Thursday, September 30, 2010


PARIS - Obesity is becoming the most prevalent public health problem in industrialised nations, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Thursday, and called on governments to take comprehensive action to tackle it. Since 1980, when fewer than one in 10 people in OECD member nations were obese, rates have doubled and even tripled in many countries, the OECD said in a report released Thursday in Paris. “If recent trends continue, projections suggest that more than 2 out of 3 people will be overweight or obese in at least some OECD countries within the next 10 years,” the OECD said in the study, Obesity and the Economics of Prevention. According to the OECD’s website, one is obese when one has a body mass index (BMI) of 30. The BMI is calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by the square of one’s height in metres. Women are more often obese than men, but male obesity rates have been growing faster than female rates in most OECD countries.

The reasons for the surge in obesity include: changes in food production that “have cut the price of calories dramatically”; changing living and working conditions that reduced the amount of physical activity; increased levels of stress; and longer working hours, the OECD said. In addition, obesity is more common among the poor and the less educated. These social disparities are also present in obesity rates for children, the organisation said. Perhaps not surprisingly, the problem is most acute in the world’s most prosperous country, the United States, where in 2008 nearly three in four women and two in three men were overweight, and about one-third of all adults were obese.

In almost all developed countries, 50% of the population is overweight. Figures concern in the United States and Mexico, where one in six people are obese. In Spain, one in three children aged between 13 and 14 is above its weight, making it the third country in the OECD having more infant overweight. We must learn to feed and be disciplined about the amount of food we eat.

We eat and drink with discipline, moderation and regularity, because our vitality and strength do not depend on the amount you eat, but on what our body can digest and assimilate. The stomach needs space to work, so it only should be filled two thirds of its capacity, leaving the remaining third for air. This helps a lot to digest. Overeating produces many additional toxins that the body should be removed with great effort. The antidote to overeating is to remove the following, that jataragni to digest the excess. Digestion begins with chewing. This preparatory phase is to mix food with saliva, especially starchy foods (bread, cereals, potatoes, rice and other carbohydrates). ... We must acquire the habit of eating slowly; savoring much more each bite, and then a healthy instinct will announce we’re satisfied. ... Eating in moderation will also satisfy and refresh the mind, and you seek a real harmony to your body. If you eat too much, overloaded his body is shaken, tired, and ultimately hinder your mind.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


MEXICO CITY - Pounded by incessant rain, a hillside in the state of Oaxaca collapsed onto a village early Tuesday, burying houses in mud and stones and trapping hundreds of people as they slept, state authorities said. As many as 300 houses in the village of the Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, in northern Oaxaca, may have been buried in the landslide, the governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz, told Mexican television. Initially, the state’s governor, said 500 to 1000 people were feared buried in the landslide. It was too early to say how many victims were trapped or buried under the earth, but Mr. Ruiz said that the number of missing could run as high as 1,000. Military and naval units, state police and rescue workers were traveling to the remote village, along with earth-moving equipment, but progress was slow because the heavy rains had caused landslides that blocked the roads to the village. “We hope to reach in time to rescue those families who were buried by the hill,” Mr. Ruiz told Televisa, a Mexican television network.

Tropical Storm Matthew caused heavy flooding in much of Oaxaca last week, but Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, in the Mixe region north of Oaxaca city, the state capital, receives heavy rainfall for much of the year. Under ordinary circumstances, the village is a four-hour drive from the state capital. Severe rains caused a hillside to collapse at about 4 a.m. local time, burying homes in the town of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec as residents slept, Ruiz said, citing information from local authorities, news agency AFP reported. Rescuers from the military are beginning to arrive in the rural town, at least three hours by car from the state capital. Access has been difficult because many roads are blocked by mud, Ruiz said earlier today in an interview on the Televisa network. The Mexican Red Cross is sending 40 health specialists to Oaxaca to assist in the rescue, spokesman Rafael Gonzalez said. The organization is also sending rescue dogs and 15 emergency vehicles, he said in a phone interview from Mexico City.

