Tuesday, December 7, 2010


MADRID (www.ndtv.com) - A man who fell onto a railway line in Madrid on Friday was saved from serious injury or possible death by an off-duty policeman. In the incident, caught on the platform CCTV camera at Madrid’s Puerta del Angel station, a 41-year-old drunk man lost his balance and fell over the edge onto the tracks as a train bore down upon him. The recording shows horrified passengers on the opposite platform, screaming for help and frantically waving at the train driver in a desperate bid to slow him down and to alert him to the man on the tracks. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, calmly, amazingly and with little regard for his own safety a heroic man jumps down on to the tracks. He makes his way to the drunk man and pulls him to safety from the path of the thundering train with just a split second to spare as the train grinds to a halt inches away from him.

Spanish police have released CCTV footage showing an off-duty policeman rescuing a man who fell onto the tracks at a metro station in Madrid. Passengers on the platform are seen screaming and waving their arms to alert the driver. The police officer is seen walking onto the tracks and pulling the man away before the train can hit him. He is then helped by fellow passengers to pull the man onto the platform. According to details given later by the Spanish Police, the 30-year-old rescuer was an off-duty policeman, named Angel, who graduated just two months ago from the police academy.

A Spanish young policeman became the new hero of the Madrid city by rescuing a man who fell into subway tracks, seconds before the victim was crushed by a train. The president of the Community of Madrid announced that it would be proposed Citizen’s Medal of Merit for this agent. It is a natural and meritorious reaction to try to save another vulnerable human being, without thinking in your own safety. Well done brave policeman! The rescued man owes the policeman his life and he should also thank God for allowing a young brave man was there just at that moment. Countless heroic actions are narrated in the Mahābhārata, and a very nice episode is when Arjuna and his brothers faced to the kurus and all the other kings during the swayamvara ceremony of Draupadī.

The whole arena was filled with the sounds of drums, kettledrums, cymbals and conches. And thinking the brāhmana to be Arjuna, King Drupada was smiling from ear to ear. The beautiful Draupadī, whose smiling eyes resembled lotus petals, then approached Arjuna and placed the garland of victory upon his neck. ... Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, addressed His brother, “That hero there, who walks like a lion and wields a bow four cubits in length, is Arjuna! There is no doubt of this. Look at that brāhmana standing with an uprooted tree in his hand. That must surely be the second son of Pāndu, the mighty Bhīma. The tall youth who walks like a lion and is kingly in stature is Yamarāja’s son, Yudhisthira. The other two handsome youths are the sons of Mādrī, Nakula and Sahadeva. They have not died in the house of lac after all.” Lord Balarāma, smiling at His brother, said, “This is good news, My dear Krishna. I am happy to hear that our Aunt Kuntī and her five sons are alive.”

Commentary of the “Mahābhārata Summation” :
to the Chapter Fifteen of the Adi Parva,
Entitled: “The Svayamvara of Draupadī”.
New Vrindavana Community - June, 1985.

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