Monday, January 24, 2011


IN MIYAZAKI FARM FOR BIRD FLU OUTBREAK - Japan is culling about 410,000 chickens at a farm in the southern prefecture of Miyazaki as avian influenza spreads to the nation’s second-biggest growing region for poultry. The government is taking measures to contain the disease as the H5 flu virus has been detected in chickens found dead in the farm in Shintomi town, about 8.5 kilometers (5.3 miles) from where the first flu outbreak this year was confirmed, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Officials in Miyazaki culled more than 10,000 chickens on Jan. 22 after six out of 36 chickens found dead at a separate farm tested positive for influenza. Nozaki said more tests were under way to determine whether it was the virulent H5N1 subtype. The government has imposed a ban on movements of birds and eggs within a radius of 10 kilometers from the affected farms and is disinfecting vehicles in the area.

The outbreak in Miyazaki followed the discovery of the virus in Shimane in November, where about 20,000 chickens were culled. Japan had 178 million egg-laying chickens and 107 million broiler chickens, according to the most recent data. Miyazaki is Japan’s largest grower of broilers after neighboring Kagoshima prefecture, according to the ministry. Japan culled about 288,000 pigs, cows and cattle in Miyazaki prefecture last year to contain the nation’s first outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease since 2000. It was the worst ever loss to Japan’s livestock industry, the ministry said.

Miyazaki agricultural official says the dead birds on the farms were confirmed infected with the H5 strain of bird flu, so in an effort to prevent a larger outbreak, 410,000 chickens are to be slaughtered. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the H5N1 virus of the avian influenza could cause the largest epidemic of the XXI century in a few weeks could end the lives of 100 million people. One of the main problems of modern civilization is our greed and insensitivity towards other living beings, such as the animals we kill in order to eat their bodies. This brings its own karmic result in the form of many diseases which affects the health of human beings.

Vegetables, fruits, grains and dairy products are in perfect balance for proper nutrition. These same vegetable substances, if they reach us through flesh of an animal, are dangerous to health and carry with them disease provoking substances. ... Meat bearing animals suffer from dozens of diseases and parasites caused through unnatural living and exploitation such as forced feeding, which causes fatty degeneration of organs, endocrine complications through castration diseases including contagious abortion, foot and mouth diseases, fevers, catarrhal conditions, cancer tumours, tuberculosis, mastitis, liver flukes causing ducts to be filled with septic matter (only the liver is condemned, not the carcass), etc; their blood and tissues are impregnated with preventive vaccines. Poultry is often impregnated with oestrogens, which are carcinogens.

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