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Cape Town ( - Western Cape police are hunting a mom who allegedly sold her 13-year-old daughter as a sex slave for just R50 a time. The woman allegedly regularly took her little girl to bushes or outside shebeens and rented her out to men. She allegedly used the money to feed her own alcohol addiction as her little one was being raped. 
The alleged abuse only came to light when the girl told one of her friends who in turn alerted their teacher. The girl is now being cared for at a shelter run by Atlantis ward councillor and abuse councillor Barbara Rass. “I have to applaud the teacher, the silence was broken,” Rass said. “It seems everyone knew what was going on but no one protected her… no one intervened at any point. If she didn’t tell her friend and that teacher, this would have been continuing. 
A case was formally opened with the police who are investigating a case of rape and child prostitution.

Rass - who has 35 years experience serving the community and fighting on behalf of victims of sex attacks - was close to tears as she spoke of the horrific case. She said the teen told her how her mother would allegedly lure her to shebeens to have sex with old men. “The mother would take her to the shebeen yard and say ‘here is a man for you’,” said Barbara. 
Waste removal trucks chugged along the main dusty road leading out of the area which is surrounded by bush and shacks. The traumatised teen finally ended up in the care of the police last week. Her skeletal frame and dark eyes hint at the awful pain she has endured. She fidgeted nervously as she revealed that she lived with her mom and stepfather, who frequently called her foul names. Local community leaders are demanding the arrest of the girl’s mom. And they want her to point out all the perverts that paid her to have sex with her underage child. Police sources confirmed they are hunting for the girl’s mother.

This 13-year-old South African girl from the farm Frankdale near Atlantis was sold for prostitution by her own mom, in order to satisfy her mother's vice of drinking alcohol. The young girl spoke - in the presence of her temporary guardians - about the abuse she has suffered. “I feel no mercy should be given to mothers who sell their own offspring. The court should deal with her like they would deal with someone who had underage sex with a minor. She was being sold for R50, this is disgusting. I want the mother to be exposed,” demanded Barbara Rass, a councilor specializing in sexual abuse issues. Authorities are drawing up a list of the names of the girl’s alleged attackers, but so far no arrests have been made. Until then, their main concern is to keep the girl safe from new further abuses. The extreme neglect to comply with the duty of caring the helpless ones is when mothers allow their own daughters to be abused in order to satisfy their vices.

"The brāhmaṇas, the cows and the defenseless creatures are My own body. ..." (SB 3.16.10) The defenseless creatures, according to Brahma-samhitā, are the cows, brāhmanas, women, children and old men. ... Just as children are taken care of by the parents, women as a class should be taken care of by the father, husband or grown-up son. Those who are helpless must be taken care of by their respective guardians, otherwise the guardians will be subjected to the punishment of Yamarāja, who is appointed by the Lord to supervise the activities of sinful living creatures. The assistants, or messengers, of Yamarāja are likened here to vultures, and those who do not execute their respective duties in protecting their wards are compared to serpents. Vultures deal very seriously with serpents, and similarly the messengers will deal very seriously with neglectful guardians.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
“The Śrīmad Bhāgavatam”
Purport in Canto 3 “El Status Quo”
Chapter 16 - Verse 10.
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