During the last 12 days in a row it has rained because of tropical storms Matthew and Karl. Oaxaca Red Cross reported through its Twitter account that hundreds of people held without communication. About 300 houses may have been hit by the mudslide, representing 10 percent of the dwellings in the town of Oaxaca, y another country, as many as 30 people were trapped after heavy rains caused a landslide on a road near Medellin, Colombia. Our situation in this material world is very unstable and are exposed to constant dangers.

What relish can there be for material enjoyments when we are exposed to hunger, thirst, disease, decrepitude, emaciation, growth, decline and death.
The universe is tending to decay - grass, trees, animals - spring up and die. Mighty men are gone leaving their joys and glories. Beings still greater than these have passed away, vast oceans have dried - mountains have been thrown down, the polar star displaced, the cords that bind the planets rent asunder, the whole earth deluged with flood - in such a world what relish can there be for fleeting enjoyments?
Living in such a world are we not like frogs jumping in a dried up well?

Śrīla Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thākura Prabhupāda :

“Vaishnavism Real & Apparent”
Chapter: “Two Minds - Material and Spiritual”

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The Times of India - A new U.S. study has revealed that women who drink just one alcoholic drink a day are at a twofold risk of developing breast cancer than their teetotaller counterparts. Drinking alcohol or alcoholic beverages boosts the risk of lobular and hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, but not necessarily invasive ductal carcinomas. To understand how alcohol may influence sub-types of breast cancer, Christopher I. Li, and colleagues at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center conducted an observational study of a subset of patients in the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study, conducted between 1993 and 1998, which included 87,724 postmenopausal women aged 50-79 years. The researchers looked at the following data from the 2,944 women in the WHI study who developed invasive breast cancer: tumor subtypes and hormone status, alcohol consumption, demographic and lifestyle characteristics, family history of diseases and reproductive history. Women were categorized as those who never drank, those who formerly drank and those who currently drank. Drinkers were grouped into six categories according to the average number of drinks per week, starting from less than one drink per week to more than 14 drinks per week.

The researchers found that alcohol use is more strongly related to the risk of lobular carcinoma than ductal carcinoma, and more strongly related to hormone-receptor- positive breast cancer than hormone-receptor-negative breast cancer. "We found that women who drank one or more drinks per day had about double the risk of lobular type breast cancer, but no increase in their risk of ductal type breast cancer," the authors said. "It is important to note that ductal cancer is much more common than lobular cancer accounting for about 70 per cent of all breast cancers whereas lobular cancer accounts for only about 10-15 per cent of cases," they added. The study has been published August 23 online in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Reduce alcohol consumption certainly decrease the risk of cancer, but experts say that there are multiple factors that cause breast cancer in women; so it is probably that alcohol is not the only factor at play here. Doctors advised women to maintain a healthy weight, drank less alcohol and took more exercise. Anyway, drinking alcohol is an addiction and its intake is associated with many different diseases, so it is always advisable to refrain from doing so.

The Mahabharata tells us that addiction to hunting, dice playing, women, and wine are the four things that lead to a man’s downfall. These four activities translate into the pillars of sinful life; meat eating, gambling, illicit sex, and intoxication. ... Intoxication is one of the more obvious sinful activities because so many people develop addictions to it. Whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, or caffeine, addiction to intoxication is very common. ... These regulative principles may seem difficult, but why not give them a try? Don’t be discouraged if you are not successful right away. The easiest way to refrain from these activities is to always keep yourself engaged in God’s service wherever you are and whatever you may be doing. Keep chanting “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare” and you will be guaranteed of success.

