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www.utaot.comLast year The Voice of Russia and other Russian sources were reporting that a 300 million year old piece of aluminum machinery had been found in Vladivostok. Experts said a gear rail appears to be manufactured and not the result of natural forces. According to Yulia Zamanskaya, when a resident of Vladivostok was lighting the fire during a cold winter evening, he found a rail-shaped metal detail which was pressed in one of the pieces of coal that the man used to heat his home.
Mesmerized by his discovery, the responsible citizen decided to seek help from the scientists of Primorye region. After the metal object was studied by the leading experts the man was shocked to learn about the assumed age of his discovery. The metal detail was supposedly 300 million years old and yet the scientists suggest that it was not created by nature but was rather manufactured by someone.

The question of who might have made an aluminum gear in the dawn of time remains unanswered. The find was very much like a toothed metal rail, created artificially. It was like parts are often used in microscopes, various technical and electronic devices says writer Natalia Ostrowski at KP UA Daily. The metal detail which was recently found by Vladivostok resident is yet another discovery which perplexed the scientists. 
The coal in which the metal object was pressed was delivered to Primorye from Chernogorodskiy mines of Khakasia region. Knowing that the coal deposits of this region date 300 million years back, Russian experts inferred that the metal detail found in these deposits must be an age-mate of the coal.

It has been several months since this news was known and there are still many different opinions. Some say it's all a fraud, others speak of ancient terrestrial civilizations and others about alien extra-terrestrial visits. The truth is there are several mysteries that defy scientific knowledge around artifacts that are too old to have been made ​​by a human being. For example, one question that interests Russian scientists is whether the aluminum alloy is of Earthly origin. The presence of 2 percent of magnesium in the alloy might well be evidence of some past, unknown civilization on Earth. Nonetheless, further testing is needed to confirm this hypothesis, say experts. Nowadays, finding a strange artifact in coal dated hundreds million years before the current era (B.C.E) is not very rare to happen. In 1851 the workers in one of the Massachusetts mines extracted a zinc silver-incrusted vase from a block of unmined coal which dated approximately 500 million years ago. In 1912 American scientists from Oklahoma discovered an iron pot which was pressed into a piece of coal aged 312 million years old. The alloys were artificial and constructed by intelligent beings, said the experts. All of these discoveries not only puzzled the experts but also undermined the most fundamental doctrines of modern science. The so-called Western science has its roots in disapproving tendencies and all facts that can challenge their "state of things already known" are seen as something very amazing or totally denied as they challenge their scientific and cultural bases. For example, during the British rule in India, the heirs of the wise Vedic civilization developed a kind of inferiority complex, which adversely affected his own quest to discover the facts about the glorious past of India. (Editor's note).

Many of us tend to believe that the views about history that we find in modern text-books are proven truths on par with the laws of physics. ... Our culture’s dominant view of history - which is still largely rooted in colonial preconceptions - is not a scientific truth but largely a Eurocentric bias that often has little hard evidence to support it. We ignore the eastern achievements in science, like the mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology and medicine in the Vedas. We have created a view of history that makes larger and older civilizations like India and China into little more than footnotes to events in Europe or the Middle East. Our historical time lines have not expanded much beyond the time frame or location of Biblical chronologies. Though our current species is now scientifically speaking more than 150,000 years old, our social sciences are still largely working on a 5,000 year historical time line, with a bias towards Europe and the Middle East that ignores the greater portion of humanity, its achievements and its historical records.

Śrīla Bhakti Bhavan Vishnu Mahārāja :
“Science of the Sacred” - Dr. David Frawley

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SEX TO MILK PRODUCTION Nursing monkeys make different milk for male and female offspring, a finding that has direct implications for understanding previously unknown variations in human breast milk, researchers said. Males and females respond differently to cortisol, a hormone found in mothers’ milk but not in formula, said Katie Hinde, with Harvard University’s Department of Human Evolution. 
“There is this prevailing myth that mother’s milk is standard,” Hinde told reporters at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Chicago on Friday. “There’s evidence that mothers are producing different biological recipes of milk for sons and daughters and the magnitude of this effect varies across their reproductive careers,” Hinde told Discovery News.

