Wednesday, June 12, 2013


AND MURDER OF 16 YEARS GIRL - Amid the strong shock at the murder of Ángeles Rawson - a 16 year old girl who was found dead yesterday in an area of ​​the Ceamse in José León Suárez after she was kidnapped in the neighborhood of Colegiales - has finished this morning the autopsy on her body. Sources close to the investigation say that the girl was raped and strangled.
At 9.45 am on Monday, Angels ended her gymnastics class in the premises that Ceamse College has in the aforementioned neighborhood located in Concepción Arenal and Cramer. "I will eat and come back," she told her friends. The family of the teenager reported her disappearance on Monday and yesterday, close to 3.00 pm, Ángeles's body was found tied up in a bag, in the middle of trash and garbage, at the José León Suárez Park. 

The latest tracks indicate that the cell phone reported that on Monday morning from the apparatus of the girl made ​​a call to a bank which lasted about 10 minutes, then made ​​a virtual charging 50 pesos and about 22 hours the phone is turned off.
The coroner Miguel Maldonado stated that the murder of 16 year old acted at least two people. "There was some kind of logistics and organization. Rapist was not alone," he said. "There are many things that do not close one to be the perpetrator. Could not have been the man band doing all that," said the expert. "I do I simplify the question. This has been one thing led. Least two people were acting. Logistics There were a number of evidence that indicate some kind of organization," he said.

In Argentina, when it was known a new case of the huge lack of security in this South American country, many people from different social areas have raised their voices protesting for the situation and calling for "justice" to this new young victim. This is a 16 year old girl, named Angeles Rawson, who was reported missing a day earlier and was found tied in a bag, amid the garbage bags, with signs of having been raped and then strangled. Violence born of lust and all kinds of cruelty against women causes great disturbances in the world.

Material lust is like a blazing fire, never leaving a person with any peace. Such desires always force people to attempt to satisfy their cravings. The flames of such desires consume all hope for peace in such individuals. When society is made of many such individuals, whose primary interest is to simply satisfy their own desires and gratify their senses, this disorder prevents peace in human society. Society remains in a state of escalating chaos. Such disorder grows to the degree in which society pursues selfish gratification. ... Lust is there when you want to satisfy your material desires. Anger will always be there in some form when you fail to achieve what you want, or when you attain it but then lose it.

Dr Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
"Toward World Peace: Seeing the Unity Between Us All"  -

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