Thursday, September 23, 2010


WASHINGTON (UPI) - A Connecticut man was charged Thursday with sending more than 50 anthrax hoax and bomb threat letters, U.S. officials said. U.S. Attorney David Fein said the letters allegedly sent by Roland Prejean, 43, went to private individuals, post offices, state and federal buildings, judges and other officials around the country. Six of the letters contained a powder inside the envelope, while one contained some sort of paste, though to date analysis of the substances have proved negative for any biological or chemical agents. Prejean, aka Gary Joseph Gravelle, recently lived in Thomaston and Morris, Conn., and was charged in New Haven, Conn. “This defendant is alleged to have sent more than 50 letters nationwide, in which he threatened to kill numerous victims, by shooting them, bombing the buildings in which they work or exposing them to a substance that he claimed was, but was not, anthrax,” Fein said in a statement.

“The letters victimized both private citizens and public servants, and resulted in the evacuation of a post office, a town hall and a public school. Such threats cause significant diversions of law enforcement resources, inflict fear in the victims and result in substantial disruption of public and government services, and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Prejean turned himself in to law enforcement authorities in North Dakota Sept. 7. He appeared in federal court in North Dakota Wednesday and agreed to be transported to Connecticut. A U.S. Justice Department release contained no further details of the investigation.

This man is charged with sending more than 50 anthrax hoax and bomb threat letters. The letters resulted in the evacuation of a post office, a town hall and a public school. In some of the letters, he placed a white powder that he represented to be anthrax, but which was, in fact, baby or talcum powder. Our situation is dire: We are always deceiving others, but ultimately we are fooling ourselves.

We are labouring under a deception, we are deceivers who are not just deceiving ourselves but the world as well. Everyone – all the baddha-jivas are more or less cheaters. That is our position and we must be relieved of such misunderstanding, self-deception and environmental cheating if we are to be placed in our proper position. ... A proper understanding of one’s own self as well as the environment is proper education. That education must be Vedic. The standard must be drawn from outside this area of maya - this area of misunderstanding; the standard must be drawn from the perfect realm through Veda - revealed Truth. We must accept revealed Truth and bid farewell to so-called scientific knowledge and other kinds of perceptions that are all erroneous - based on false experience and false information. ... And what’s more, we must not only get relief from this misconception, from misunderstanding the external waves, but we must attain a positive position - to learn to understand the wave, the vibration of Goloka.

Śrīla Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Mahārāja :
“The Standard Comes From Outside”
Bhaktivedanta Memorial Library


Tina said...

I wonder what happened to Baxter Pharmaceuticals for putting live avian flu in their swine flu vaccine? Or what about the manufacturers who put toxic mercury in their vaccines (thimerosol)?

dasavatara das said...

Hare Krishna,
Thank you for leaving your message. You are totally right. We have expressed our Vedic point of view some months ago. I invite you to click in this link and read a previous news about vaccine industry.

Thank you again for your comment.
Your humble servant,
dasavatara das

miklos said...

We can chew it for years.. it all comes down to the point
You are a karmi or a bhakta---thats all and if You made that change to bhakta than you did it.
The whole world should think like that and it would be ONE GREAT VEDIC FAMILY. Now its rather a big karmi family. So I urge everybody to change only himself and 1 karmi to bhakta and we will win
thats all there is to it
bhakta miklos harsszegi