Krishna’s Mercy - Jai Shri Krishna :
“The Four Regulative Principles” - Posted on Feb 15, 2009

Monday, September 27, 2010


LONDON (Reuters) - Louise Patten, a writer and granddaughter of Titanic second officer Charles Lightoller, said the truth about what happened nearly 100 years ago had been hidden for fear of tarnishing the reputation of her grandfather, who later became a war hero. Nearly a century after the Titanic plunged into the murk of the Atlantic Ocean, a new secret has been revealed that could upend the existing story of how the ship sank. Until now, historians believed that Titanic rammed an iceberg because it was steaming too fast and the crew didn’t see it until it was too late. According to Louise Patten, Titanic hit the berg because the man at the wheel made a mistake, misunderstanding an order and turning right instead of left. Though the helmsman corrected the error shortly thereafter, the supposedly unsinkable ship was already on a collision course with the iceberg that would rip into her hull, taking the lives of some 1,500 people. “Turning the wheel the wrong way was a blunder,” Patten said.

Now, Patten is making the details of her family secret public in a new book, “Good as Gold.” “After 98 years, everyone who could be hurt by my writing this is dead,” Patten said. “And I thought it is probably right that the world now knows what actually happened on Titanic.” Lightoller was the only survivor to know that after the iceberg was hit, Bruce Ismay, chairman of Titanic’s owner, the White Star Line, persuaded Captain Smith to continue sailing. The truth of what happened on that historic night was deliberately buried, she said.

According to Patten, the true story of the Titanic disaster has remained a family secret for decades. She claimed her grandfather lied about the events because admitting human error would have brought lawsuits, the end of the White Star Line and the end of his job.

Patten (the granddaughter of the only senior officer to survive the wreck, Charles Lightoller) told the Daily Telegraph in an interview, that the Titanic hit an iceberg in 1912 because of a basic steering error, and only sank as fast as it did because an official persuaded the captain to continue sailing, rather than stay still afloat and wait for the rescue ship. “They could easily have avoided the iceberg if it wasn’t for the blunder.” The four flaws (desire to deceive, inattentiveness, inadequacy of the senses, and tendency to error) affect the judgment of every human being.

The conditioned soul has four defects: (1) bhrama (‘the tendency to error’), (2) pramada (‘inattention’), (3) karanapatava (‘the inadequacy of the senses’) and (4) vipralipsa (‘the desire to deceive’). Any conditioned soul has these defects. Bhrama means the tendency to think something that is true to be false and vice versa. Whatever I perceive directly (pratyaksa) or whatever deductions I make on the basis of those perceptions will be full of error. ... The word pramada means ‘inattention.’ Even when the senses do their job, the mind is not entirely attentive and so makes further errors. Karanapatava means the incapacity of the senses to properly perceive anything. And the last fault is quite devastating; it is vipralipsa, ‘the desire to deceive.’ ... Even the greatest scholars cannot free themselves of these defects when it comes to assessing transcedence. In these matters, the words of the Veda, which are not the product of human beings, are the only source of sure knowledge.

Śrīla Bhakti Promode Puri Mahārāja :

“Śrī Guru Pranali - Siddha Pranali”
A conversation with a sannyasa disciple,
Durga Puja, Sept. 28, 1998, Gopinatha Gaudiya Matha,
Cakra Tirtha, Jagannatha Puri.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


MEXICO (El Universal) - The basic sexual behavior of Homo sapiens has not changed in at least the past 40,000 years, the two experts curators of the exhibition “Sex in stone” said. It can be seen from this Wednesday in the Atapuerca Foundation headquarters in Burgos, Spain. “The current sexual behaviors are a cultural and biological constant for at least 40 thousand years,” explained the scientist Marcos Garcia, one of the managers of the exhibition, before the opening ceremony. Not only they have held concepts such as sex for pleasure or for reproduction, which was recorded in caves and shelters for thousands of years, but even prehistoric examples exhibit sexual behaviors that are now “frowned.” Garcia and Javier Angulo, which in 2005 published a book on this subject, organized the exhibition with support from the Government of Cantabria.

The exhibition was mounted in the basement of the Atapuerca Foundation, where it remains until December 8. It has been mounted on a black background divided into three rooms which are intended to give the viewer a sense of “privacy”, Angulo explained. The exhibition - which combines visual effects with Paleolithic murals and pieces of several European countries - begins with an overview of the context of the living conditions of the Paleolithic, between 11 000 and 40 makes a thousand years. It also shows an explanatory audiovisual and different gendered human images and sexual behaviors collected in Paleolithic art. It is presented in this section a differentiated sample between sexuality by means of pleasure and sexual behavior as a means of reproduction for the continuation of the species.

