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NI Wire (New Delhi) Bihar's pride and Buddhism's holiest shrine, 1,500 year old Mahabodhi temple and famous Hindu temple of Vishnupad in Gaya would soon get CCTVs in their premises, Bihar's Urban Development Minister Prem Kumar said. The move has been taken following a threat of a terrorist attack at these places. "I have instructed to install CCTVs at Mahabodhi temple and Vishnupad temple soon for security reasons. CCTVs will not only keep a watch on suspicious activities, they would also record everything as proof", Kumar said. 
The temple at Bodh Gaya was built at the place where Buddha attained enlightenment 2,550 years ago. It has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2002.

Vishnupad temple, which is a temple of Hindu god Vishnu and visited by thousands of Hindus from India and abroad every year is on the hit list of terror groups. An annual fortnight-long Pitrapaksh, during which Hindus make ritualistic offering called "pindadan" for the salvation of their forefathers, takes place at the temple. Priests called Gaywal-pandas perform the prayers at Vishnupad temple. Moreover, it is believed that Lord Rama and his wife Sita performed this religious rite for King Dasharath, Rama's father, at this place.
Kumar said authorities at both the temples have been asked to identify the locations for the installation of CCTVs, including at points of entry and exit.

In India, thousands of Hindus from every part of the country and even from abroad gather in Bihar, about 100 km from state capital Patna. In this town there are two important sacred places: the Buddhism Mahabodhi temple and the Hindu Vishnupad temple. For security reasons, due to a threat of a terrorist attack at them, authorities are planning to install CCTVs. Since earlier last year, security of the Mahabodhi temple was handed over to the Special Task Force (STF) of Bihar Police. It's a shame that by visiting such sacred places one has to fear for his own safety and be worried about a possible terrorist attack instead of being totally dedicated to render devotion to the Lord.

"Thereafter, in the twenty-first manvantara at the beginning of Kali-yuga, the Lord will appear as Lord Buddha, the son of Anjana, in Kikata Pradesa (the province of Gaya-Bihar), just for the purpose of deluding those who are envious of the faithful demigods." - (Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.3.24) ... Gaya Region: This is famous as Bodha Gaya or Buddha Gaya. This is the most important pilgrimage place of Buddhists. This place was famous even before the time of Christ. The remains of the Mahabodhi Temple and the Stupa (monument), built by King Ashoka, are evidence of its fame and antiquity. The Pippala tree (ficus religiosa), under which Buddha attained enlightenment, is still there today. In the journey diary of the Chinese traveler, Fahiyan, a description of the Mahabodhi Temple of Uruvilva has been provided. 

Śrīla Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Mahārāja : 
“Dasavatara - The Ten Manifestations of God”
Chapter 9.  “Sri Buddha Avatara”
Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math  -

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SANSKRIT LANGUAGE IN 7 DAYS - Hundreds of people around the country (Fiji) are taking the time to learn the Sanskrit language in seven days.
The free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, describes Sanskrit as a historical Indo-Aryan language, the primary liturgical language of Hinduism and a literary and scholarly language in Buddhism and Jainism. Sanskrit is listed as one of the 22 scheduled languages of India, and it is an official language of the State of Uttarakhand. It also holds a prominent position in Indo-European studies.
On the invitation of the Fiji Sevashram Sangha, world renowned Sanskrit scholar Prof. Gajendra Punda is now taking classes in Labasa before doing the same in Lautoka.

Swamy Sanyukta Nanda of the Fiji Sevashram Sangha said classes in Suva were well attended and participants numbers had to be restricted to 55.
"The way this course was run was easy to understand and it captured the participants' interest and enthusiasm on the first day and they were compelled to take time every evening for classes," Swamy Nanda said. Participants who attended classes in Suva, agreed that the Fiji Sevashram Sangha had provided an opportunity to get them to better understand and learn conversational Sanskrit.
Many said they never imagined they would be able to speak a word of Sanskrit in their life. While closing the course, Swamy Nanda acknowledged Prof Punda's "selfless" efforts to promote Sanskrit.

