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ANCIENT HINDU PROPHECY - In the “Brahma-Vaivarta Purana” (a Hindu religious text which is divided into four parts. It is one of the major eighteen Puranas), Lord Krishna tells Ganga Devi that a Golden Age will come in the Kali Yuga - one of the four stages of development that the world goes through as part of the cycle of eras, as described in Hindu scriptures. Lord Krishna predicted that this Golden Age will start 5,000 years after the beginning of the Kali Yuga, and will last for 10,000 years. It is interesting that this prediction of the emergence of a new world is prophesied to appear about the same time that the Mayans predicted it to come!
The Mayan calendar began with the Fifth Great Cycle in 3114 BC and will end on 21 December 2012 AD. The Hindu Kali Yuga calendar began on 18 February 3102 B.C. There is only a difference of 12 years between the Hindu's beginning of the Kali Yuga and the Mayan's beginning of the Fifth Great Cycle.

The ancient Hindus mainly used lunar calendars but also used solar calendars. If an average lunar year equals 354.36 days, then this would be about 5270 lunar years from the time when the Kali Yuga started until 21 Dec 2012. This is the same year that the Mayans predict rebirth of our planet. It is also about 5113 solar years of 365.24 days per year, and is day number 1,867,817 into the Kali Yuga. By either solar or lunar years, we are over 5,000 years into the Kali Yuga and it is time for Lord Krishna's prophecy to happen according to the ancient Hindu scriptures. Lord Krishna's Golden Age could easily begin in 2012!
It is amazing that both calendars began at about the same time over 5,000 years ago and both calendars predict a totally new world and/or golden age after about 5,000 years into their calendars! We are definitely on to something with these Mayan and Hindu 2012 predictions. Historically, this is an amazing fact since these two ancient cultures did not have any contact.

According to Hindu scriptures, there are four great epochs in every cycle of creation and destruction. According to Mexican archaeologists and historians, the Mayas also had a cyclical idea of time, and the end of 2012 marks the beginning of great changes and transformation which lead the human race to evolve into a new spiritual age. Interestingly, there is also a Hindu prophecy that indicates that 2012 will be a time of great change and upheaval. The author of the article, Mr  Subhamoy Das, says that in the Fourth and last part of the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, which details the life and deeds of Sri Krishna, He tells Ganga Devi that a Golden Age will come in the Kali Yuga. More than a few Hindu saints of recent times, including Sri Yukteswar (the guru of Paramahamsa Yogananda - author of Autobiography of a Yogi), Sri Aurobindo and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (founder of Transcendental Meditation), spoke of a transition from the Kali Yuga to the Satya Yuga - from a period of lower consciousness to one of higher consciousness - in our current time period.

The following are (ten) verses from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana that were spoken by Lord Krishna to Mother Ganga just before the beginning of Kali yuga (the age of quarrel and strife). Kali yuga began approximately five thousand years ago, and it has a duration of 432,000 years, leaving us with 427,000 till the end of the present age. Within this 432,000 year period, there is a period of 10,000 years that will be a golden age. That golden age is being described below by Lord Sri Krishna. This text is taken from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana. Text 49: “Ganges said: O protector, Supreme enjoyer, on your departure for the perfect abode, Goloka, thereafter what will be my situation in the age of Kali?” Text 50: “The blessed Lord said: On the earth 5,000 years of kali will be sinful and sinners will deposit their sins in you by bathing.” ... Text 59: “For 10,000 years of kali such devotees of mine will fill the whole planet. After the departure of My devotees there will only be one varna [outcaste].” Text 60: “Devoid of My devotees, the earth will be shackled by kali. Saying this Krishna departed.”

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“Prophecy of the Golden Age from Brahma Vaivarta Purana”
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