Breast milk calcium content, for example, is higher for females than males.The handful of studies that have looked at variations in human breast milk based on the baby’s gender tend to focus on the constituents of the milk and their concentrations - how much fat, protein, sugar, calcium, etc., but have not accounted for overall milk production, which affects concentrations. There is no data on how breast milk may vary for nursing mixed-gender twins, she added. 
Formulas can copy mothers’ milk food value, but not its hormonal content, Hinde said. Related studies on 1.4 million cows also showed that mothers carrying females produce more milk than those gestating males

A new study offers the first evidence that fetal sex can affect the amount of milk cows produce, a finding that could have major economic implications for dairy farmers. The study, co-authored by a Harvard scientist, examined 2.4 million lactations by nearly 1.5 million dairy cows in the United States, finding that cows that gestate daughters produce 1,000 pounds more milk than those that gestate sons. Research shows that female animals personalize milk composition depending on the sex of the future infant. It is thought that women's bodies have similar behavior and that fetal sex would affect the composition of breast milk; this would explain the differences between different human lactations. Wow ... it's an amazing news. How wonderful is mother's body! Whether cows or women, the intelligence cells of the mother's body produces milk with certain composition according to whether a pregnancy will result in a male or a female infant! And after knowing these findings there are still fools who refuse to accept the higher intelligence that created these material bodies with such wonderful biological characteristics, and continue to think that everything happened by blind chance or random cosmic explosion that appeared by chance out of nowhere. How can we say that these wonderful activities and properties of our material body have come to be without a high intelligence behind these facts? Our spiritual masters have taught us that this sort of conclusion is due to a poor fund of knowledge. Therefore, One must conclude that the wonderful creation of the universe operates under the direction of God, who with His transcendental intelligence makes appear, grow and dissolve all things in due time. (Editor's note).

The living beings are parts and parcels of the Lord, and He impregnates the vast material creation with seeds of spiritual sparks, and thus the creative energies are set in motion to enact so many wonderful creations. An atheist may argue that God is no more expert than a watchmaker, but of course God is greater because He can create machines in duplicate male and female forms. The male and female forms of different types of machineries go on producing innumerable similar machines without God's further attention. If a man could manufacture such a set of machines that could produce other machines without his attention, then he could approach the intelligence of God. But that is not possible, for each machine has to be handled individually. Therefore, no one can create as well as God. Another name for God is asamaurdhva, which means that no one is equal to or greater than Him.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (Bhāgavata Purāna) - Canto 1: Creation
Chapter 1: “Questions by the Sages” - Verse 1
Bhaktivedanta VedaBase -

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www.harekrsna.comToday, Feb. 12 is the celebration of Sri Nityananda Trayodasi. It is the appearance anniversary of Lord Nityananda and Hindus and Vaishnava devotees around the world are celebrating it. Nityananda Prabhu appeared as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's principal associate for spreading the congregational chanting of the holy names of the Lord. He appeared in 1474 in the village of Ekachakra, now in West Bengal. He especially spread the holy name of Krishna throughout Bengal. 
His beauty was so enchanting and He was so full of ecstatic love for Krishna that, wherever He moved, crowds of people would follow and become lovers of God. Lord Nityananda, whose name means "eternally blissful", is considered an incarnation of Krishna's principal expansion, Balarama. Nityananda Prabhu and Lord Caitanya are traditionally worshipped together, as are Krishna and Balarama.

Nityananda Trayodasi usually occurs in February. The devotees fast until noon, being immersed in the pastimes of Nityananda. After performing abhiseka for the Gaura Nitai Deities, a lively kirtan and sumptuous feast are offered in Nityananda's honor, for the Lord's pleasure. Thus, the Vaishnava devotees enjoy a sumptuous feast in honour of Lord Nityananda. 
Throughout the Caitanya-caritamrta, we read of Nityananda's ecstatic sankirtan pastimes throughout Bengal and Orissa, where he sometimes traveled alone as an avadhuta preacher, and sometimes as the companion of Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His traveling party. Together, Lord Caitanya and Nityananda Prabhu enjoyed many ecstatic prasadam (food offered to God with devotion) pastimes, and Nityananda was renowned for enthusiastically consuming immense quantities of Krsna prasadam.

