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WITH DISTURBING SELF-INJURY BEHAVIOR - Self-embedding is when objects are used to puncture the skin or are embedded into the wound. It can be detected with ultrasounds and treated with a minimally-invasive procedure, and “this is a new way for radiologists to impact public and mental health,” according to the study’s senior author, William E. Shiels II, DO, chairman of the Department of Radiology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. A new study published in the journal Radiology, says interventional pediatric radiologists managed to remove 76 embedded foreign objects (metal, wood, glass, plastic, graphite, stone and crayon) which have been present from 2 days-time to an unknown number of years, by using ultrasound and/or fluoroscopic guidance. X-rays only detect metal objects so the ultrasound guidance method is the only one that can find wood, crayons and plastic embedded during injuries to the arms, feet, ankles, hands and necks of the adolescents. The most severe case was a 18-year-old patient that had repetitive behavior and had self-embedded 35 objects over a period of two years, including staples, a cotter pin, a comb tooth and nail polish wands.

All removals were made through small incisions that left little or no scaring at all, e! Science News reports. Self-injury or self-harming is when someone intentionally harms his or her body, without having suicidal intentions. This phenomenon is more of a disturbing trend among teenagers, especially girls, and it is suspected that one in five high school students has attempted this practice at least once. The most common forms of self-harming are cutting the skin, bruising, burning, hair pulling, braking bones or even swallowing toxic substances. Early detection and removal of these foreign bodies are key steps for these teenagers to engage in effective therapy and interrupt their cycle of self-harm.

Self-injury or self-harming is when someone intentionally harms his or her body, without having suicidal intentions. Ultrasound detected small fragments of plastic and wood which were removed from the body of the teenagers. All of us - not only young people - need to understand that species of life (lower or higher) are just manifestations of the various types of consciousness, then we have to take care of this valuable human body, because with it we can inquire about God.

Evolution is the means by which the Supreme Lord gradually brings in the living entity to a total consciousness. And the culmination of the evolution of the soul is the human form of life, in which one has the opportunity to understand, through the instructions of the Vedas, which are parts and spiritual parts of God, the Supreme Soul and thus end cycle of birth and death and return to the spiritual abode. However, if you spoil your life to neglect their spiritual development, you have to descend again to animal and be subject again to the process of evolution. ... And the most complete authoritative information about God and His creation is in the Vedas themselves, whose main job is the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad Gita which explains both theistic and scientifically on the creation of the universe and the origin of species, and given precise instructions on how to complete the evolutionary process to become aware of God in this human form of life.

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