In Fiji, hundreds of people are learning conversational Sanskrit language in seven days. Participants are of all age groups and from all walks of life such as academics, workers and retired senior teachers. Rakesh Kumar, author of the article, says that Swamy Nanda reminded participants that every nation's progress was measured by its sampati (wealth) and sanskriti (culture), saying "sadly people are accumulating wealth but losing their culture." He said Sanskrit was the symbol of Hindu culture and heritage and Hindus should revive it. Swami Nanda thanked Prof. Punda for traveling to Fiji at his own expense to provide Fijians the opportunity to better understand and learn Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the oldest and richest language in the world, and recorded history shows the study of Sanskrit has continued for over five thousand years. The oldest known form of this language is found in the Rgveda. In Vedic culture, the language was used in the public domain and was called bhasa. It later passed through a process of reform or purification, it became known as Sangskrta (Sam -kr + ta). ... Panini's Astadhyayi is the main Sanskrit grammar book. In a later period, Astadhyayi became even more authoritative through the contributions of Vartikakara Vararuchi (or Katyayana) and Bhasyakara (the commentator) Patanjali. So the complete Astadhyayi is called Trimunivyakarana (contribution of three grammarians). :
Articles on Hinduism - Sanskrit
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Published on 02-19-2012

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UNAFFECTED BY ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES - Officially it's known as Blue Lake, but to the scientists studying it, it has taken on a new name: God's Bathtub. Blue Lake sits on North Stradbroke Island in the Australian state of Queensland. The tiny lake with crystal-clear waters was already known as one of the country's most beautiful sites, but new research reveals something even more remarkable: the lake has been relatively unaffected by changes in climate or the effects of humans for more than 7,000 years. 
"Blue Lake is one of those rare, beautiful lakes in Australia," said Dr. Cameron Barr of the University of Adelaide. "It's unusual because it's more than 10 meters deep, but it's so clear you can see to the bottom." 

Barr looked at records kept about the lake for the past 117 years as well as fossil information about pollen and algae. By looking at photographs and other data, he came to a remarkable conclusion: the depth and water chemistry of Blue Lake has remained almost unchanged for millennia. The research was published in the journal Freshwater Biology. Barr explained that the freshwater system of Blue Lake is unique. It is refreshed by an aquifer and it drains into a nearby swamp, a process that completely replenishes the lake every 35 days or so.
This constant system of refreshment allows the lake to remain consistent in size, depth and chemistry regardless of changes in climate around it.

Australian scientists have discovered a lake that has been untouched by climate change for the past 7,500 years. Researchers have found that Blue Lake's body of water has been in the same chemical state for thousands of years. Cameron Barr, of the University of Adelaide, and his team studied Blue Lake’s water quality, fossil pollen and algae and found that the lake is unaffected by climate change. "It's like God's bathtub," says Barr. "It is beautiful. It is absolutely beautiful."This shows how wonderful is God's creation and it proves that the biological wellbeing of our earth is being ruined by the materialistic vision of society.

Nature is one of the manifestations of God; if we mistreat the environment, if we live irresponsibly, in any moment we will be sucked into an abyss. God is in each tree, each plant. The waters of the Earth are the veins of the Lord. We should proceed with absolute compassion and responsibility, because by not taking care of other living beings, our present planet will become a complete desert. ... The indigenous cultures didn't think that the Earth or the Sun were God, but they saw the kindness of God toward us represented in them. All the elements created by the Lord are different representations of His powers, and the combination of all the components produces food for us, the conscious beings.

House of Wisdom :
Eco conscience - Recommendations

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AS "MORALLY UNACCEPTABLE" - India's Ministry of Environment and Forests has decided to forbid the keeping of captive dolphins for public entertainment anywhere in the country. In a policy statement released last week, the ministry advised state governments to reject any proposal to establish a dolphinarium "by any person / persons, organizations, government agencies, private or public enterprises that involves import, capture of cetacean species to establish for commercial entertainment, private or public exhibition and interaction purposes whatsoever."
The statement issued by B.S. Bonal, the member secretary of the Central Zoo Authority of India, acknowledges that cetaceans in general do not survive well in captivity.

B.S. Bonal says, "Confinement in captivity can seriously compromise the welfare and survival of all types of cetaceans by altering their behavior and causing extreme distress." Noting that India's national aquatic animal, the Ganges River dolphin, as well as the Snubfin dolphin are listed in Schedule-I and all cetacean species are listed in Schedule II part I of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, the ministry said it is important to protect them.
The grassroots Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organization, FIAPO, was pleased with the decision. This group took the lead in campaigning to ban dolphinaria in India, meeting with key ministry officials and garnering local grassroots support.

