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GO TO PRACTICE YOGA (Chennai, India) A group of 11 people, all corporate heads above 45 years, are exposed to yoga for the first time at a workshop. Almost all complain of pain in the neck, back and the knee while performing asanas and while sitting on the floor for minutes together. Dr. Krishna Raman, consultant physician, internal medicine, offers tips and changes in sitting position. Yoga is now being widely used for healing purposes too. 
“People learn yoga to improve their health quotient. Most people can’t sit continuously for a long time and feel numb in the legs. It is so because we are not adapted to it. Yoga adapts you to a particular situation. When we sit properly, it gives energy to the mind," Dr. Raman, the medical specialist who combines internal medicine and yoga, explains at the workshop. While sitting, shoulders have to drop down and if so, the neck is also relieved.

Yoga is most often perceived as something for flexibility, breathing and spirituality and we do not appreciate it, says Dr. Farzana Siraj, consultant therapeutic yoga, adding that hot and power yoga are a corruption of yoga.  We have to sit and stand in a proper posture. Leaning forward is ageing and leaning backward is anti-aging, says Dr. Siraj. At 58, K.G. Muralidharan, promoter of G.K. Industrial Park, wants to do yoga to improve his health. “My health deteriorates with age and I want to be fit. I have heard about various benefits of practising yoga and I want to practise it,” he says. 
Yoga instructors say that awareness about yoga and its benefits has been increasing and many young people now prefer attending classes. Given the demand for yoga and naturopathy, the government yoga and naturopathy medical college in the city has increased the seats from 20 to 50 from this academic year.

This article, written by Deccan Chronicle correspondent, explains about the benefits of Hatha Yoga and how the asanas can improve your health. By practising Yoga you will learn to change your sitting position and it may modify a bad posture. Dr R.S. Himeswari, chairman of the medical college in Chennai, says that from the next academic year, they plan to start postgraduate courses in naturopathy and yogic sciences. The only government yoga hospital sees 200 outpatients daily. “Our students visit the Institute of Mental Health and teach yoga to mentally ill people. It’s not just pain alone that can be managed through yoga, even hypertension and diabetes, among others, can be managed with regular practice,” she says. Obviously, it is not necessary to wait till your health becomes deteriorated to change your lifestyle and start the practice of Hatha Yoga. The asanas of yoga are excellent tools in curative and preventive health care. In the last decades, physicians have understood the vast clinical potential of yoga as a non invasive tool and its use in preventive health making health care highly cost effective. We all know that prevention is cheaper than to spend much money in curing. Moreover, more and more Western physicians have found solutions for a variety of medical ailments by combining Western medicine and Yoga. We should care our human body because God has designed it to help us to achieve the transcendence. But it is our responsibility to harmonize and connect our body with our inner self, so in order to be successful in doing it is very useful to follow ancient yogic principles. (Editor's note).

The physical body is considered an instrument or vehicle of the soul on its path towards perfection, and it has its own needs that must be met in order to run well.  Right exercise: The asanas, improve blood circulation and muscle flexibility, and help the joints, muscles and other body parts to work correctly.   Correct breathing: Yogic breathing techniques called pranayama, producing a burst of energy that leads to mental and physical rejuvenation of the body.  Correct relaxation:  Relaxation is a natural method of revitalizing the body and mind.  Rigth diet: The yogic diet is a vegetarian one and is composed of pure foods that promote health and vitality.  Positive thinking and Meditation: They purify the intellect and allow to achieve wisdom and inner peace.

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