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AMERICAN CHILDREN AT RISK Poorly trained dentists have been killing American children by administering unnecessary, yet lucrative, sedation. In the last 15 years, 31 children have died during or following dental treatment, according to a recent report. Raven Maria Blanco was 8-years-old when she died in the dentist's chair during a routine procedure. She received three times the average range of sedatives for a child of her weight and health. She had a lethal blood concentration of 24 mg/l of chloral hydrate, as revealed by an autopsy. 
The dentist responsible, Dr. Michael Hechtkopf, only had his license restricted for three months and needed to retrain in risk management and record keeping for a mere seven hours. Dr. Hechtkopf's lawyer said that his client "regretted" what happened. 
'Pain-free dentistry can mean tens of thousands of dollars of extra income in your pocket annually and as much as half a million extra in your pocket at retirement,' wrote Dr. Michael Silverman, one dentist who runs a firm that trains dentists in the use of oral sedation.

Raven's parents established the Raven Maria Blanco Foundation to warn others about ill-equipped dentists unnecessarily performing such dangerous procedures. They started a campaign to establish a registry of dental treatment deaths, in hopes to save other families from the same heartbreak. But other families have endured such tragedy. Five-year-old Diamond Brownridge died from nitrous oxide and an intravenous sedation. 13-year-old Marissa Kingery died from four different types of oral sedatives. When Dr. Patrick Bamgboye administered the sedatives that killed 3-year-old Juan Quiej earlier this year, he was still on probation for doing the same to 6-year-old Kyneicha Pagan. Kyneicha's mother said, "Two innocent kids die. It can't be a coincidence." 
Some of these dentists have merely 2 days of safe sedation training, but it can increase treatment costs by tens of thousands of dollars.  Dr. Indru Punwani, a spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, said that such weekend courses are inadequate preparation for potential emergencies.

Children across the U.S. are being unnecessarily put at risk by greedy and poorly trained dentists looking to increase their profits by sedating young patients for routine treatments. By encouraging parents to choose the expensive “pain free” option for anxious children, the dentists adds tens of thousands of dollars to the charge of the dental treatment but expose children to costly and very dangerous sedation. Humankind needs the help of conscious doctors, that is, health professionals who are not greedy for money, but driven by the desire to become true well-wishers of the patients.

The organization of Conscious Doctors is one of friendship and exchange of medical experiences between doctors with the purpose of purifying professional medical activities by supporting spiritual consciousness. As a result, conscious doctors will have a forum that will allow greater understanding and improve the practice of a holistic system of treatment, such as: Ayurveda, naturopathy, chiropractics, homeopathy, bioenergetics, acupuncture, etc. Thus, the spiritually conscious medical professional, with proven results, will become as distant as possible from the ignorant allopathy system that only attacks the symptoms of ailments without regard to the causes that create them. ... Modern allopathic medicine can have so many negative side effects, which even after extensive investigations in many cases it is difficult to know up to what point the effects are beneficiary or negative to the patient.

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :
"Conscious Doctors"
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