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OF INSULIN RESISTANCE IN CHILDREN - Children's exposure to air traffic pollution could increase their risk of insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes in adults, suggests a study in Diabetologia. German research on 397 10-year-olds found that living close to a major road increased resistance by 7% per 500m. 
Air pollutants are known to be oxidisers that can impact on lipids and proteins in the blood. But some experts say the results should be treated with caution. The children in the study were invited for blood sampling at the age of 10, and glucose and insulin measurements were taken. Their level of exposure to traffic pollution was estimated using air pollution figures from 2008-09 for their birth address neighbourhood.

The results were adjusted to take into account birth weight, body mass index (BMI) and exposure to second-hand smoke at home. The study concluded that levels of insulin resistance were greater in children with higher exposure to air pollution, such as nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter. It also found a larger effect in children with higher BMIs. 
Elisabeth Thiering and Joachim Heinrich, who led the research at the German Research Centre for Environmental Health in Neuherberg, said the link between traffic pollution and insulin resistance could be explained. "Although toxicity differs between air pollutants, they are all considered potent oxidisers that act either directly on lipids and proteins, or indirectly through the activation of intracellular oxidant pathways," said Dr Heinrich.

Previous studies have shown links between air pollution and atherosclerosis and heart disease, but this new research shows that growing up in areas where air pollution is increased raises the risk of insulin resistance (the precursor to diabetes) in children, who are particularly vulnerable. "Breathing the same pollutant concentrations, children may have a two to fourfold higher dose reaching the lung," said Prof Frank Kelly. The development of diabetes in adults might have its origin in early life and associated with environmental exposures to air pollution. We should live in a simpler way, in more contact with nature and become God conscious.

The cosmic situation is giving us all facility to reestablish this relationship with Krishna and return to Godhead. ... Everything we need is being supplied by God - land, grain, fruits, milk, shelter and clothing. We only have to live peacefully and cultivate Krishna consciousness. That should be our mission in life. We should therefore be satisfied with what God has supplied in the form of food, shelter, defense and sex, and should not want more and more and more. The best type of civilization is one that ascribes to the maxim of "plain living and high thinking." … Although God has given us all facilities to live peacefully on this earth, cultivate Krishna consciousness, and finally to come to Him, in this age we're unfortunate.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
“On the Way to Krishna”
Chapter Five: “Steering Toward the Supreme”
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