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JANMASHTAMI, LORD KRISHNA BIRTHDAY - The entire nation of India and people from many countries around the world got engrossed in worshiping Lord Krishna as Thursday marks his birthday, popularly known as 'Janmashtami'. Krishna Janmashtami is observed on the 'Ashtami tithi', the eighth day of the dark half or Krishna Paksha of the month of Bhadrapada in the Hindu calendar. The festival is generally celebrated between mid-Aug to mid-Sep in the Gregorian calendar. 
In areas like Mathura and Vrindavan the dramatic enactment of the life of Krishna are enacted out. This life cycle of Krishna is known as 'Rasa lila'. Known for his love for 'dahi' (curd), the 'dahi handi' event is popularly followed in Indian state of Maharashtra. Teams of young men form human pyramid to reach the pot of butter that is hung high up and then break it into pieces. Although reports of injury are quite common the spirit of the festival makes people commit this ritual quite happily. This tradition, also known as 'uriadi', is a major event in Tamil Nadu on 'Gokulashtami'.

In Kolkata the festival of 'Janmashtami' is celebrated with great fun and mirth. In households the deity is worshiped by the family members and special bhog (food) which contains payesh (a special porridge made out of milk and rice) ,'malpoa' and 'tal bora' (sweets) is offered to God. In the temples special 'kirtan' (prayer) is performed every year on this date.  Sri Krishna Janmashtami is not a mere festival of the birth of Lord Krishna, but a festival to share joy with lots of fun and entertainment. Janmashtami for Mangaloreans is incomplete without Mosaru Kudike and Hulivesha. Mosaru Kudike, is a festival similar to 'Dahi Handi' celebrated in Maharashtra and other parts of North India. Every street in the city will be geared up to make the festival more ritualistic and also entertaining. While a section of the Hindu community with North Indian base celebrates Janmashtami on Thursday or Friday, majority of the people, who follow Tuluva Panchanga in the coast, celebrate it on September 8.  
International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon), Vrinda Family and few other organizations celebrate Janmashtami on August 9. As London marks the end of the Olympics with a closing ceremony, Bhaktivedanta Manor Krishna Temple, in Hillfield Lane, Aldenham, will host the famous Janmashtami Festival. The temple was given to the Hare Krishna faith by the late Beatle George Harrison in 1973, and this year will mark the 39th festival held there.

Krishna Janmashtami is one of the most popular festivals in Hindu Religion and is celebrated by many all over the world. Usually, the programme includes darshan, arati, alankar pooja, rajbogh arati, sandhya arati, yoga, maha abhisheka and discourse on the appearance of Lord Krishna, and it ends with maha mangala arati with sankirtana at midnight. Vice President of India, M. Hamid Ansari, extended his greetings and wishes to the citizens of India on this occasion. “Janmashtami reminds us of the life and teachings of Lord Krishna. May this auspicious occasion bring amity, harmony, prosperity and happiness in our lives,” said Ansari.

Throughout the infinite planets, you will find all the pastimes of Sri Krishna going on continuously, one after another. In this sense, His appearance pastime is eternal. ... But He also appears, reveals Himself, in the sanctified heart of the suddha bhakta. This is also His eternal appearance. We have to prepare ourselves so that Krishna will think us to be qualified to get Him. Then He will appear in our hearts. Today is the day before Janmashtami - “adhivasa”. “Adhivasa” means that we have some prior duty to perform before His appearance, so that we will be ready for Him. We have to sanctify our hearts so that Krishna can appear there. Krishna is already there, but we are not aware of His presence. ... Tomorrow, Krishna will appear. He will appear in the shrine of our hearts. He is there within us and He will appear there. So, today, on this adhivasa tithi, we have to clear the heart and mind so that Krishna will come and sit there. Krishna does not take His seat in an impure, dirty place. Krishna is the Holiest. We have to prepare our hearts, purify our hearts. There should be no desire other than the service of Sri Krishna. If there should be any other desire, then that heart is impure. As long as impure thoughts are there, Krishna will not appear.

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