Wednesday, October 5, 2011


INDIA (Mission News Network) - A Christian program called Mission India, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has found a way to connect families in the U.S. with families in India without ever having to board a plane. According to president Dave Strathers, the website gives Christian children in the United States a ten-step introduction to “what life is like in India,” It also urges them and their families to donate money.  Each dollar raised through this ministry pays for one student to attend a Children’s Bible Club. “We started year-long Bible clubs. Usually, they meet after school, every day. Children in the community gather together and get help with their homework, and they hear Bible stories, learn songs.”  Why focus on children? Stravers explains, “Ministry to children is more of a guerrilla-style attack on Satan’s kingdom because children are the most open to the Gospel.” 

“We’ve discovered that when children hear a Bible story, they go right into the home with the Gospel, where an evangelist cannot,” says Stravers.  
Last year alone, “My Passport to India” raised enough money to send 284,812 children to Bible Clubs all over the country. Stravers says, “The most common response that I’ve had from parents is: ‘My kids are now praying for India. They would like to give some of their allowance to bring more of these children to Bible clubs, so they can know Jesus.’“ Once the participating children are made aware of the needs, just like the evangelists they are, they respond. 
“We’ve had people tell us that their kids put some of their toys out in a garage sale, or went around to their aunts and uncles to collect loose change to provide help for India,” says Stravers.

This news is from a proselytizing organization which calls Hindu India “Satan’s Kingdom”, and this is their now strategy.  In their web site, they affirm that their Statement of Faith is based on solid, mainline Christian traditions. They considered Hindu India as a place where “superstition and idol worship have an iron grip - there is no forgiveness or joy”.  Mission India supporters work to fulfill their vision of “India Transformed by Christ.”  Christian missionaries have a feeling of exclusiveness or a sentiment of having sole propriety over the Words of God.

The farther a people go from their original indigenous culture and the values and principals it contained, often the worse life becomes for them.  Forgetting their own ethics and values is often what happens at the demands of the foreign institution or religion, thus, often furthering interest in shallow or false aims of life. ... The northeast region has become so infected by Christian militants and conversions that they want to secede from the rest of India and become their own Christian country, against the wishes of those who want to remain a part of the Vedic or indigenous cultures. ... Because of the influence of western evangelists, the local traditions are now in the process of being transformed beyond recognition or wiped out totally. Taking advantage of the poverty, lack of employment and education, these foreign missionaries have lured away a large part of the people from their traditional moorings.

Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
“Preaching in India’s Northeast for Cultural Preservation”  -

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