Today, February 12 marks Nityananda Trayodasi, the celebration of the appearance day of Lord Nityananda. Nityananda prabhu is the most intimate associate of Lord Caitanya. Nitai-Gaura are worshipped together much like Krsna and Balarama. While devotees fast till noon, the day is spent recounting the special glories of Lord Nityananda, or Nitai as He is sometimes known, and in vigorous kirtana. In Krishna temples there is a ritual bathing of Gaura Nitai deities. Lord Nityananda is an avadhuta: one who is not bound by social customs. He acts in pure devotion to Lord Caitanya in the mood of His servant and He is considered more merciful than Lord Caitanya because He is so eager to deliver the mercy of God. If anyone can please Nitai even in the smallest way, then that person will receive a spiritual grace that will transform his life. Our spiritual teachers have taught us that the Sankirtan movement was initiated by Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Haridas Thakur, and fully developed in the West by Srila Prabhupada. Sankirtan opens the doors of spiritual love, universal love, freeing ourselves from prejudices and differences; the spirit of sankirtan should motivate us to deliver the message of the Lord to all kinds of people, for all are our brothers and the love of God is the powerful torch that can burn the powerful attachments that exist in the hearts of all us. (Editor's note).

Nityananda Prabhu, who is identical with Lord Balarama, the first expansion of Krishna, is considered to be the original guru for all of mankind. Thus, soon after their initial meeting, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu tried to honor Nityananda Prabhu with a Vyasa-puja worship ceremony befitting a great spiritual master. However, Nityananda Prabhu protested and grabbed all of the worship articles from Mahaprabhu and worshiped Him instead. … After Chaitanya Mahaprabhu took on the renounced order of life, sannyasa, to spread the sankirtana movement of the congregational chanting of Krishna's holy names, the two brothers moved to Jagannath Puri, on the east coast of India. There, Mahaprabhu left Nityananda and proceeded on a tour of South India that was to last for two years. ... In 1511, Mahaprabhu requested Nityananda, His most reliable sankirtana commander, to return to Bengal. When Nityananda Prabhu first returned to Bengal, He began His mission in Panihati, a village north of Calcutta. For several months He preached and gathered followers in this area, until thousands chanted and danced in ecstasy under His supervision.

Sripad Satyaraja Dasa (Steven J. Rosen)
“Lord Nityananda”
“Sri Pancha-tattva: The Five Features of God”

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THE GODDESS OF LEARNING - Shreepanchami has taken place last week. It is also known as Basanta Panchami or Saraswati Puja, is a remarkable day for every student. Every college has its own way of celebrating it, and the celebration depends upon the students, “Usually interested students raise funds and organise a special puja. However, many times it may not be celebrated in the college if the festival falls during winter vacation,” as per Bishista Shree Bhattarai, Lecturer at Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Ghantaghar, informs. Every festive celebration has its special significance. Saraswati Puja too has its value in Nepali culture. Sharmila Dahal, a BBS graduate from Kavre Multiple Campus, Banepa regards this day to remember and worship the Goddess of Knowledge. “It is a special day where one can start his/her learning process,” she opines.

While some students are very serious about their studies, there are those who neglect it. And a festival like Shreepanchami helps those students to remember and respect their books and educational materials, points out Anish Maharjan, a BSc CSIT Ist Year student at Prime College, Khusibu. To this Sajina Nepali, an MSc Ist Year student at Golden Gate College, adds, “If you respect your books, then the books will also respect you in return. Nonetheless, the celebration is important as it teaches us to respect things that are useful to us. In general, this festival urges students to practice respect which is valuable and is required in one’s entire lifetime.” However, it is not right to wait for this day to take care of their educational materials. “Students must always take care of their books and notebooks,” advises Anish Maharjan who feels, “Remembering Goddess Saraswati helps us to gain confidence while studying during examinations.”

Saraswati Puja or Basanta Panchami is a day to pay homage to the Goddess of Learning. During this day it is common to see throngs of students visiting temples of Saraswati early in the morning. They worship books, notebooks, pens and musical instruments. They even write on the walls of temple to get the Goddess' blessings. While many children start writing their first letters on this day, most of the educational institutions, too, celebrate the day together with their students. Educational researchers think that this festival is a source of psychological support to the students, along with providing hope, it motivates them to study. However, beyond worship Goddess Saraswati for her relationship with art and education, our spiritual teachers have taught us to worship the feminine energy from the more elevated svarupa shakti Srimati Radharani and Hladini Shakti the creator of all love, its many expansions as Laksmi, the goddess of fortune, Durga, Kali and Parvati, who have significant power over the material world, to all women, wives and daughters, who traditionally have been worshiped in the Hindu family. All of them are our mothers, and especially the female devotees who helped establish the mission of Srila Prabhupada in the West are the mothers of the Hare Krishna movement and they have always sought the welfare of sannyasis, brahmacharis and brahmacharinis. Therefore, be inconsiderate and ungrateful to them is just a signal of the fact that we have understood very little of the Vaishnava culture. (Editor's note).

