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BLADE IN BURGER KING BURGER - Health inspectors in Northern California have started a beef with a local Burger King after a woman found a razor blade in her burger. Yolanda Orozco, of Willits, discovered the blade after taking a bite of her burger and then lifting the bun to check for onions. "I was in shock. I was just looking at it," she told local News 10 of finding the small, single edge blade.
"Somebody at Burger King was careless." Cops told News 10 they suspected her complaint was a hoax until they inspected the burger joint's digs and found several razor blades near food prep stations.  Some were found stashed above the burger warning trays.

"I was definitely surprised. I didn't expect to see that," Willits cop Mark McNelley said. Workers there said they use the blades for cleaning purposes. No charges were filed against the store, but the local health department was looking into the matter.
In a statement, Burger King said the franchise owner was cooperating with police. "Food safety is a top priority for Buger King restaurants globally. Burger King Corp. has strict food handling and guest policies and procedures in place that all crew members are required to follow," the statement said. "Franchisees are responsible for implementing these policies and emphasize the proper food safety procedures to all crew members."

When you order your savory Burger King burger, you expect a number of tasty condiments. That list probably doesn’t include a razor blade. In USA, a woman claims that, upon biting into her savory BK burger, she discovered a single-edge blade nestled between the meat patty and the cheese slice. “I was in shock,” said the Willits, Calif. resident. “Somebody at Burger King was careless.” Police initially suspected a hoax, then, they determined that the cutting-edge burger wasn't intentional. According to the police report, employees use razor blades for cleaning, and cops saw them near food. Mmmm ... I think it's not a good recipe. The tendency to error is one feature of every conditioned soul.

The conditioned soul has four defects: (1) bhrama (‘the tendency to error’), (2) pramada (‘inattention’), (3) karanapatava (‘the inadequacy of the senses’) and (4) vipralipsa (‘the desire to deceive’). Any conditioned soul has these defects. The word pramada means ‘inattention.’ Even when the senses do their job, the mind is not entirely attentive and so makes further errors. Karanapatava means the incapacity of the senses to properly perceive anything. ... Even the greatest scholars cannot free themselves of these defects when it comes to assessing transcedence. In these matters, the words of the Veda, which are not the product of human beings, are the only source of sure knowledge.

Śrīla Bhakti Promode Puri Mahārāja :
“Śrī Guru Pranali - Siddha Pranali”
A conversation with a sannyasa disciple,
Durga Puja, Sept. 28, 1998, Gopinatha Gaudiya Matha,
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