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PUBLISHED BY PARENTS AFTER HIS DEATH - The parents of a trainee teacher who killed himself because he had been bullied for years over his sexuality have published their son's suicide note in a local newspaper. Tim Ribberink, who was training to become a history teacher, killed himself last Thursday following years of bullying. But the decision by his parents Gerrit and Hetty Ribberink to publish their son's suicide note  has divided opinion in the Netherlands. 
In the newspaper, the suicide note is published along with Tim's death notice and a large smiling picture of him. It reads: “Dear Mum and Dad, All my life I have been ridiculed, abused, bullied and excluded. You guys are fantastic. I hope you’re not angry. Until we meet again, Tim.” His devastated parents, from Tilligte, east of Amsterdam, said they were not aware that there son was struggling to cope until he killed himself last Thursday. 

According to Irish, his parents have now asked police to investigate his death and in particular, to look at two fake messages which were posted in his name online. One of the messages dates back to 2010 with the second appearing last summer. It read: “I am a loser and a homo”. The parents are now hoping the police will be able to identify the bullies by investigating the fake messages. The decision by Tim's parents to publish the suicide note led to a massive reaction on Twitter. Despite some negative comments, the majority of posts supported the parents' decision to publish the note. Many called for tougher laws to deal with bulling. 
Within hours of the story about Tim's death emerging, his photograph was shared more than 5,000 times. The Twitter hashtag #timribberink has also been trending in the Netherlands. Last night, an emotional funeral took place at the Catholic church in Tilligte. Hundreds of friends and family attended, with many still shocked and angry about his death.

Bob van der Meer, a psychologist who specializes in the issues surrounding bullying, explains that “The suicide of Tim Ribberink just the tip of the iceberg and there are many children running around with suicidal thoughts because they are being bullied”. Ten percent of Dutch children and adolescents would be mobbed. “Pesten call” the Dutchman said aptly: Words are the victims often contaminated and can not resist. “But you can do something,” says van der Meer. Since 2006, schools have to keep a log of bullying, a “pest” protocol. But that was not enough: “We are shaken by such a case, but then nothing happens,” he adds. “Bullying makes you insecure and lonely. You really suicidal.” Again, while you're reading this, another child or teenager is being abused by his or her classmates or by internet. Say NO to bullying!

The alarming rise of bullying in the schools ... inspired me to address bullying with an educationally-based yoga program during the school-day curriculum to teach ahimsa - nonviolence to self and others. I set up a pilot study to determine if yoga would result in a decrease in bullying. And it did. ... There is a huge need for this type of education for kids. With the constant advancement in technology, kids and teens are continually bombarded with external stimuli. ... The CK system teaches children how to balance their lives and how to communicate effectively. Students do not ask for asanas (yoga postures); they do ask for relaxation, concentration or conflict resolution scenarios. It is the lifestyle of yoga that sparks their interest. Yoga is an enjoyable way to learn self-reflection, introspection, and relaxation, which most children greatly appreciate. It helps them to counterbalance their reaction to the busy world they live in.

Ms Dee Marie, MA :
“Bullying Can Be Stopped With Yoga”
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