the four-year-old Gaza boy whose death moved Egypt’s prime minister to tears, was from the town of Jebaliya, close to Gaza City. It was said the boy died in an Israeli air strike. Israel vehemently denied involvement, saying it had not carried out any attacks in the area at the time. Gaza’s two leading human rights groups, which routinely investigate civilian deaths, withheld judgement, saying they were unable to reach the area because of continued danger.

More children have been killed and several injured in the latest Israeli. It is warned that hundreds of thousands of youngsters trapped in Gaza face prolonged power cuts and depleting supplies of food and water. The conflict between Israel and Gaza will have a devastating affect on children who make up nearly half the 1.6 million population of the Gaza Strip. President Barack Obama said he had been in touch with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as the leaders of Egypt and Turkey as international attempts to broker a cease-fire continued. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon added his voice to growing calls for a ceasefire saying he was heading to the region to personally appeal for an end to the violence. The truly solution will come when we adhere to a God conscious philosophy and we understand that God as the supreme father and all living entities - without distinction - are sons of Him.

When we forget this philosophy - that Krishna is the supreme father, Krishna is the supreme proprietor, Krishna is the supreme enjoyer, and Krishna is the supreme friend of everyone -  when we forget this, then we come into this material world and struggle for existence, fight with one another. This is material life.  Nor can we get any relief through our politicians, diplomats, philosophers. They have tried so much, but actually nothing they have tried has become fruitful. Take the United Nations. It was organized after the second Great War, and they wanted, “We shall now settle everything peacefully.”  But there is no such thing.  The fighting is going on, between Pakistan and India or between Vietnam and America or this and that. Mundane politics and diplomacy and philosophy - this is not the process.  The process is Krishna consciousness. Everyone has to understand this point, that we are not proprietors. The actual proprietor is Krishna. That's a fact. ... Artificially we are claiming, "It is my property." This is called maya, illusion.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
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