Sunday, July 28, 2013


CHEAPER LIFE INSURANCE In the UK, vegetarians are to be offered cheaper life insurance because, it is claimed, they are healthier and less likely to die early. The AFI insurance agency has devised the Vegetarian Term Life policy to reward non meat-eaters with lower premiums. The company claims that the wider industry has failed to catch up with the reality that vegetarians are a better insurance risk. They are, it says, less likely to suffer from the sort of serious or chronic illnesses that shorten lives.
According to the Vegetarian Society, the risk of some cancers is reduced by up to 40 per cent and of heart disease by 30 per cent.

The chance of developing kidney and gall stones is also lower, it says, while the threat of diet-related diabetes and high blood pressure is minimised. The prospect of getting the human form of Mad Cow Disease becomes much more remote, it is argued, while there is also less danger of food poisoning. The new policy, underwritten by the Liverpool Victoria Life Company, offers a 25 per cent reduction on monthly premiums in the first year only.
But AFI - which stands for Animal Friends Insurance - is arguing for the entire industry to deliver long-term discounts to vegetarians. They gave the example of a 45-year-old female non-smoker. She would pay US$16.48 a month for a $150,458 policy over 15 years with the company's vegetarian policy, compared to an average figure of $24.66 and a top rate of $27.68.

An insurance company in the UK has developed a special policy to reward vegetarians with lower premiums. It is definitely good news and it is very encouraging that vegetarians receive a financial reward - reducing the cost of premiums - by the fact of not consuming meat. However, the best reward for those who do not participate in acts of violence against animals and can maintain a meat-free diet is to get to understand what is compassion towards our younger brothers and develop love for all living entities. (Editor's note).

“The animals are my friends, I don't eat up my friends.” G.B. Shaw.
If we are the children of the same Mother Earth, Mother Nature and of the Supreme Lord, then how can we deny our smaller siblings, the little animals, their right to live just as we claim it for ourselves. We are all maintained by the Creator, thru Mother Earth. We should feel gratitude for her and manifest compassion for those that need our help. That will provide us with happiness and peace. While we put meat and blood on our plates we won't be able to find peace in our lives. The Biblical principle is that who kills with a sword will die by a sword. It is the clear law of karma. Don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you. We should learn how to feel. To love. We will be loved this way also and we will feel happy.

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