India has decided to forbid the keeping of captive dolphins for public entertainment anywhere in the country. “Whereas cetaceans in general are highly intelligent and sensitive, ... means that dolphin should be seen as ‘non-human persons’ and as such should have their own specific rights and is morally unacceptable to keep them captive for entertainment purpose,” the Ministry of Environment and Forests said. “India has become a beacon of hope for the global movement to protect cetaceans from captivity,” said FIAPO spokesperson Puja Mitra. This is a huge win for dolphins!

There are many ways in which animals are mistreated and also many ways which our attitude can help them. Changing our eating habits, our way of dressing, not attending performances which involve them, or not buying products tested on animals are key actions to save their lives. But to know what really happens to animals is necessary to have access to the right information and discover that for them things are worse than we thought: nor food animals are living outdoors on a farm neither zoos are educational, nor circuses are fun for them, neither bullfighting is culture, nor fur coats are elegant neither animal testing is indispensable. Talk about animal rights is to work for a fairer world with less suffering for all.

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TAKEOVER OF NEW YORK'S TIMES SQUARE People around the world were up at the crack of dawn on Friday to celebrate the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Thousands of people from the steel canyons of New York to the stone figures of England took part in solstice celebrations marking the beginning of summer, while south of the Equator, celebrants marked the official start of winter. In England, more than 20,000 people gathered to see in the dawn at Stonehenge, police estimated. Although cloud cover prevented bright sunshine, a joyous spirit prevailed with music and dancing.
In New York City's Times Square, more than 15,000 yoga enthusiasts signed up to roll out mats from 7:30 a.m., with classes going all day. 

The "Mind over Madness" event on Friday included free classes, activities and giveaways from 7.30 a.m. until 9 p.m. Fifteen thousand people registered to roll out their yoga mats and join in. All skill levels and ages were welcome. President of Times Square Alliance and co-founder of the event Tim Tompkins says that part of the event's appeal was finding stillness and calm in the middle of the city rush.
The summer solstice tradition has grown from just three people to more than 15,000 and is now in its 11th year. "It's a counterpoint to the other big solstice celebration, New Year's Eve," said Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance and co-founder of the event.

One of the busiest crossroads in the world was coming to a standstill as yoga enthusiasts took over Manhattan's Times Square to celebrate the longest day of the year. Thousands of people rolled out their yoga mats throughout the day. Across the ocean, in England, police say more than 20,000 people gathered at the famed Stonehenge monument to celebrate the solstice Friday morning. Cloud cover prevented bright sunshine at dawn but a joyous spirit prevailed. Increasingly, practitioners of yoga routines performed publicly as a sign of unity and peace among men and to teach that the crazy mind needs a moment of calm and serenity.

Yoga prescribes physical, mental and spiritual disciplines which will free one from mental and physical diseases. ... Asana -”bodily postures” This process of various exercises and bodily postures brings physical and mental steadiness as well as health and vigor.  Pranayama - “control of breath”.  Prana means life air and yama means to control.  It involves controlling the inhalation, exhalation and the retention of the air we breathe. ... By regularly practicing Yoga, Pranayana (breathing exercises) and by maintaining a natural life style in one’s eating, resting, work, etc., a person can be fully relaxed and free from tension and anxiety.  When a person maintains these practices properly, he or she will be free from heart diseases and mental anxiety. 

T.D. Singh, Ph.D. - Śrīla Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Mahārāja :
“Science and Religion - Present and Future” - “Yoga”
Bhaktivedanta Institute -  -

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THE INDIAN LORD OF DANCE - When you enter a dance academy or a Hindu household, you will see the Nataraja idol. Nataraja, the cosmic dance is a form of Lord Shiva. As the name implies, Nataraja is the Indian Lord of Dance. The idol was made during the ruling Chola empire in 10th century. Nataraja is considered as the best piece of art by the art of sculpture. Every dancer worships to the idol before commencing their act.
The story: In Deodar forest, many sages spent their lives seeking the supreme truth. Gradually, the sages deluded themselves with self-importance and this became a matter of pride for them. These sages claimed that they had renounced the world, but practiced every form of sensual indulgence. Lord Shiva decided to teach a lesson to these sages. 

