Saturday, January 15, 2011


IN AVILA, SPAIN 6 PEOPLE ARRESTED - The Immigration and Border Brigade of the Police Provincial of Ávila has broken up a prostitution ring that operated in the capital city of Avila. The operation has been completed with 6 people detained; all of South American origin, 5 of whom are women. They are accused of crimes related to prostitution, conspiracy and illegal residence in Spain. One of those arrested has just been deported for this last reason because she had a prior sending off order in force. Disciplinary proceedings for expulsion have been initiated for the rest of women. Police launched the operation after learning that several foreign women - in an irregular situation in Spain - have worked as prostitutes in a villa situated in a very peaceful residential area of Avila. Few people knew that this quiet and innocent detached house functioned as a brothel.

After numerous efforts and continued vigilance of the apartment for several months, agents found that they attract customers through advertisements in the adult contact section of local newspapers and the Internet. In this way, Police proceeded to the arrest of WPS 31 years old, and EMR, 33 years old, both as responsible for improperly submitted of four other people into prostitution, and imposing “harsh and unfair” working conditions on the women who exercised prostitution . According to the Police Station their services had to be available 24 hours a day, “abusing the situation of need and vulnerability that illegal foreign women suffer, due to be in an irregular situation in Spain.” Besides these two people responsible for subject others to prostitution, there were also detained four other women - from 29 to 31 years old - for illegal residence.

The Commissioner of Avila, practiced these arrests after learning that in a villa situated in a residential area of the city, foreign (South American) women, who stayed in an irregular situation in Spain, were been engaged in prostitution. Abusing the situation of been illegal in a foreign country, these women has been forced into prostitution, and their “services” were available 24 hours a day by the press or the Internet. The detainees have spent in custody, and Police continue to investigate and may have further arrests, because the prostitution ring is huge. Because of the false identification with the body, in this age of Kali-yuga, material enjoyment, unrestricted sexual pleasure and widespread prostitution are prominent.

If we consider the sexual appetite, the strong impulse that resides in every being, we are able to understand that it is a great danger if it is uncontrolled and we also realize that Lord Krishna was totally right when He called it the enemy that comes from the mode of passion and then, as it does not satisfy the self, it is transformed into anger. Lust is the cause of illicit sex (outside marriage), but when we studied the effects that come from this mistake, we need to raise the alarm to everyone. ... So, I recommend you to do a deep study on how to live well, because if your sex life is the cause of suffering of others this is a great calamity, and besides as you are not having responsible sexual relations you will feel, in due time, that everything in his life is covered by a huge dark cloud and the only thing that you will be able to see is confusion. ... If we, due to keep bad company or be in touch with people of that mentality or by the daily influence of the mass media, which do not understand their responsibility, or by having just the same desire we have fallen into this mentality of illicit sex, it’s time now to reconsider all of this, before the misfortune goes up.

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :
“Sex Which Makes Others Suffer”
Vedic Wisdom Colecction

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