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FESTIVE DAY TO THANK GOD AND OTHERS - Thanksgiving is not just the festival of America but there is more to it than it being called just a “Harvest Festival”. It is said that contentment is the greatest happiness in life so it is always right to thank all those who have been responsible for what we are today. Thanksgiving is the festival of remembering people who sacrificed their lives for our well being. It gives great pleasure to people when their work is recognized. When a person is expressed by two beautiful words “Thank You”, it will motivate him to help more and for the one who thanks others will get the satisfaction of recognizing the other person's favor. 
It is said that the two words are the top of all virtues in the world. According to the traditional significance of thanksgiving, the festival is mainly celebrated to thank God for the good harvest he has given and is praised through various hymns and prayers. Here some significances of Thanksgiving: 

Family Bonding: The main significance of Thanksgiving is that it is the festival of bondage between family members. The children are told various stories by the elders of the family. They are thought family values and respect to elders. Special recipes are prepared and are rejoiced together with dance and other amusements. Cooking meal: On the festive day, the family enjoys home cooked delicious food, in contrast with the other festivals where canned food are bought from restaurants. Family values and festive traditions: The family members dance, sing, cook, play games and do various activities together. It is the day of fun and joy as well as the day to imbibe values and festive traditions in small ones.  
Meaning of life: Thanksgiving is the day where elders in the family teach children on how to lead life and the importance of living. The elders educate their young ones on how to shape their future living. Thanking day: It is not only the day to thank the almighty but also the day to thank parents and elders who have been there in every ups and downs of life. It is important for kids to know that thanksgiving day is not just a national holiday but has so much significance added to it that makes it the most celebrated festival worldwide.

Nowadays, Thanksgiving is not just a festival of the USA but is celebrated and rejoiced all around the globe. According to Anjana, the writer of the article, the main importance of Thanksgiving is that it is the day where family members are together. The relatives who stay away also come down to meet the members of the family and celebrate the oneness with delicious food. The elders narrate their bitter experiences and hardships that they faced to get to what they presently are. It is important for kids to know the idea and significance behind the thanksgiving celebrations as they should be aware of the emotions and sensitivities related to the festival. Not only on Thanksgiving Day we celebrate life, eating and praying together as a family, but every day we should thank God for all the blessings we have received from Him.

The tendency to want to eliminate humanity’s sources of wisdom and enlightenment and to exclude them, to pretend proposing that God does not exist and that all kind of revelation simply is an invention of the human intellect mixed with lies - this shows atheism. ... Humanity’s experience teaches us that atheism is unbearable. A life without God leads to something psychopathic, to trauma and disease, depressions, chaos and total immorality. ... The suffering of your being will accompany you life after life, until you are ready to bow your head before God and thank Him for everything He has done for you, and until you before Him promise to accept that He has given you your criterion and intelligence to do something wonderful on earth, and not just to rush through the world and exploit its resources and make humanity to cry and bleed through the skimpy  purpose of an atheistic mentality.

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :
“Conscious Art”
“A culture of Divine Love”

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