He came to earth in the form of a young handsome hermit. He seduced the sages and their wives who came running behind Him. The sages held Shiva responsible for their lack of restraint and decided to destroy His temptation. The sages used their magical powers and created a tiger, serpent and a goblin. They set their created things upon Shiva. 
Shiva skinned the tiger alive, wrapped the serpent around his neck and started dancing on the back of goblin. Lord Shiva's dance was very powerful which created tremors, broke mountains and shook the heavens. Gods came over to see the aggressive Shiva dancing.
Lord Shiva curbed the ambition (by skinning tiger), destroyed passion (by wearing serpent) and crushed the ego (by dancing on the goblin) of the sages. This dance was considered the cosmic cycle of generation, organisation and destruction.

Lord Shiva is worshiped as Nataraja, the Lord of Dance. Amrisha, author of the article, explains that the dancing form of Lord Shiva is often considered destructive as the cosmic dance unveiled the truth, but brought destruction all over the world. “Lord Shiva as Nataraja is holding fire (Agni) in his left hand and drum (Damaru) on his right. His front left hand is pointing downwards towards the raised left foot. Agni burns, destroys yet energises whereas the drum makes the final sound of death and produces primeval vibrations of life. He is surrounded by a wheel of Sansara which is the infinite cycle of births and re-births,” she says.

Shiva is often pictured doing his Tandava dance of destruction. He is seen with four hands and one leg up, as an expert dancer, and one leg dancing on a small person called the Apasmara-purusha who symbolizes the ignorance which make us lose our clarity and consciousness of our real identity. In two of his hands he holds the damaru drum and fire. The drum represents sound which is supported by ether. This is a sign of further creation after the annihilation or destruction. Fire represents the Pralayagni, or the fire of universal destruction. Thus, Shiva holds the symbols of cyclical universal creation and annihilation. The other two hands represent protection and blessing for those who take refuge of Him or of his spiritual knowledge.

Dr Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
"Shiva and Durga: Their Real Identity"  -

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FLOOD STREETS, VIOLENCE GROWS - Brazil awoke Friday to city centers still smoldering after a night that shocked the nation: 1 million protesters took to the streets in scores of cities, with clusters clashing violently with police during anti-government demonstrations. President Dilma Rousseff, a standoffish leader who has been virtually mute in the face of the most violent protests in recent memory, called a meeting with top Cabinet members. She faced sharp criticism in Brazil's media for what many called her lack of any leadership.
It was not clear what action her government might take or if she would appear before the nation to give an address. There were growing calls on social media and in emails for a general strike next week.

Despite the violence, the majority of protesters have been peaceful. In massive demonstrations through this week, as small groups began to vandalize, crowds would often turn and start to chant, "No violence! No violence!" But the pattern in cities across this continent-sized nation has been that once night falls, the violence begins. Protesters and police clashed in several cities into the early hours Friday, as people vented anger over a litany of complaints, from high taxes to corruption to rising prices.
At least one protester was killed in Sao Paulo state when a car rammed into a crowd of demonstrators after the driver apparently became enraged about being unable to drive along a street. In Rio de Janeiro, where an estimated 300,000 demonstrators poured into the seaside city's central area.

A young man and a woman died as more than a million people took to the streets in Brazil's biggest protests for two decades. The 18-year-old man was killed when a Jeep smashed through a barricade during latest wave of anti-government rallies. The woman died of a heart attack after the explosion of a bomb in a protest in Belem, in northern Brazil. The demonstrations began more than a week ago over high transport fares, but they have broadened out to highlight corruption and the cost of next year's soccer World Cup. Riot police was firing tear gas at groups of protesters. TV images also showed looting in Rio de Janeiro, where police sealed off government buildings including the state legislature and the governor’s office.

