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OF NATURE IN THE UNIVERSE? - Why the universe is subject to compliance with laws of nature? Scientists still can not completely understand natural laws because there is no logical necessity for the universe has to obey laws and far less laws governed by mathematical rules. Why the speed of light is always 300,000 kilometers/second? We tend to ignore these facts because we take them for granted, but things could have been quite different or even not have existed at all. The laws "are rules or regulations established by a higher authority to rule, ban or regulate anything." If God is not that "higher authority" in the universe, then who or what could be responsible for enforcing these laws? 
The origin of the universe requires the creation of energy. Creating energy can not occur by natural means. Therefore, the origin of the universe could not have occurred by natural means. Energy can not be created! The energy is transferred from one form to another. We can ask: Where was this energy before the Big Bang? What or who had that energy that was later transferred to the creation of the Universe?

Of all the possible causes of the energy source, the supernatural is the most credible. The explanations which say that energy came from nothing or "something by natural means" are not possible due to conflicts with the laws of physics. The unbelievers most likely say that this conclusion would only be made by ignorant people. However, they prove to have a greater ignorance because they defend something that is scientifically impossible. The explanation that the energy was originated on supernatural basis does not suffer the dilemma of natural contradictions. 
As we can see, scientists are still trying to shape theories to impose almost a duty to science in order to defend illogical theories without support of something that is likely. Fortunately, the idea that "everything came from nothing" is not only discarded by believers, but it is being questioned by reputable scientists, too. Christians are being mocked due the fact they have faith in God, but who have more faith, the ones who believe in God - to whom everything is possible -, or those who believe in impossible events?

The author of this nice article, Andrea Morales Bolaños, who has a degree in International Relations and Politics, says "God revealed to us through His word that He exists and that it is infinite, and now, centuries later science indirectly reveals the attribute of that infinite being through the energy that He Himself transferred to us." From time to time, there seems to be a need amongst scientists to develop a version of universal creation that leaves no room for a Supreme Creator, and thus many materialistic and even atheistic creation stories are presented. Scientists should be less arrogant and boastful and study the ancient scriptures which describes the cosmic manifestation as a Divinely guided process.

The most recent (creation theory), called the Big Bang Theory, has gained wide acceptance by numerous scientists and scholars, but is now also running into problems. To explain it far too briefly, this is the theory that creation started from a single explosion or expansion of a condensed particle of matter, or a single kernel of energy as it has been called, a seed, smaller than an atom. The Vedic version of the universal creation is that it was created by the guidance of the Supreme Being and, indeed, has been steadily expanding. But this does not imply an unnatural Big Bang from which everything appeared. ...  In science you cannot go outside the creation to find its cause. However, the Vedic version does indeed take us to the point before there was anything at all in the cosmic creation. That is the difference. The Vedic version points out that the cause of the creation is indeed outside the universe, just as an architect for a building may be living outside the building, someplace else rather than within it. Science still owes a lot to religion.

Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
"Another Creation Theory Bites the Dust"  -

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