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(USA Today) - Some 162 passengers and crew are missing and presumed lost on AirAsia Flight 8501, but the total would be a lot higher if the airline hadn't changed the departure time to two hours earlier than originally scheduled. Christianawati was one of 10 members of an extended family - including her 7-month-old son and another infant - booked on the flight who missed it by minutes after they missed emails and phone calls from the airline earlier this month to inform them of the time change to 5:35 a.m., the Sydney Morning Herald reports. 
Her husband and brother-in-law arrived in time to see latecomers race for the plane yesterday morning, but they decided to wait for the rest of the group to arrive in a second car.

While the group was still trying to negotiate a later flight with airline staff, they were informed the plane had disappeared. "We felt completely limp, the whole family," Christianawati says. "It was like we'd lost our spirit." "I just remember those people who we saw running to the last call," her husband says. "I hope they find them." There were a total of 26 no-shows for the flight from Surabaya to Singapore, reports Bloomberg, including a 10-year-old boy whose parents canceled a family trip because his grandfather was ill. The boy "was very upset when we said that we couldn't go after all," his mother says. "When we told him the plane was missing, he didn't believe us until we showed him the tickets."

These days, different news speak not only of a family, but three families saved from death by "miracle". A sick grandfather, a missed call and an unopened email kept three Indonesian families from making it onto the AirAsia flight that vanished last Sunday. The Airbus 320-200, flying from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore, was carrying 155 passengers and seven crew when it disappeared. The aircraft's disappearance has echoes of the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 mystery which dropped off the radar in March while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Former beauty queen Anggi Mahesti said she was part of a group of 10 who missed the plane on Sunday because they were not aware of a change in its departure time. “At first, we were angry with AirAsia and our travel agent,” Ms Mahesti, 27, said. They were planning to take a later flight to Singapore when news of the missing plane broke. “An airport official told my husband it was a Christmas gift from God to our family,” she added. “We decided not to fly after that because we were scared and didn’t want to tempt fate.” By reading this news, one must think deeply. Was it a "miracle", or is it a matter of "cause and effect"? , The disappearance of the aircraft occurred on Sunday, then on Monday, on the other side of the world, at least 427 people were evacuated from a Greece-to-Italy ferry, as a result 10 or more people were dead and it was unclear whether there were more missing, and today, we learned that at least 35 people are dead, and 43 are injured  in a stampede during New Year's celebrations in China. So, we are surrounded by events in which people – despite being in the same place and time – some died and others remain alive. Therefore it is not easy to deliver an opinion on these matters lightly. We know there is a law called Karma and no one dies or the day before or the day after what you or what higher authorities have arranged according to our actions. Nevertheless, we also know that the mercy of God acts and some receive His grace, even without cause.  (Editor's note).

“Whatever is done by the Lord is for good,” the prime minister told the King, “If Hari protects, nobody can kill him and if Hari wants to kill then nobody can protect him,” he added.
Śrīla Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Mahārāja : 
“Golden Saying” 
“God is Gracing Us in All Circumstances” - Feb 10, 2003 - 
Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math

It is stated, māre krishna rākhe ke, rākhe krishna māre ke:  If Krishna protects someone, no one can kill him, and if Krishna wants to kill someone, no one can save him. ...  Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is omnipotent, and if He wants to kill someone, no one can save that person. Similarly, if He wants to save someone, no one can kill him. 

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda : 
“Śrīmad Bhāgavatam” 11.1.4 - “Krishna Book” - Chapter 72 - 
Bhaktivedanta VedaBase

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GO TO PRACTICE YOGA (Chennai, India) A group of 11 people, all corporate heads above 45 years, are exposed to yoga for the first time at a workshop. Almost all complain of pain in the neck, back and the knee while performing asanas and while sitting on the floor for minutes together. Dr. Krishna Raman, consultant physician, internal medicine, offers tips and changes in sitting position. Yoga is now being widely used for healing purposes too. 
“People learn yoga to improve their health quotient. Most people can’t sit continuously for a long time and feel numb in the legs. It is so because we are not adapted to it. Yoga adapts you to a particular situation. When we sit properly, it gives energy to the mind," Dr. Raman, the medical specialist who combines internal medicine and yoga, explains at the workshop. While sitting, shoulders have to drop down and if so, the neck is also relieved.

Yoga is most often perceived as something for flexibility, breathing and spirituality and we do not appreciate it, says Dr. Farzana Siraj, consultant therapeutic yoga, adding that hot and power yoga are a corruption of yoga.  We have to sit and stand in a proper posture. Leaning forward is ageing and leaning backward is anti-aging, says Dr. Siraj. At 58, K.G. Muralidharan, promoter of G.K. Industrial Park, wants to do yoga to improve his health. “My health deteriorates with age and I want to be fit. I have heard about various benefits of practising yoga and I want to practise it,” he says. 
Yoga instructors say that awareness about yoga and its benefits has been increasing and many young people now prefer attending classes. Given the demand for yoga and naturopathy, the government yoga and naturopathy medical college in the city has increased the seats from 20 to 50 from this academic year.