If people are disturbed in this way, both ways, from the state side and from the rogue side, then how they will live peacefully? Just like we sometimes say that if the politicians and the statesmen they are so irresponsible, fighting amongst themselves to capture the power, where is the time for them to think of people's welfare? They cannot. It is not possible. ... But because they are simply busy to keep their position in the political power ... Actually at the present moment, people are disturbed by unnecessary taxes, at the same time bad elements. So without proper king, without nice state, everyone is unhappy. And that is going on nowadays. In the Kali-yuga, it will go on continual, and more and more people will be unhappy.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
"Room Conversation, Jaipur, January 18, 1972
Discussion on SB 4.13.48 to SB 4.14.11"
Bhaktivedanta VedaBase

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BLADE IN BURGER KING BURGER - Health inspectors in Northern California have started a beef with a local Burger King after a woman found a razor blade in her burger. Yolanda Orozco, of Willits, discovered the blade after taking a bite of her burger and then lifting the bun to check for onions. "I was in shock. I was just looking at it," she told local News 10 of finding the small, single edge blade.
"Somebody at Burger King was careless." Cops told News 10 they suspected her complaint was a hoax until they inspected the burger joint's digs and found several razor blades near food prep stations.  Some were found stashed above the burger warning trays.

"I was definitely surprised. I didn't expect to see that," Willits cop Mark McNelley said. Workers there said they use the blades for cleaning purposes. No charges were filed against the store, but the local health department was looking into the matter.
In a statement, Burger King said the franchise owner was cooperating with police. "Food safety is a top priority for Buger King restaurants globally. Burger King Corp. has strict food handling and guest policies and procedures in place that all crew members are required to follow," the statement said. "Franchisees are responsible for implementing these policies and emphasize the proper food safety procedures to all crew members."

When you order your savory Burger King burger, you expect a number of tasty condiments. That list probably doesn’t include a razor blade. In USA, a woman claims that, upon biting into her savory BK burger, she discovered a single-edge blade nestled between the meat patty and the cheese slice. “I was in shock,” said the Willits, Calif. resident. “Somebody at Burger King was careless.” Police initially suspected a hoax, then, they determined that the cutting-edge burger wasn't intentional. According to the police report, employees use razor blades for cleaning, and cops saw them near food. Mmmm ... I think it's not a good recipe. The tendency to error is one feature of every conditioned soul.

The conditioned soul has four defects: (1) bhrama (‘the tendency to error’), (2) pramada (‘inattention’), (3) karanapatava (‘the inadequacy of the senses’) and (4) vipralipsa (‘the desire to deceive’). Any conditioned soul has these defects. The word pramada means ‘inattention.’ Even when the senses do their job, the mind is not entirely attentive and so makes further errors. Karanapatava means the incapacity of the senses to properly perceive anything. ... Even the greatest scholars cannot free themselves of these defects when it comes to assessing transcedence. In these matters, the words of the Veda, which are not the product of human beings, are the only source of sure knowledge.

Śrīla Bhakti Promode Puri Mahārāja :
“Śrī Guru Pranali - Siddha Pranali”
A conversation with a sannyasa disciple,
Durga Puja, Sept. 28, 1998, Gopinatha Gaudiya Matha,
Cakra Tirtha, Jagannatha Puri.
Bhaktivedanta Memorial Library -

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TO BE JESUS CHRIST REBORN - Australian man Alan John Miller, also known as AJ, has claimed to be the reincarnated Jesus Christ of Nazareth. A former IT specialist, AJ has been making it known to the world for quite some time that he is the Son of God. He is gaining followers across Australia and the rest of the world as the Messiah. From Queensland AJ is spreading his idea of the ‘Divine Truth’, which he believes the world needs to understand. AJ says he remembers much of his life 2000 years ago, including miracles he performed and his crucifixion.
AJ does not work alone; his partner Mary Luck accompanies him. She claims to be Mary Magdelene, and identifies herself as Jesus’ soul-mate today. She spends her time with AJ as the reincarnated Biblical woman. 

AJ claims to remembers such events as the resurrection of Lazarus, who he recalls as ‘a good friend’. Mary speaks about the crucifixion, which she describes as an excruciating event whereby she watched the person she loves the most be killed. AJ says he cannot remember speaking Aramaic, and believes he met with famous spiritual beings such as Plato, during his absence from Earth. AJ provides workshops, books, DVDs, and pamphlets outlining his goal of enlightening others. Donations are apparently ‘welcomed’ but not requested.
Many believers have moved from their jobs, families and homes to be closer to AJ and Mary. His growing following is causing concern for cult experts, who believe that caution is needed regarding this kind of idolisation.