Since time immemorial, we are shackled by the iron chains, which take the form of beautiful women. Thus, in conditioned life, every male is bound by sex life. Therefore when one attempts to gain liberation from the material clutches, he must first learn to control the sex urge. The sāstras explain that creative desire is the subjective portion of Krsna taking the initiative in bringing about the birth of the mundane world.

The first phase of the appearance of the mundane desire created by Maha-Visnu is called the seminal principle of mahat or the perverted cognitive faculty. It is this which is identical with the mental principle ripe for procreative activity. The conception underlying it is that it is the will of the purusa who creates by using the efficient and material principles. Efficiency is Maya or the productive feminine organ. The material principle is Sambhu or the procreative masculine organ. Maha-Visnu is purusa or the dominating divine person wielding the will. Pradhana or the substantive principle in the shape of mundane entities, is the material principle. ... The seed of amorous creative desire in Goloka, is the embodiment of pure cognition. The seed of sex desire to be found in this mundane world, is that of Kali, etc., who are the shadows of the divine potency. The former, although it is the prototype of the latter, is located very far from it. The seed of the mundane sex desire is the perverted reflection in this mundane world of the seed of the original creative desire.

Śrīla Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thākura Prabhupāda :
“Śrī Brahma Samhita” - Purport in Text 8
The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust - Bombay

Saturday, September 25, 2010


IN VALLEY OF UCO, TUNUYAN, PROVINCE OF MENDOZA - The detection of three cases of trichinosis fire alarm today inTunuyan after an epidemic in the Great Mendoza in August. Those sickened ate pork in Tunuyan. The news alerted health officials in the area, as they have assumed the epidemic which generated a total of 219 since early 2010, has been overcome. The City of Tunuyan confirmed the existence of three cases of trichinosis in that department. The village head, Eduardo Giner, explained that some people became infected by eating pork sausage made by private butchering, and it was done “to 2 or 3 miles to the city center.” He clarified that “the source of infection is already seized” and warned people of that district should not eat sausage or pork which is not properly certified by Livestock and SENASA. Giner reported that “there are three confirmed cases, all with the same epidemiologic pattern and as regards those infected people, he said that “their conditions are good and their situation is not serious”. The case that triggered the alarm came from a pig that had been brought from the foothills of Mendoza. In a municipal operation, it was seized from the shops in the Tunuyan area (total of six butchers) about 25 kilograms of fresh sausages.

Then, the authorities burned the sausages that were confiscated, and warned that “it is a risk buys sausages made at home.” In August, outbreaks were detected in Maipu, General Alvear, Lujan, Godoy Cruz, and especially in Rivadavia, where it was confirmed 129 infections. However, the situation was described as “controlled” by the end of August. Nevertheless, these three new cases in Tunuyan have shown that the risk of infection has not yet been completely overcome in Argentina.

Authorities said the sausages made without hygienic control were manufactured with contaminated meat from an animal that came from the west of Mendoza. The pork was contaminated with Trichinella worms that cause Trichinosis. This is a gastrointestinal illness that can lead to flu-like symptoms and, in severe cases, death. ¿Instead of being cruel and kill animals why not develop compassion and become vegetarians?

Mercy is one of the main symptoms of a true human being, because only a compassionate human being can be the benefactor of all living entities, not only of the human society, but also all the animals and plants. ... Therefore we can not and should not kill any living being. In no way we have the right to prevent any progressive life, for all living entities are moving forward in its proper evolution, they are transmigrating from one category to another. If we kill any living being, then we are stopping their progress, so they will again have to go back to that way of life - they will need to finish their course because he was forced to leave it - in order to be promoted to another higher species of life. The animals' progress should not be stopped for any reason, and what to say of the selfish whim to satisfy the taste or tongue. ... If we follow these Vedic codes, we will be acting in the real platform of mercy towards all living entities.

