Wednesday, September 15, 2010


NEW YORK (AFP) - In a television advert that could kill your appetite, an overweight, middle-aged man is seen lying dead in a morgue holding a half-eaten hamburger as a woman weeps over the linen-clad body. McDonald’s ubiquitous golden arches then trace the dead man’s feet with the text “I was lovin’ it,” a stinging pun on the fast-food chain’s long-running slogan “I’m lovin’ it.” A voiceover says, “high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks. Tonight, make it vegetarian.” Produced by Washington-based health lobby Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), the commercial is set to be aired in Washington DC during the popular The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday. This PCRM, a non-profit research organisation that promotes preventive medicine, is launching the ad on local television in the US capital in a direct attack on McDonald’s - the world’s largest restaurant chain - and other fast food outlets. They said the commercial will air in other US cities with high rates of heart disease over the following months.

Even the first lady, Michelle Obama, is leading a campaign to encourage physical fitness and improved diets, particularly among American children, a third of whom are overweight. The PCRM said its survey showed that Washington has more McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC outlets per square mile than eight other cities with similar population sizes. But the ad enraged McDonald’s. “This commercial is outrageous, misleading and unfair to all consumers. McDonald’s trusts our customers to put such outlandish propaganda in perspective, and to make food and lifestyle choices that are right for them,” spokeswoman Bridget Coffing said. McDonald’s has nevertheless seen its earnings grow in recent months despite the global economic crunch, as it has wheeled out a range of alternatives to its famous burgers.

McDonald's fast food is graphically linked to health problems in this ad from a doctors' group urging viewers: 'Tonight, make it vegetarian '. Despite the world’s biggest restaurant chain is furious over the ad, studies show that people who consume fast food are at a higher risk for obesity, a contributing factor to heart disease. We must learn to maintain and restore health through proper nutrition according to the needs of each one.

The ideal diet is the one which is healthy balanced and vegetarian, suitable to our body and our particular way to be and that is consistent with the climate in which we live. The energy released from digested food should be of high quality, in order to form new healthy cells, to feel happy, active and energetic. ... There is no universal balanced diet, as it should be adapted mainly to the characteristics of each individual, but the vegetarian diet strictly excludes meat, eggs and fish. It is high in fiber, low in cholesterol and saturated fats and low in nitrogen and uric acid. The vegetarian diet prevents all types of physical, mental and spiritual illness. This diet consists of pure, simple, fresh and natural food. Simple meals aid the digestion and assimilation of foods and this promotes health. Eating freshly picked food, coming from nature of fertile lands (preferably organic food, free of chemicals and pesticides), and having high level of prana, help us to gain a better contribution to our nutritional needs.

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