A former IT specialist who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ has attracted a following in his native Australia and from as far afield as Britain and the US. Alan John Miller, known as AJ, also refers to his girlfriend Mary Luck as Mary Magdalene. Miller, 50, owns and runs a religious movement called ‘The Divine Truth’. When asked of the opposition, Miller - the self proclaimed Son of God - said, “There were lots of people in the first century who didn't believe I was the Messiah ... unfortunately they didn't learn love either and my suggestion is, even if you don't believe I am Jesus, at least learn how to love.” Many people have been claimed, either by themselves or by their followers, to be the reincarnation or incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Through the years there has been much controversy about the nature of Jesus and whether he was actually God as some Christians seem to believe. None of his direct disciples believed that he was, ... other than that, most of Jesus’ followers thought that perhaps he was the Jewish Messiah. But the Jewish Messiah, according to their prophecies, was not God but rather a Jew who was empowered by God. This actually fits into the Vedic view because there are many empowered living beings who appear from time to time who are sent by God to represent and disseminate His law. Furthermore, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati ... has stated that Jesus was a Shaktyavesha Avatar, or an empowered living entity meant to preach the glories of God. 

Dr Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
“Christianity and the Vedic Teachings Within It”  -

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FATHER IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH - Fatherhood is full of responsibilities and hard decisions - and sometimes it may seem that taking care of your children is ultimately wearing you down.  But, in fact, being a father is one of the healthiest professions on the planet. Now I know all you dads probably think I’m crazy - especially those fathers who are currently dealing with teenagers. But it’s true.  Fatherhood is good for your health.
If you were to sit down and look at all of the health decisions you have made since you became a father, I bet you would be amazed as to how many positive steps you have taken towards a healthier lifestyle. First, statistics show that men who smoke have a higher rate of quitting when they become fathers. 

Also, if you grew up not being physically active, once you have a child, you have no choice but to move in order to keep up with them.  And sometimes, this can inspire men to actually start doing some exercise. Fathers, I bet you’ve seen a change in your diet, as well. Being a father means you have to provide healthy food for your child, and there’s no better way to get them to eat well than to lead by example.
But most importantly, the greatest health benefit of all comes from the love that you feel when you see what your children can accomplish. And the unconditional love that they have for you - that love helps you to forget the ugliness in this world - will improve your mind and your outlook for the future.

Every year millions of families celebrate Father's Day to honor a man with heart who leaves his mark on the lives of his children. Father's Day is a tribute to that special person, who with love and patience, educates and guides the children to a productive life. A dad can also listen and encourage them in losses of life. We agree with the thought of Dr. Manny Alvarez, who in his article says: “To me, fatherhood is a privilege that should not be squandered.  And on this Father’s Day, I want to congratulate all the fathers who take their job seriously.” We must also honor today our spiritual father, the Guru, and the father of all living entities, the Loving Supreme Lord.

The Supreme Lord Śrī Krishna is the father of all living entities, who are placed in different high and low positions according to their desires or aspirations. A sane person must know for certain that a living being, however powerful he may be, is neither absolute nor independent. All living beings must accept the origin of their specific power ... The obedient son of the father never goes against the will of the father and therefore passes life very peacefully in concurrence with the head of the family, the father. Similarly, the Lord being the father, all living beings should fully and satisfactorily discharge the duty and will of the father, as faithful sons. This very mentality will at once bring peace and prosperity to human society.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
Śrīmad Bhāgavatam - Canto 2: “The Cosmic Manifestation”
Chapter 6: “Purusha-sukta Confirmed”
Verse 6 - Bhaktivedanta VedaBase

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Friday, June 14, 2013


REGULATE ITS TEMPERATURE, STUDY - (New Delhi): Among other intriguing properties, the sacred lotus has the ability to generate heat and regulate its temperature like birds and mammals. This has been revealed by a team of researchers from University of Adelaide, who have unlocked the genetic secrets of one of the world's most unique and culturally significant plants, the lotus.
The work focused on its incredible ability to generate heat so that it can keep a constant temperature of around 32-34 degrees over a 2-3 day period, while the environmental temperature varies by up to 30 degrees - behaving like a warm-blooded animal. An international team has published its research in Genome Biology.

