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BIGGER BUM, SAYS AMERICAN WOMAN - A woman, Apryl Michelle Brown shared her experience of how she lost her hands, legs and buttocks to fake silicone. The 46-year-old former hairdresser blames “vanity” and wants to warn others of the terrible dangers of such illegal treatments. I got the butt implants 8 years ago,” she said. The procedure was carried out by an unlicenced practitioner in Los Angeles, she said, with complications leading to several stints as a hospital inpatient. She said: Teased as a child about her “pancake” bum, Apryl vowed to buy a shapelier one when she was older. 
“ I’ve paid a terrible price for vanity and I’ll pay for the rest of my life. But I blame no one but myself, I want to share my story to warn others about these so-called ‘quick fix’ surgeries.” “I didn’t realise the dangers. I thought it was a harmless injection that would give me the perfect bottom. But the reality was the silicone used wasn’t suitable for humans,” she said. It was, in fact, bathroom sealant. 

Apryl admitted: “I didn’t do any research. A combination of naivety, misplaced trust and insecurity led me to take this disastrous decision. I trusted her because she seemed so professional, and I had no reason to think anything awful was going to happen”. “She carried out the procedure in her daughter’s bedroom.” ... “My body had a massive allergic reaction to it which left me at the brink of death. I was in so much agony that, by that point, dying would have been a release. The only way doctors could save my life was to amputate my buttocks, my hands and feet.”
“My message is never to look for something outside of ourselves to validate ourselves, we are already born whole and we are already born perfect and we are already born complete. And there is nothing outside of us that would make us feel good if we don’t feel good on the inside,” she said.

An American woman decided to treat herself to silicone injections that would boost her booty and give her the figure she’d always dreamt of. But the injections turned out to be industrial rather than approved silicone, and after catching an infection she had to suffer a quadruple amputation, and having her buttocks removed. Now, she shares her story in a bid to stop others potentially harming themselves due to vanity. “I want to warn others of the dangers of black-market surgery. My greatest message is we have to learn to love and accept ourselves for who we are.” It is vital that people see that happiness is not achieved by means of beautifying the body, but by serving the Supreme Lord.

One of the biggest dangers is the obsession with the appeal of the material body. One might think that the beauty of the body is the most important, and with this mentality to accommodate the longing for a physical appearance different from what we have. This is what feeds the impressive business of cosmetic surgery. ... Men and women are under the same mistaken belief that their true nature is the body and forget that the greatest beauty resides inside. ... Cosmetic surgery increases the dissatisfaction with life; due to the fact that it really does not please the soul. We will be happy when we can advance spiritually and even more so when we will be able to know God and to feel His universal love, which binds us, all the inhabitants of the planet together.

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