Sunday, December 12, 2010


www.medicalnewstoday - If you are trying to lose weight you might find it much harder if you have untreated depression, researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle report in General Hospital Psychiatry. They also found that an overweight individual has a significantly greater risk of having depression compared to people of normal weight for their age and height. Gregory Simon, M.D. and team monitored 203 obese women for a period of twelve months. They all had symptoms of depression and were aged 40 to 60 years. The researchers found that depression is closely linked to decreased physical activity - i.e. women with depression do less exercise. They could not determine which was causing which and by how much; i.e. how much the overweight was causing the depression or vice-versa. They wrote that more physical activity leads to an improvement in depressive symptoms, but also that an improvement in depressive symptoms leads to more physical activity.

The majority of weight loss programs do not focus enough on treating depression or screening for it, the authors explained. The scientists also found that more women who were being treated for their depressive symptoms had kept their weight off at 12 and 24 months. For a weight loss program to have a better chance of success, depression screening and treatment needs to be included. The authors concluded: “Among women with co-occurring obesity and depression, short-term improvement in depression is associated with weight loss.”

For many women who are coping with obesity and depression, this new research is telling them that improving their mood might be the key to losing weight. A treatment for depression in women may contribute to weight loss and can potentially lead to both physical and psychological well-being. Depression causes a pessimistic view of things. It also discourages enthusiasm and stifles one’s initiative. It may bring about sickness in the mind and body, a general lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, and a bad attitude toward life in general.

Although spirituality may not be able to cure all forms of depression completely, it will certainly help. In many cases, developing oneself spiritually can lay the groundwork so that if you are depressed, you may change your view which may allow you to rise above a depressed state of mind. ... Keep the body fit by doing regular physical exercises, and by participating in healthful activities. A pure, nourishing diet is very important for the health of both the body and the mind. Take more fresh fruit and vegetables. Take health tonics. They are available from health stores. Vitamin tablets from natural products may be highly beneficial. The nervous system must be strengthened by means of proper exercise, relaxation, pure food and regular prayer. A regular yoga routine is also most favorable. Check undesirable habits. Overcome them by developing virtuous qualities. Lead a life of purity, righteousness, and simplicity. Such a life will free you from worry, fear and depression.

Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
“Curing Depression with Spirituality” - “How to Overcome Depression”

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