Wednesday, August 22, 2012


YEARS AFTER GROUP SEX WITH STUDENTS A former Texas high school teacher was convicted Friday after having sex with five 18-year-old students at her home. The Tarrant County jury decided on the sentence for Brittni Nicole Colleps, 28, of Arlington after nearly three hours of deliberation. It took jurors less than an hour to find her guilty earlier in the day of 16 counts of having an inappropriate relationship between a student and teacher. The second-degree felony is punishable by two to 20 years in prison per count. She showed little emotion as the guilty verdict was read. The teacher had sex with five of her students at her home over two months in 2011, authorities said. Colleps is married and has three children. 
She turned herself in after a cellphone video of one encounter that involved multiple students emerged. That video was shown a trial. Three former students who testified Thursday said that they did not consider themselves victims and did not want to see their former English teacher prosecuted. The three were football and track athletes. Arlington police Detective Jason Houston testified that charges were filed because "18 or not, it's a crime" for a teacher to have sex with her students.

Two former students told jurors their relationships with Colleps began with the exchange of text messages that quickly turned sexual. A 19-year-old testified that he had gone to Colleps' home twice with friends and they all engaged in sexual conduct. A former student who is now 20 testified that he engaged in group sex and recorded his last encounter on a cellphone. He said initially the students spoke of the importance of keeping their activities quiet because they didn't want their teacher to get in trouble. The 20-year-old also said when school officials called him into the office to question him in May 2011, he denied the trysts at first because "I was trying to save her." 
Colleps' husband was serving in the military overseas at the time of the encounters. Christopher Colleps said Friday that he is mad at his wife, but stands by her "because 'til death do us part means 'til death do us part." Putting her in jail would punish him and their children for something they had no control over, he said. He said he was very angry and hurt by his wife's actions, but admitted the two of them have had group sex with other consenting adults in the past. He also said people who call him an idiot for wanting to remain married to her just don't understand.

An ex North Texas High school teacher, Brittni Nicole Colleps, 28, was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for having sex with five 18-year-old students at her home. Jurors found Colleps, married and mother of three, guilty of having inappropriate relationship between a student and teacher, regardless of age. Despite the accusations against his wife, Christopher Colleps is choosing to stand by her side. He said he was very angry but admitted the two of them have had group sex with other consenting adults in the past. Lust creates uncontrollable sexual urges which destroy the intelligence of a person. Lust is like a blazing fire, never leaving a person with any peace.

Lust is the source of all kinds of sexual drives. While regulated sex is necessary for procreation, lust tends to create uncontrollable sexual urges within a person. While modern media - and practically the entire modern society - portrays passionate lust as a gateway to unlimited bodily pleasures, such a conception is in reality short-lived and treacherous; it is individually frustrating and socially disastrous. Enamored by erotic fantasies, a person tries to enjoy in newer ways and with newer partners. But each successive experience leaves him increasingly disappointed - and craving for more. For the highest pleasure the body can offer is heartbreakingly brief. Frustrated in his quest for erotic enjoyment, such a person turns in despair to perverted sources of pleasure like smoking, drinking and drug abuse. As far as the family is concerned, uncontrolled lust in either or both of the spouses wreaks havoc in the lives of both of them as well as of their children.

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