Thursday, July 11, 2013



To the readers of Vedic Views on World News blog:

My name is Dasavatara das and I inform you that tomorrow, in a few hours, doctors will be practicing a new surgery on my right ankle.

Last year, in the month of April, I had a very serious accident, I was on my bike when a vehicle that ran very fast, hit me and then fled.

As a result I was six months in bed with a multiple bone fracture in "minutes" (the bones are crushed into small parts).

Months later I have been walking on crutches and now with a cane due to prosthesis and screws that hold the tibia and fibula bones in my leg.

I have not walk normally, and every day is very difficult to move and go to work.

Tomorrow the doctors will try to fix again the reconstruction of the foot due to fracture by traffic accident.

I inform this to you asking to pray for me and be patient for a few days if there is no fresh news posted on the blog.

Thank you for your prayers.

Hare Krishna.

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