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USA (Agencies) - Marital status, next to genetics, has the strongest effect on hair loss among women, according to two new American studies.  The loss of a spouse, through either divorce or death, raises the risk of hair loss to women, according to Dr. Bahman Guyuron, who presented the studies at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ annual meeting in Denvor.  Guyuron said the stress taken by women during a divorce appears to cause their hair loss.  Guyuron focused on the lifestyle of 84 female identical twins, tested their hormone blood level, and analysed photos of their hair.  After the results were analyzed and compared against their twin’s, they were each given hormone blood level tests and their scalps were analyzed for hair thickness and signs of balding.

The results showed marital status was the single biggest trigger of hair loss apart from genetics. Of course, ending a relationship itself doesn’t cause any thinning, but the stress related to an imploded union apparently has a substantial impact.  He found women suffering from spouse loss have relatively high risk of thinning hair.  Women who were married or consistently single demonstrated far more follicle health than their divorced twins.   In addition, excessively drinking and smoking also appears to increase the risk of hair loss among women.  Guyuron said women who drink coffee, use sun protection and are happily married face a lower risk of hair loss than those not.  Patients of hair loss “need to try and control in terms of the way they approach stress and handle situations,” said Dr. Doris Day, a physician in dermatology who attended the meeting.

As if the heartache of divorce wasn’t hardship enough, women enduring marital break-up may also have to deal with hair loss.  New research reveals that, genetics aside, the next strongest predictor of midline (central) hair loss among women is their marital status.  With the loss of a spouse (through either divorce or death) raising the risk for thinning hair above that of married or single women.  Beyond relationship status, smoking, heavy alcohol usage, and the inability to handle stress in everyday life were also leading causes of female hair loss. 

Day by day divorce cases are increasing in every court - this is most dangerous thing in society.  Most people think this is normal now. ... We should try to remember our real identities. We are the eternal servants of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. We have to serve Them with our best ability under the guidance of a realized soul or spiritual master - a representative of our Divine parents. Then we will be able to understand what we are supposed to do with our parents, children, and relatives to present society peaceful.  Nothing happens without reason. War, divorce, abandonment, etc. all is from ignoring the natural culture of the soul, to serve the Divine Couple. We are all the eternal servants of the Supreme Lord, but due to the influence of this age of Kali, we have become forgetful of our real heritage, service to the Supreme Lord.

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Hair Loss in Women

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