Tuesday, July 2, 2013


www.larazon.com.ar - Televisions, food baskets,  tickets to travel, are common in sweepstakes prizes. However, in Peru, it was introduced a controversial innovation: they raffle girl of fifteen. So, with social networks like scenario, the girls are offered for “Quinerifas” game in which the good luck will give men the possibility of intimacy with them. "We can give them a night of satisfaction or what they want," revealed to the news media one of the girls involved in this kind of lottery of sex.. And make it clear: “Old men are Not accepted”. By purchasing many tickets, the greater the chances that the contestant “wins” the “prize”. If the buyer is a frequent shopper, he has the option to choose the girl you want to share an intimate sexual encounter.

The winner will be among a small group of young people; this lucky guy will have sex (or whatever he prefers) with one the girls, according to what one interviewee told the local program “The night is mine,” Frequency America. Each raffle is sold with a base of 50 Soles, or about $ 18 and everything is published on the Internet: the call to the raffle and who will rise to the award, which is a sort of covert prostitution in which many 15 year old girls are being sold for money. And worse, the game involves both minor and major.
Meanwhile, leaving aside considerations on the awareness about sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drugs, we have to think, last but not least, about the lack of love of self and the others and the care for the body and health.

This sex game, which is an activity close to child prostitution, is starring girls that do not exceed 15 years old who are offering their bodies in the social network Facebook to the highest bidder, for “tickets” whose minimum price is $ 18. Unfortunately, this practice adds to others that have appeared today in Latin America, such as "sexual roulette", widespread in Medellin, Colombia, which is that young people form a round while they dance and have sex with teenagers, but when one ejaculates, he loses the game and must leave the circle. The Vishnu Purana states that in Kali Yuga union between men and women will be based on passion alone and women will be mere objects of gratification.

The Bhagavatam (1.16.21) explains that  women and children are left unhappy and forlorn by unscrupulous men who often search for young girls with whom they might have illicit sex.  ... Thus, all moral and religious principles are lost and good population in human society disappears, along with all hopes for peace, prosperity, happiness, and spiritual progress. As unwanted population increases around the world, there will be greater risks of community unrest - crime, rape, war, disease, and pestilence. Gradually the world will be filled with chaos. ... By the time this takes place in Kali-yuga, child pornography, rape, and other sexual crimes will be out of control.

Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
 “The Vedic Prophecies: A New Look into the Future”
Vol. 3 - “Changes During Kali Yuga”
“The Depravity in Family Life ind Relations Between People”
http://www.stephen-knapp.com  -  http://www.stephenknapp.info/

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