This article, written by Deccan Chronicle correspondent, explains about the benefits of Hatha Yoga and how the asanas can improve your health. By practising Yoga you will learn to change your sitting position and it may modify a bad posture. Dr R.S. Himeswari, chairman of the medical college in Chennai, says that from the next academic year, they plan to start postgraduate courses in naturopathy and yogic sciences. The only government yoga hospital sees 200 outpatients daily. “Our students visit the Institute of Mental Health and teach yoga to mentally ill people. It’s not just pain alone that can be managed through yoga, even hypertension and diabetes, among others, can be managed with regular practice,” she says. Obviously, it is not necessary to wait till your health becomes deteriorated to change your lifestyle and start the practice of Hatha Yoga. The asanas of yoga are excellent tools in curative and preventive health care. In the last decades, physicians have understood the vast clinical potential of yoga as a non invasive tool and its use in preventive health making health care highly cost effective. We all know that prevention is cheaper than to spend much money in curing. Moreover, more and more Western physicians have found solutions for a variety of medical ailments by combining Western medicine and Yoga. We should care our human body because God has designed it to help us to achieve the transcendence. But it is our responsibility to harmonize and connect our body with our inner self, so in order to be successful in doing it is very useful to follow ancient yogic principles. (Editor's note).

The physical body is considered an instrument or vehicle of the soul on its path towards perfection, and it has its own needs that must be met in order to run well.  Right exercise: The asanas, improve blood circulation and muscle flexibility, and help the joints, muscles and other body parts to work correctly.   Correct breathing: Yogic breathing techniques called pranayama, producing a burst of energy that leads to mental and physical rejuvenation of the body.  Correct relaxation:  Relaxation is a natural method of revitalizing the body and mind.  Rigth diet: The yogic diet is a vegetarian one and is composed of pure foods that promote health and vitality.  Positive thinking and Meditation: They purify the intellect and allow to achieve wisdom and inner peace.

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STRANGE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world. But it's also among the most diverse and varies from country to country. In central Europe, many towns set up cozy Christmas villages. Many European towns and cities set up Christmas markets and small Christmas villages that attract visitors and locals alike. They're typically open from the beginning of December until Dec. 24. Some of them exhibit stages, merry-go-rounds and other attractions for children. But there's usually plenty to fascinate adults, too, such as mulled wine, beer and food specialties. 
Some Portuguese people open presents twice - This is a custom in Portugal and many people open presents twice: First, parents give their children a selection of gifts on Christmas Eve. But the excitement is far from over: The next morning, more gifts await, ready to be opened.

Russians, Greeks and Bulgarians prefer the cold and jump into rivers and lakes - This tradition is common in Orthodox Christian countries. Young men (and sometimes women) jump into cold rivers and lakes as soon as a priest throws a cross into the water. The aim is to be the first person to reach the cross. They believe that those who win the contest will be lucky in the new year. In Germany, children collect money for charity - In the more Catholic south of Germany, it is common that children (called Sternsingers) collect money for charity by knocking on people's doors to perform songs. They are usually dressed as the three wise men. 
In Argentina, lit paper decorations are sent into the sky on Christmas Eve - This colorful celebration lights the sky over Argentina on Christmas Eve. Many people in the South American country make their own paper decorations, sort of like balloons and equipped with lights. The so-called 'globos' are usually released into the sky shortly after midnight.

This article is about traditions which seem quite strange to the rest of the world. It was written by Rick Noack, from Washington, D.C. Buth there are many other examples: South Koreans like money as a present. It's true that money might not seem like a very elaborate Christmas gift, but many South Koreans prefer it over more creative presents. The South Korean version of Santa Claus (Santa Haraboji, which means Santa Grandfather), sometimes wears a blue suit instead of a red one. Winter in Finland is dominated by the cold temperatures and thick layers of snow that cover forests and houses. For this, many Finnish have a solution: They celebrate Christmas in saunas.  And in Nova Scotia, in the southeast of Canada, some locals dress up as Santa Claus, then they walk to their neighbors' houses and make them guess their real identities. As we all know, the celebration of Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus, and the Western Church celebrates it on December 25. Many countries around the world follow this tradition; however, no one is really sure of what day Jesus' birth was, and it is little that we know about His historical being; however, more important is the message that he came to deliver to all humankind. (Editor's note).

Jesus has shown the power of love, and He became immortal because He was such a great example. It is a pity that there are so few people following him. Many people repeat the name of Jesus, but they are not vegetarians; they even do not admit that the animals have a soul, and in reality not themselves also, because they do not live for the good of the soul. It is not easy to follow a pure devotee of God. ... Let’s hope that on the day of Jesus, more than one soul remember him and not give most attention to the ridiculous Father Christmas. It is a great sadness to see how this day, which should be so sacred for the Christians, has become more and more profane each year. Who will give a present to Jesus? Who will sing to him on his altar? Just a few people are doing it! But we shouldn’t be surprised, this is the effect of Kali yuga. Well the devotees of Krishna, they certainly do celebrate and sing your glories in your divine and wonderful eternal and progressive immortality.

Śrīla Atulananda Ācārya :
“Jesus and His Message of Universal Love”

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