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VEGETARIAN DIETS FOR WEIGHT CONTROL - Bonnie Farmer, M.S., R.D. for PlantWise Nutrition Consulting in Plainwell, MI has gained national recognition of her research completed at the School of Health Sciences of Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. Her work will be published this summer in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The article, “A Vegetarian Dietary Pattern as a Nutrient-Dense Approach to Weight Management: An Analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2004” will help overcome the misperception that vegetarian diets for weight management are deficient in certain nutrients. 
Farmers study included a survey of 13,292 adults aged 19 and older. The dietary quality of vegetarians, nonvegetarians and dieters were compared.

“Too often, there is concern that a vegetarian diet may not supply all the needed nutrients in a weight management program, so we wanted to look at the available data to see if this were actually true. In fact, vegetarian diets had higher levels of some key nutrients”, says Farmer.  Vegetarians had higher mean intakes of fiber, vitamins A, C, and E, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, calcium, magnesium and iron than for all nonvegetarians. Although vegetarian intakes of vitamin E, A and magnesium exceeded that of nonvegetarians, both groups had intakes that were less than desired.  Bonnie was awarded support by the New Investigator Publication Initiative, which was developed by the American Dietetic Association.

Bonnie Farmer is an active member of the Michigan Dietetic Association, and was the state coordinator for the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetics Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.  Her study suggests that vegetarian diets are nutrient dense and consistent with the Dietary Guidelines. “They could be safely recommended for weight management without concern for any kind of deficiencies,” noted Dr. Brian Larson from JG Consulting Services.  Vegetarian foods have the additional benefit that they may be offered to the Lord and then you can partake of the remnants or prasada, which purifies our existence.  

He (Bhagavan) destroys all the sins of the devotee who partakes of the remnants of prasada. But, those who take vegetarian or non-vegetarian food are both incurring sin. Those who are taking vegetarian food are less sinful because they are killing less developed sentient beings. If one kills a highly developed sentient being, that is the greatest sin. But sadhus, after cooking, offer the preparations to the Lord, as per scriptural injunction.  When those vegetables are being offered to the Lord, they are performing service.  For that, those entities receive eternal benefit.  There cannot be any sin in this activity when there is eternal benefit.  They are doing good to those entities.  All their sins will be destroyed.  Sadhus do not merely take vegetables.  They take that which can be offered to the Supreme Lord as prasada.

Śrīla Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Mahārāja :
“The Qualities of a Sadhu”
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There are also many recipes available on the net for an individual who wants a vegan diet.

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Thank you for your comments and support. You are very kind.

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Thanks for this. My dad started to worry about my health when I became vegetarian. I told him we all have to pay attention to what nutrients we take in. Plus, lots of restaurants, like Fuel, are being more conscientious about making sure people have a healthy, balanced meal.

dasavatara das said...

Respected Shawntai, thanks for your comments and support to our humble efforts to bring a healthy and spiritual way to eat, without violence and suffering to our smaller brothers - the animals.
If you wish, you can show your parents more evidence which we have published in this blog as regards vegetarianism.

Here you have the links:

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@dasavatara das, Thank you for the links. I'll be sure to school the parentals.

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