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OF WENZHOU TEMPLE IN CHINA In video footage shot last month, a pig facing a date with the slaughterhouse is shown kneeling directly in front of a local Buddhist temple, as if in an act of prayer. The pig, which weighed over 300 pounds, reportedly remained kneeling on its forelimbs for hours in front of the temple in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province, leaving the area only after monks began chanting sacred scriptures. 
Some online commenters have taken a skeptical approach to evaluating the pig's behavior, pointing out that a deficiency of vitamin E can lead to weakness in a pig’s front legs. But the pig's owner told local press that this animal was healthy and that he had never seen anything like those events.

Local media reported that the pig was one of three that escaped from a nearby enclosure on the morning of Feb. 22 and were recaptured that afternoon and sent to the slaughterhouse. The owner of the pig, a man surnamed Huang, later revealed in a Wenzhou Metropolis Daily report that the pig had escaped its hog pen on the morning and was searching for food. 
In a cruelly ironic twist, Huang had recaptured the animal and sent it off to the slaughterhouse only after he'd learned that the pig was internet famous. Huang was apparently shocked to learn of his pig's pilgrimage and said he regretted killing it.

Last month, a video originally uploaded to "Youku", the Chinese version of YouTube, showed a pig kneeling down whilst being sung to in China. The video received over 10 million hits. The pig escaped a farm early morning and wandered to a temple in the village of Yongjja, China. It knelt down in front of the temple and waited there until a monk came out and sang to the pig. It is said that following the song, the pig left for home only later to be sent to a slaughter house in the evening of the same day. Photos taken by passersby went viral on social media. The owner of the kneeling pig reportedly said he hadn't known about the animal's behavior at the temple when he sent it to be killed and that he regretted it now. Some guessed that the prostrating pig was actually just weak due to Vitamin E deficiency, others speculated that the creature was seeking protection from Buddha. Many others thinks the pig was a reincarnated human and attempting to atone his past sins or to seek forgiveness for the way he treated animals in his past life. Some people think that once we become humans we will not descended on the evolutionary scale. But it is not. There are many testimonies of men who reincarnated as animals. This is one more example that proves that reincarnation of human being into animal is possible and we must therefore act in human platform and not act like animals because in them we will become and we can investigate the truth and we will be very difficult to leave the wheel of births and deaths, know God and understand what is our mission in life. (Editor's note).

Activities of sense gratification, meant only to please one’s mind and senses, are the cause of material bondage, and as long as one engages in such fruitive activities, the soul is sure to continually transmigrate from species to species. ... Jnana, or knowledge that one is not the material body but a spirit soul, is not sufficient for liberation. One must act on the platform of spirit soul. This is called devotional service, which includes many practical techniques for becoming free from karma and reincarnation. ... Therefore, in order to free ourselves from the endless repetition of birth and death, we must understand the laws of karma and reincarnation. Otherwise, we will have to come back to this material world again and again; and we must remember that we may not always return as human beings.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
“Coming Back” - Chapter 8: “Don’t Come Back”
“Practical Techniques for Becoming Free from Karma and Reincarnation”

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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Reuters Guwahati, India. A mob of several thousand people broke into a high-security prison in India, dragged out a rape suspect and killed him, officials said on Friday, adding that police had to impose a curfew to restore order. Rape has been a particularly emotive crime in India since 2012, when a student was raped and tortured on a bus in New Delhi and later died. The government has banned a documentary about that attack, re-igniting debate about gender inequality. 
The mob attacked the prison late on Thursday in the northeastern state of Nagaland. The man, a 35-year-old Muslim businessman accused of raping a woman, was dragged out and hauled naked through the streets and beaten to death.

"Security personnel at the jail were overpowered by the mob," said the state's chief minister, T.R.Zeliang. One person was killed and several injured when police fired on the mob. A curfew was imposed in the district late on Thursday and remained in force on Friday as the situation was "still tense", district police chief Meren Jamir told Reuters. Most people in Nagaland are Christian. Violence against women is widespread in India where a rape is reported on average every 21 minutes. 
Acid attacks, domestic violence and molestation are also common. There were 309,546 crimes against women reported to police in 2013, up from 244,270 the previous year, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. These include rape, kidnapping, sexual harassment and molestation.

