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THAT CAUSED ANOTHER TEEN SUICIDE The incident occurred in Posadas, Argentina. The young boy, aged 14, left letters for the family and jumped from a ninth floor. A judge is investigating whether it was a response to "harassment" and "school humiliation." Rodrigo Troche left three letters, one for his parents and two for his brothers, in which he explained the reasons for his drastic decision. The young man jumped from a ninth floor around noon on Tuesday. Social networks are at the heart of the debate. The priest Juan Rajimón, rector of the College Roque Gonzalez where the adolescent attended, asked parents "be alert" and "review the behavior" on the Internet. 
The priest explained that "Rodrigo was a good student, quiet and reserved, in the class we did not detect he was going through a difficult situation; he had good grades and excellent behavior."

Rajimón considered that in these cases "is that we have to be alert, work more with teens. Times have changed, especially with them. There are things they know and adults do not, for example, the issue of social networks, young people do not take dimensions of the things that they upload and when they do, they do not how to eliminate things from there." Judge César Yaya, who instructs the case of suicide of this fourteen year old, deemed it necessary to sensitize society so that no more cases of school bullying and humiliation leading to tragic ends occur. He also indicated that, he is considering that the suicide has been caused due to the harassment and humiliation at school.
"The event is being researched and it is something that happens more than we think and often with our own children. An adolescent lives situations which for an adult may not seem so tragic to take such a dramatic decision, but for them it is very traumatic," he said.

School intimidation (or bullying) is a common form of violence against children. According to a new research from UNICEF between 50% and 70% of students in Latin America have been harassed or have witnessed bullying incidents. While school abuse is not a new phenomenon,  recently, technology and social networks have increased exponentially the reach and impact of this problem. Cyber abuse (cyberbullying) is conducted on the Internet and cell phones and may have, such as bullying, negative impact on mental health: substance abuse and suicide. Bullying is not “guy thing” not a game. It affects the bullied child, as well the bully and the viewer. Don't you think it's time to make a change in society?

We have to become activists of the good. There is so much garbage, so much cruelty that has to stop. Modern man has become insensible; anaesthetised by intoxication and consumption, the "human being" prefers the bad, so that he even forgets his own best and directly or indirectly becomes responsible for the corrupt society. We have to make changes, and we have to start with ourselves, because it is almost impossible to change others. One person or the whole world would change if we were capable to inspire them with our own example. The modern "civilized" man is a joke. It is time that we get conscious, even if it pains. The change is necessary, for otherwise, how would there be any hope? The very planet is in danger. We need conscience, even if it pains.

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :
"Conscience - Even If It Pains"
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