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MEN DRINK LESS, WOMEN MORE - Men who drink tend to stem their alcohol use once they marry, while women tend to increase their drinking after marriage, U.S. researchers found. Corinne Reczek of the University of Cincinnati, Tetyana Pudrovska of Pennsylvania State University, Deborah Carr of Rutgers University and Debra Umberson of the University of Texas at Austin found married men reported consuming the lowest number of drinks compared with single, divorced and widowed men. 
Researchers analyzed survey data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study to explore population trends in the relationship between marriage and alcohol. They also analyzed data from two in-depth interview studies, the Marital Quality Over the Life Course Project, conducted from 2003 to 2006, and the Relationships and Health Habits Over the Life Course Study, conducted from 2007 to 2010. They also found no matter what marital category the men were in - single, married, divorced or widowed - men drank more than women and had a higher proportion of drinking-related problems.

However, recently divorced men reported consuming a significantly greater average number of drinks than men in long-term marriages. Women who were recently divorced or had been divorced for a long time reported more drinking-related problems. Despite the stress of a break-up: divorced women generally drank less than those still with their husbands. “Our qualitative results suggest this occurs because men introduce and prompt women’s drinking, and because divorced women lose the influence of men’s alcohol use upon dissolution,” they concluded. 
“Additionally, our survey results show that continuously married men drink less than men in all other marital status groups, especially recently divorced men.” Researchers gauged alcohol consumption by total number of drinks consumed in a month. Overall, women tended to drink more after marriage because they were keeping up with their husbands, but married people tend to drink less than non-married people, the study said. The findings are scheduled to be presented at the 107th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Denver.

Sociologists from the University of Cincinnati (USA) found that married women generally drink more heavily than single women, widows or divorcees. By contrast, men who are happily married drink less than their bachelor friends and significantly less than divorced men. After divorce, men are much more likely than women to turn to alcohol. The reason: while women can help keep their husbands’ drinking habits under control, men are simply a bad influence on their wives. “This occurs because men introduce and prompt women’s drinking, and when divorced women lose the influence of men’s alcohol use upon dissolution.” As women have less tolerance to alcohol than men, beware of the bad influence you receive from your partner and look for a relationship with a view to a peaceful and virtuous life.

The Grihastha ashram is marriage life based on God-conscious service and based on elevating principles such as truthfulness, cleanliness, austerity, charity, and compassion. On the opposite side is grhamedhi life, which means family life that is not based on these principles and is minus God as the center. ... In order to have successful, spiritually satisfying marriages, we need to cultivate healthy attitudes and have realistic expectations. And we want to avoid unreasonable ideas or undue negative attitudes about what marriage will be and what it will do for us. We should be aware that although marriage in this world will have challenges, it is a great chance to develop loving relationships by serving each other in Krsna consciousness. Setting appropriate goals and having a long-term vision and commitment is important in every Grihastha family. As part of this vision, when possible, support from elders should be sought after and appreciated.

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