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www.webmd.com - Smokeless tobacco products - whether chewed or used as dry or moist snuff - may increase the risk of heart attack, fatal stroke and certain cancers, says the Journal of the American Heart Association. “No tobacco product is safe to consume. Smokeless tobacco products are harmful and addictive – that does not translate to a better alternative,” Mariann Piano, PhD, professor in the department of behavioral health science at the University of Illinois at Chicago, says. Piano says that smokers trying to kick the habit might want to try nicotine-replacement therapy, by chewing nicotine gum or using a nicotine patch that can be attached to the skin, rather than using smokeless tobacco products. Dr Piano tells WebMD that most people who use nicotine-replacement therapy do so for short periods of time, and it doesn’t appear to be as addictive as smokeless tobacco “because of slower absorption, lower doses of nicotine, greater cost, lack of flavoring, sociocultural influences” or a combination of such factors. She notes that as smoke-free air laws have become increasingly common, smokeless tobacco products have been marketed as a pleasurable substitute.

Dr Piano says most health professionals feel that people switch from smoking to nicotine-replacement therapy are better off, even if they have difficulty throwing away nicotine gum and patches, “because they are not exposed to tobacco carcinogens and oxidants.” On the other hand, recent research has found that smokeless tobacco products may slightly increase the risk of a fatal heart attack and fatal stroke in long-term users, and these products have also been linked to an increased risk in oral cancer.

Switching to “smokeless tobacco” if you are trying to stop using cigarettes is not a safe alternative. A single 2 g dose of “snus” gives the user a boost in blood nicotine concentration of around 15 ng/ml within 30 minutes. While smokeless tobacco may be safer than cigarettes, smokeless tobacco hasn’t been shown to help you stop smoking, because it also creates addiction. In fact, you may end up using both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

Sinful activity really means anything that will keep us bound in the material world. According to Vedic philosophy, we are all spirit souls, who are part and parcel of God. ... Committing sins really means performing activities that will cause us to be attached to the material world and to cause us to return as human beings or other species in our next life. ... Intoxication is one of the more obvious sinful activities because so many people develop addictions to it. Whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, or caffeine, addiction to intoxication is very common. Considering the fact that our senses are impossible to satisfy, it is no surprise that many take to intoxication in an attempt to break free of the senses. Instead of trying to escape the senses, the Vedas tell us to purify them through practicing devotional service to God, or bhakti yoga.

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