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INTO ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST - I was deeply moved by a fascinating interview published on the Greenville Post, with the once highly acclaimed bullfighter, Alvaro Munera "The Pilarico". After being gored by a bull, paralyzed and now confined to a wheelchair, Munera considered his injury a “beautiful experience”, because he was no longer able to make a comeback to the ring and slaughter these innocent animals. In the interview, he told the Greenville post that his experience “made me a better human being. After convalescence and rehabilitation, I started working toward the goal of amending my crimes.” 
As a repentant bullfighter, Munera has now become an active defender of all animals. While many people involved in animal rights find it hard to forgive his many “crimes”, others applaud the work he is doing. He said, “There are people who think that I'm just resentful for the accident. That's absurd. I've rebuilt my life and dedicated it to helping hundreds of disabled people get ahead, in addition to fighting for animal rights”.

“On top of that”, Munera explains, “I don't know of any resentful person defending his victimizer. A bull confined me to a wheelchair and another one killed my best friend! I should reasonably be the last person on earth to care about bulls.” But care he does!” Unfortunately Munera is one of the only former bullfighters who longs to see this brutal sport abolished.  However, he claims that aficionados of the sport are dwindling due to the growing awareness of how appalling and brutal the spectacle of the torture and slaying of a bull is, in reality. 
In the interview, Munera attributed his radical change of heart to the lessons he learned from his doctors, nurses, and other physically disabled people.  Many of these people said he deserved what happened to him. Their arguments convinced him to accept he was wrong and the people who were so strongly against cruelty to animals were right. 
He added that most people living in Colombia and Spain are avidly against bullfighting, but there remains a minority of government officials who continue to support the "art" of bullfighting.

People who enjoy watching these magnificent animals, bloodied, tortured and ultimately murdered for no reason other than to cheer at an empty victory, have found a way to justify and perpetuate a barbarous and frivolous “sport” which glorifies the supposedly “courageous” bullfighter, who gains fame and fortune by choosing to go into battle and in a senseless act, kill an innocent bull. We should reject anything that cause pain to other creatures or is harmful to our health and general health of the planet.

There is no doubt that during life there are situations of defense against insects and animals where it is inevitable to kill some living creatures, but this fact does not justify at all the indiscriminate killing of animals for food. Nothing gives us the right to deprive the animals of freedom and subject them to live tortured existences, or to experiment with them for medicines, and exploit them in circuses and fun events like bullfights, roosters, dogs and many other perversions that men have invented in order to have fun by making others to feel pain. Before complaining about the injustice of the world, we decide to look at the pain that we cause to others. The crime committed against animals, has consequences that we must pay in ourselves. ... We want to see a world where animals and humans live in harmony and where individuals develop a sense of responsibility.

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :
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