The scientific paper stated that the lotus has been cultivated as a food crop for more than 7,000 years in Asia and is prominent in both Buddhism and Hinduism. This sacred plant is noted for its long-lived seeds - viable for over 1,000 years - and for its water repellency and self-cleaning leaf surfaces. This 'lotus effect' is being adapted for industrial uses.
“The sacred lotus has huge cultural, religious, economic and medicinal importance and many unusual traits. It also has great scientific significance,” says professor Jenny Watling, head of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences from University of Adelaide. “The heat generated and the aromas released are particularly attractive to pollinating insects,” added Watling.

An international team has sequenced and described the sacred lotus genome. The author of the article, Manash Pratim Gohain, explains that this study sheds new light on the evolutionary position of the lotus, one of the world's oldest flowering plants, and facilitates further research into its unusual characteristics. “We've found the biochemical pathway the lotus uses for this heat regulation. The plant can switch this pathway on or off, depending on whether it needs more or less heat ... so that it can keep a constant temperature - behaving like a warm-blooded animal,” says professor Jenny Watling. In most of the Hindus temples, the lotus flowers are used in decorations as a symbol of purity and beauty.

Hindus have a special regard for the lotus flower, padma. Its one thousand petals have been associated with the mental convolutions, the chakras, finally culminating into Sahasrara, the highest stage of spiritual evolution. The lotus, which arises from mud roots and blooms in beauty, is a symbolic reminder of the emancipation of the mind from the low to the high. ... Lotus is considered special. The lotus flower, with its roots in the slush, rises up to bloom with beautiful petals. It occupies a very special place in Hindu theology. The highest meditation point, the Sahasrara chakra, is represented as the thousand-petal lotus flower. The lotus is regarded as the symbol of truth, compassion, and beauty - satyam, shivam, sunderam.

Dr. Hiro Badlani:
“Hinduism - Path of the Ancient Wisdom”
Chapter 52: “Symbols and Icons in Hinduism”
Chapter 53: “Hindu Customs”

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


AND MURDER OF 16 YEARS GIRL - Amid the strong shock at the murder of Ángeles Rawson - a 16 year old girl who was found dead yesterday in an area of ​​the Ceamse in José León Suárez after she was kidnapped in the neighborhood of Colegiales - has finished this morning the autopsy on her body. Sources close to the investigation say that the girl was raped and strangled.
At 9.45 am on Monday, Angels ended her gymnastics class in the premises that Ceamse College has in the aforementioned neighborhood located in Concepción Arenal and Cramer. "I will eat and come back," she told her friends. The family of the teenager reported her disappearance on Monday and yesterday, close to 3.00 pm, Ángeles's body was found tied up in a bag, in the middle of trash and garbage, at the José León Suárez Park. 

The latest tracks indicate that the cell phone reported that on Monday morning from the apparatus of the girl made ​​a call to a bank which lasted about 10 minutes, then made ​​a virtual charging 50 pesos and about 22 hours the phone is turned off.
The coroner Miguel Maldonado stated that the murder of 16 year old acted at least two people. "There was some kind of logistics and organization. Rapist was not alone," he said. "There are many things that do not close one to be the perpetrator. Could not have been the man band doing all that," said the expert. "I do I simplify the question. This has been one thing led. Least two people were acting. Logistics There were a number of evidence that indicate some kind of organization," he said.

In Argentina, when it was known a new case of the huge lack of security in this South American country, many people from different social areas have raised their voices protesting for the situation and calling for "justice" to this new young victim. This is a 16 year old girl, named Angeles Rawson, who was reported missing a day earlier and was found tied in a bag, amid the garbage bags, with signs of having been raped and then strangled. Violence born of lust and all kinds of cruelty against women causes great disturbances in the world.

Material lust is like a blazing fire, never leaving a person with any peace. Such desires always force people to attempt to satisfy their cravings. The flames of such desires consume all hope for peace in such individuals. When society is made of many such individuals, whose primary interest is to simply satisfy their own desires and gratify their senses, this disorder prevents peace in human society. Society remains in a state of escalating chaos. Such disorder grows to the degree in which society pursues selfish gratification. ... Lust is there when you want to satisfy your material desires. Anger will always be there in some form when you fail to achieve what you want, or when you attain it but then lose it.

Dr Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
"Toward World Peace: Seeing the Unity Between Us All"  -

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