This article, written by Biswajyoti Das for Reuters news agency, tells how a multitude lynches a rape suspect in India. A mob, consisting of thousands of people, stormed a prison compound in India's far northeast, dragging out a rape suspect before beating him to death on the streets. Police initially used tear gas and bamboo canes to rescue the inmate, but were not successful. The suspect died while being dragged four miles through the streets as people beat and pelted him with stones. The incident, which sparked outrage both in India and around the world, highlighted the frightening level of violence against women in this country. Despite the horrific and public nature of the attack, the violent mob is an embodiment of the country's increasingly tough stance and disgust towards for sexual violence. As Kali Yuga progresses, we witness how every society seems ready to explode into ghastly acts. There is anger and rage inside of some people at never before seen levels. The tendency to commit abuse, rape and other kinds of violence against others is born of illusion. One factor which fuels the bad actions is lust, the all-devouring enemy of this world. As Lord Sri Krishna tells in the Bhagavad-gita 16.21, one of the gates which leads to the hell and the degradation of the soul is lust. And it is also lust the root cause which made descending the living entities into this material world. (Editor's note).

Material lust is like a blazing fire, never leaving a person with any peace. Such desires always force people to attempt to satisfy their cravings. The flames of such desires consume all hope for peace in such individuals. When society is made of many such individuals, whose primary interest is to simply satisfy their own desires and gratify their senses, this disorder prevents peace in human society. [...] The more you try to satisfy your senses, the more you will come under the control of lust, greed and anger. Lust is there when you want to satisfy your material desires. Greed is there when you want more than you need.  Anger will always be there in some form when you fail to achieve what you want, or when you attain it but then lose it. The unmerciful masters of lust, greed and anger will never leave you alone.

Dr. Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
"Toward World Peace: Seeing the Unity Between Us All"  -

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Monday, March 2, 2015


SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS PRODUCTS (USA) Colorful rosary beads dangled above an assortment of African canes, near a bookshelf stocked with everything from witchcraft books to holy water. Spiritual candles lined wood shelves beneath a row of saint statues, led by St. Michael the Archangel pointing his sword at Satan. About two months since Centro Espiritual Botanica Santa Ana opened in a small South Scranton shop, store officials continue to add the variety of spiritual and religious products that have drawn consumers from across the region to its other location in Stroudsburg. 
“We have a lot of customers that used to travel from up here to go down to Stroudsburg because they didn’t have one here,” said Geisa Ceballos, owner of the store at 612 Cedar Ave., via a translator.

“With this type of business, you have to be knowledgeable, you have to be able to communicate with the spirits.” Though it’s still relatively new, the store offers products that represent dozens of different religions and practices. A pink Buddha candle sits just two rows beneath a “21 Division” candle. Some candles are used to get rid of bad spirits, while others are meant to attract love. A Roman Catholic cross hangs on the wall, across the room from a Santa Muerte statue. Nearby, a stack of books tackles topics ranging from voodoo to crafting spells. 
“As a botanica we have to sell everything, from baths to candles to incense — anything that has to do with religions,” she said. “Different cultures have their different saints and different beliefs. We need to offer it all.”

This article is about a spiritual and religious shop in Scranton city (Pennsylvania, USA). This is just an example, because there are many similar to it. This shops, sometimes called "Botanica" or "Yerberia", sell everywhere lot of metaphysical items for santeria and voodoo, occult and pagan rituals, witchcraft and wiccan ceremonies. It is assumed that these products, some of which are somewhat expensive, can remove negative energies that cause spiritual disturbances, depression, negative thinking & feelings, hopelessness, anger, resentment, unhealthy relationships. These shops announce their spiritual products saying: "Remove a jinx that someone has put on you or a loved one. Need more love in your life? Looking for more money to come your way? Try these products and build your fortune." In order to achieve this goal, they offer a variety of things, from altar tools and supplies, ritual and saint candles, tarot cards and crystal balls, runes, metaphysical and self-help books, aromatherapy products, bulk herbs, incense, t-shirts, bumper stickers, celtic cloaks, statuary, swords, CDs of spiritual music, jewelry, sabbat cards, and all kind of rocks. There are many studies and ancient practices that demonstrate the desire of man to control his destiny without giving up their materialistic desires and embark on different processes, such as the occult, magic, witchcraft, voodoo, witchcraft, macumba, camdombe, etc., speak transcendental and spiritual, but in reality are only different forms of materialism, though subtle, they still will keep us anchored into the ocean of happiness and distress in this wheel of birth and death. (Editor's note).

One of the biggest problems of superficial men is that they confuse the occultism with transcendence. As the occultism try to handle areas of life that are subtle - usually invisible to our eyes - but the invisible has nothing to do with the transcendental and spiritual. The Vedic cosmology divides the existence of every being in their physical existence, which is composed of the body made of earth, water, fire, air and ether, and another part that is the subtle astral body set up by the mind, intelligence and false ego. Beyond the subtle body is our spiritual soul, which is transcendental in nature and can - after being freed from illusion - leave the confines of the gross and subtle bodies, and receive by grace of God a spiritual body in the world eternal God. That is called the perfection of yoga, and is the only area where the pure love manifests.

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :

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