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Friday, September 24, 2010


BY MEANS OF LETHAL INJECTION IN VIRGINIA - Teresa Lewis became the first woman in Virginia to be executed by lethal injection in the past 100 years, as well as the 12th woman in USA, since the return of this capital punishment in 1976. The US judiciary sentenced her to death, for conspiring the deaths of her husband and stepson. In the shadow of the Virginia execution issue, Teresa Lewis was executed by the authorities despite strong protests by people all around America. The execution took place on Thursday night, September 23, 2010, as she was given a lethal injection at the Greensville correctional center. According to the sources, she was taken to the death chamber at 08:55pm and was pronounced dead at 09:13pm. Before she was injected with the lethal injection, Lewis had asked about her daughter, Kathy Clifton and said, “I just want Kathy to know that I love you, and I’m very sorry.”

Teresa was convicted of evolving a plot of killing her husband and stepson, but it was said the she was a woman with a very low IQ. Death penalty abolitionists have championed her case, insisting she has diminished mental faculties. There were strong protests from lawyers and international celebrities from America and around the world, as they stated that she should have been given clemency instead of death. Lewis, along with her lover had planned the killings of her husband and step-son for insurance money, but the two men who actually killed them, as per her plan, have been sentenced with life imprisonment. According to reports, Teresa was very terrified during her last moment of her life, just before she received the lethal injection. Lewis is the first woman to be put to death in Virginia since Virginia Christian, a black 17-year-old who died in the electric chair in 1912.

Lawyers demanded for clemency, but the plea was rejected by the court later, and Teresa was executed despite some people saying that there is not enough evidence to prove her guilt. Many people do not believe that a woman with such a low IQ could actually plan out a full fledged murder of her own husband and step son. The only clemency and mercy which is worth asking for, is the one coming from the Supreme Lord through the Guru.

The Guru is a true messenger of the All-Loving-Godhead, yes. His transcendental mediator who is eager to establish a real tie of loving relationship between the Lord and those fortunate human souls who sincerely seek it. He is a pioneer of true love, a loving agent, an establishers of all relations of love, a trustworthy and expert destroyer of all our non-loving principles. If we can cultivate a devotional aptitude towards this representative of the All-Merciful Lord, we are definitely sure to reach our final goal. He saves us from all our changing views and wrong mentalities. The status that a real Guru occupies is too high; none holds such a lofty position as he. He is greater than Godhead in this respect as he can impart the Lord and His service to any one whom he favours. ... Without the mercy of an eternally liberated person, a conditioned soul can never free himself from the fettered state. One, who is already in fetters, cannot help another similarly fettered person. A free person could set another bound one, free.

Śrīla Bhakti Vaibhava Purī Mahārāj :
“Guru and Atma Nivedan” - ‘Personality of Guru’
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Thursday, September 23, 2010


WASHINGTON (UPI) - A Connecticut man was charged Thursday with sending more than 50 anthrax hoax and bomb threat letters, U.S. officials said. U.S. Attorney David Fein said the letters allegedly sent by Roland Prejean, 43, went to private individuals, post offices, state and federal buildings, judges and other officials around the country. Six of the letters contained a powder inside the envelope, while one contained some sort of paste, though to date analysis of the substances have proved negative for any biological or chemical agents. Prejean, aka Gary Joseph Gravelle, recently lived in Thomaston and Morris, Conn., and was charged in New Haven, Conn. “This defendant is alleged to have sent more than 50 letters nationwide, in which he threatened to kill numerous victims, by shooting them, bombing the buildings in which they work or exposing them to a substance that he claimed was, but was not, anthrax,” Fein said in a statement.

“The letters victimized both private citizens and public servants, and resulted in the evacuation of a post office, a town hall and a public school. Such threats cause significant diversions of law enforcement resources, inflict fear in the victims and result in substantial disruption of public and government services, and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Prejean turned himself in to law enforcement authorities in North Dakota Sept. 7. He appeared in federal court in North Dakota Wednesday and agreed to be transported to Connecticut. A U.S. Justice Department release contained no further details of the investigation.