Saraswati sits elegantly on a lotus flower, playing a stringed musical instrument known as veena. In her right hand she holds a book, signifying her status as goddess of learning. She is also regarded to be the goddess of wisdom and speech. Artists and learning students venerate this goddess. She always appears graceful and serene. In her character and attributes, she is associated with ancient river Saraswati, ascribing both purity and fertility.

Dr. Hiro Badlani:
"Hinduism - Path of the Ancient Wisdom"
Chapter 27: "Goddesses in Hinduism:
The Icons of Female Power"  -

Sri Saraswati Devi is none other than Vidya Lakshmi, who grants her worshippers this eternal knowledge. With the grace of this Goddess, even a complete illiterate can be transformed into a pandit, a wise person of eternal knowledge.

Dr Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
"Lakshmi, The Goddess of Fortune"

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ADMITTED IT WAS A FICTITIOUS DISEASE - If you or someone you know has a child that has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), chances are the child is actually just fine. At least this is what the “father” of ADHD, Leon Eisenberg, would presumably say if he were still alive. On his death bed, this psychiatrist and autism pioneer admitted that ADHD is essentially a “fictitious disease,” which means that millions of young children today are being needlessly prescribed severe mind-altering drugs that will set them up for a life of drug addiction and failure. 
“ADHD is fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction,” said Dr. Edward C. Hamlyn, from the Royal College of General Practitioners. Adding to this sentiment, psychiatrists Peter Breggin and Sami Timimi, both of whom oppose pathologizing the symptoms of ADHD, say that ADHD is more of a social construct than it is an objective “disorder.”

ADHD was never actually proven to exist as a verifiable disease, despite the fact that Eisenberg and many others profited handsomely from its widespread diagnosis. And modern psychiatry continues to profit as well, helping also to fill the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry by getting children addicted early to dangerous psychostimulant drugs like Ritalin (methylphenidate) and Adderall (amphetamine, dextroamphetamine mixed salts). The purpose all along for pathologizing ADHD symptoms, of course, was to generate more profits for the drug industry. 
According to the citizen watchdog group Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHRI), roughly 20 million American children today are taking dangerous, but expensive, psychiatric drugs for made-up behavioral conditions like ADHD. And another one million or so children have been blatantly and admittedly misdiagnosed with phony behavioral conditions for which psychiatric medications are being prescribed.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) was merely a theory. According to this article, Leon Eisenberg, a 87-year-old doctor, confessed on his deathbed that he and his colleagues invented ADHD. “Remember, there are two ways drug companies can make money: Invent new drugs, and invent new diseases already invented drugs can treat,” writes Dr. Jay Parkinson. “In the past decade or so, Big Pharma has created no less than 10 new novel drugs per year,” he adds, noting that many of the people who have been told they suffer from ADHD actually suffer from “the consequence of bad design,” meaning a conventional social and educational system that is unable and unwilling to recognize unique individuality. Our spiritual masters have warned about the industry remedies and the creation of false diseases, so we should support the Conscious Doctors network. The world needs more conscious doctors, nurses and health workers to carry out their professional medical activities with higher spiritual consciousness. We must spread this message and promote the creation of Ayurveda and Naturopathy clinics where they can help to provide the health to the physical body along with spiritual education than mankind needs today. (Editor's note).

The organization of Conscious Doctors is one of friendship and exchange of medical experiences between doctors with the purpose of purifying professional medical activities by supporting spiritual consciousness. As a result, conscious doctors will have a forum that will allow greater understanding and improve the practice of a holistic system of treatment, such as: Ayurveda (Oriental medicine), naturopathy, chiropractics, homeopathy, bioenergetics, acupuncture, etc. Thus, the spiritually conscious medical professional, with proven results, will become as distant as possible from the ignorant allopathy system that only attacks the symptoms of ailments without regard to the causes that create them. ... The Conscious doctor always recommends that people seek refuge in God, to see that all the bodily and mental sufferings are reactions from our wrong doings in this and past lives; that they are little bells to wake us up to the reality that we should not live away from His Will.

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :
“Conscious Doctors”
The Vedic Wisdom Online

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