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UNAFFECTED BY ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES - Officially it's known as Blue Lake, but to the scientists studying it, it has taken on a new name: God's Bathtub. Blue Lake sits on North Stradbroke Island in the Australian state of Queensland. The tiny lake with crystal-clear waters was already known as one of the country's most beautiful sites, but new research reveals something even more remarkable: the lake has been relatively unaffected by changes in climate or the effects of humans for more than 7,000 years. 
"Blue Lake is one of those rare, beautiful lakes in Australia," said Dr. Cameron Barr of the University of Adelaide. "It's unusual because it's more than 10 meters deep, but it's so clear you can see to the bottom." 

Barr looked at records kept about the lake for the past 117 years as well as fossil information about pollen and algae. By looking at photographs and other data, he came to a remarkable conclusion: the depth and water chemistry of Blue Lake has remained almost unchanged for millennia. The research was published in the journal Freshwater Biology. Barr explained that the freshwater system of Blue Lake is unique. It is refreshed by an aquifer and it drains into a nearby swamp, a process that completely replenishes the lake every 35 days or so.
This constant system of refreshment allows the lake to remain consistent in size, depth and chemistry regardless of changes in climate around it.

Australian scientists have discovered a lake that has been untouched by climate change for the past 7,500 years. Researchers have found that Blue Lake's body of water has been in the same chemical state for thousands of years. Cameron Barr, of the University of Adelaide, and his team studied Blue Lake’s water quality, fossil pollen and algae and found that the lake is unaffected by climate change. "It's like God's bathtub," says Barr. "It is beautiful. It is absolutely beautiful."This shows how wonderful is God's creation and it proves that the biological wellbeing of our earth is being ruined by the materialistic vision of society.

Nature is one of the manifestations of God; if we mistreat the environment, if we live irresponsibly, in any moment we will be sucked into an abyss. God is in each tree, each plant. The waters of the Earth are the veins of the Lord. We should proceed with absolute compassion and responsibility, because by not taking care of other living beings, our present planet will become a complete desert. ... The indigenous cultures didn't think that the Earth or the Sun were God, but they saw the kindness of God toward us represented in them. All the elements created by the Lord are different representations of His powers, and the combination of all the components produces food for us, the conscious beings.

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