Sunday, December 26, 2010


BUENOS AIRES (AICA) - In a message released at the end of the 157th session of the Permanent Commission of Bishops entitled: “The game becomes dangerous”, the bishops of Argentina wishes to express its concern and pain for a growing scourge for many families : addiction to gambling. Among other things, the preachers warn that “We can see how gambling has proliferated as casinos, bingo halls, along with the great business of slot machines, even nearby of very poor neighborhoods. There has been a heavy overdrive of betting in the gambling lottery stores, too. Also, the phenomenon of new technologies such as Internet brings up new and ever more massive forms of gambling.” Argentine bishops explain that it is “an offer that grows and enriches just a few” and they consider that “it is important to speak without euphemisms. Gambling is a business worth a lot of money to benefit a few at the expense of many, especially the poorest. We also know of the connection between this activity and money laundering from drug trafficking, weapons and people.”

In their message the churchmen state: “The bishops of Argentina have dedicated next 2011 to highlight the value of human life and its inviolable dignity. We yearn to be free and unfettered from any kind of tie.”

On the other hand, faced the “serious personal, social and family consequences of the game,” the bishops argue that “the State must ensure the full protection of the family” because “who is passionate about the game can risk and lose what belongs to his spouse and children. It is an action that hurts the family communion.” (

Gambling creates bad habits; they are also addictive and promote a deceptive mentality through cunning and deceit, which clearly does not lead us down the path of Truth. They make us to waste time and throw away our valuable human form of life while we engage in misleading thoughts trying to find new tricks to earn money. Good qualities -such as honesty - are lost under the influence of gambling. It has become an addiction that has left many families in the material and spiritual ruin. For those reasons, Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda forbade gambling, considering them a source of corruption, folly and illusion.

Gambler, trickster, better, cheater, punter, are some of the designations to refer to those who are attracted to gambling. It is an activity that has brought great misery to entire families where a single member of it has been addicted to the casino, horse racing, playing cards, etc. In other games such as cinchona, the lottery, the lotto game, etc.., people unwittingly become addicted, their minds create dependency and they are tormented by an endless series of desires and tastes that they dream would happen if “they have luck on their side”. This creates a horrible material consciousness in which they can not stop thinking about what they will do if they win that money. In this way, they completely forget the fortune and wealth they already have for the mere fact of having a human body, and the opportunity to develop their spiritual awareness, which culminates in a life of ecstasy, peace and happiness. They completely forget that God is in their hearts as a friend well-wisher, ready to give all kinds of blessings, perfection and relief.

Śrīla Atulananda Ācārya :
“Vaishnavism and Christianity” - “The Games of Chance”