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http://timesofindia.speakingtree.in You believe someone else is causing you stress. The truth is there is only one person responsible for your state of mind. That person is YOU. So practise ‘attitude control’. Whether at an exam, in business, sport or music, mental agitation spoils the party. Stress is mental turbulence caused by unfulfilled desire. Eliminate desire; you will be free from stress. We have intellect with which we can face challenges posed by the external world. 
When fulfilled, desire takes the form of greed, delusion, envy and arrogance. Frustrated, it becomes anger. All these cause immense stress. Guided by the intellect, desire becomes benign, transforming into aim, ambition, aspiration.

As long as you are obsessed with a desire you will never get the object of desire. Let go. Work for something beyond your selfish, self-centred interests. When your goal includes the well-being of others, it accelerates the accomplishment of that goal. When people cater to us we say we love them. The truth is we only love ourselves. This attachment causes a great deal of stress. 
Body, mind and intellect need careful management and guidance. If not managed or mismanaged, the same instruments that are designed to give us success, happiness and spiritual enlightenment become the source of strife and stress. Vedanta, our most valuable heritage, gives us this understanding. Read it, reflect over its message and apply it in your life.

We agree with Jaya Row, the author of the article, who adds “As long as you focus on matter - body, mind, intellect - you will be in stress. To be totally stress-free you must take the giant leap into the Spirit.” Our spiritual masters have taught us that we should chant the holy name of God in order to forget our insatiable material desires, and thus, little by little we can purify our hearts. If we gradually devote ourselves to God’s service, our love for Him will increase, and our desire for doing egoistic and material activities will decline. By constantly placing our mind at the lotus feet of our Guru, with the sincere desire of serving him, we can achieve liberation from the claws of the material desires. (Editor's note).

In this advanced technological age, there is ample opportunity for sense gratification. Once we satisfy one desire, another one invariably arises leaving us never truly satisfied. This constant craving for sense gratification leads us to lose our judgment. When we constantly crave something, we naturally don’t want others to have it, and thus we become suspicious of others, thinking that they are honing in on our territory. Waiting in line at a restaurant or retail store, we become suspicious of other people, thinking that they will try to cut is in line. This all stems from the increased mode of passion. ... The remedy for all this is very simple. We simply have to change our desires from the material to the spiritual. Our material senses can never be satisfied. It is not until we try to satisfy our spiritual senses that we will actually be happy.

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