This man is charged with sending more than 50 anthrax hoax and bomb threat letters. The letters resulted in the evacuation of a post office, a town hall and a public school. In some of the letters, he placed a white powder that he represented to be anthrax, but which was, in fact, baby or talcum powder. Our situation is dire: We are always deceiving others, but ultimately we are fooling ourselves.

We are labouring under a deception, we are deceivers who are not just deceiving ourselves but the world as well. Everyone – all the baddha-jivas are more or less cheaters. That is our position and we must be relieved of such misunderstanding, self-deception and environmental cheating if we are to be placed in our proper position. ... A proper understanding of one’s own self as well as the environment is proper education. That education must be Vedic. The standard must be drawn from outside this area of maya - this area of misunderstanding; the standard must be drawn from the perfect realm through Veda - revealed Truth. We must accept revealed Truth and bid farewell to so-called scientific knowledge and other kinds of perceptions that are all erroneous - based on false experience and false information. ... And what’s more, we must not only get relief from this misconception, from misunderstanding the external waves, but we must attain a positive position - to learn to understand the wave, the vibration of Goloka.

Śrīla Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Mahārāja :
“The Standard Comes From Outside”
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


WITH DISTURBING SELF-INJURY BEHAVIOR - Self-embedding is when objects are used to puncture the skin or are embedded into the wound. It can be detected with ultrasounds and treated with a minimally-invasive procedure, and “this is a new way for radiologists to impact public and mental health,” according to the study’s senior author, William E. Shiels II, DO, chairman of the Department of Radiology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. A new study published in the journal Radiology, says interventional pediatric radiologists managed to remove 76 embedded foreign objects (metal, wood, glass, plastic, graphite, stone and crayon) which have been present from 2 days-time to an unknown number of years, by using ultrasound and/or fluoroscopic guidance. X-rays only detect metal objects so the ultrasound guidance method is the only one that can find wood, crayons and plastic embedded during injuries to the arms, feet, ankles, hands and necks of the adolescents. The most severe case was a 18-year-old patient that had repetitive behavior and had self-embedded 35 objects over a period of two years, including staples, a cotter pin, a comb tooth and nail polish wands.

All removals were made through small incisions that left little or no scaring at all, e! Science News reports. Self-injury or self-harming is when someone intentionally harms his or her body, without having suicidal intentions. This phenomenon is more of a disturbing trend among teenagers, especially girls, and it is suspected that one in five high school students has attempted this practice at least once. The most common forms of self-harming are cutting the skin, bruising, burning, hair pulling, braking bones or even swallowing toxic substances. Early detection and removal of these foreign bodies are key steps for these teenagers to engage in effective therapy and interrupt their cycle of self-harm.

Self-injury or self-harming is when someone intentionally harms his or her body, without having suicidal intentions. Ultrasound detected small fragments of plastic and wood which were removed from the body of the teenagers. All of us - not only young people - need to understand that species of life (lower or higher) are just manifestations of the various types of consciousness, then we have to take care of this valuable human body, because with it we can inquire about God.

Evolution is the means by which the Supreme Lord gradually brings in the living entity to a total consciousness. And the culmination of the evolution of the soul is the human form of life, in which one has the opportunity to understand, through the instructions of the Vedas, which are parts and spiritual parts of God, the Supreme Soul and thus end cycle of birth and death and return to the spiritual abode. However, if you spoil your life to neglect their spiritual development, you have to descend again to animal and be subject again to the process of evolution. ... And the most complete authoritative information about God and His creation is in the Vedas themselves, whose main job is the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad Gita which explains both theistic and scientifically on the creation of the universe and the origin of species, and given precise instructions on how to complete the evolutionary process to become aware of God in this human form of life.

Boletín Inbound Yoga :
“The Vedic Vision of Evolution” - “The Perfect Plan”
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