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GOOD TO STOP EATING BEEF Excessive consumption of red meat can cause certain health effects. Beef is not an exemption. Though it can provide many nutrients, health experts recommend minimising the consumption of beef or is possible, staying away from it altogether. Read on to know why eating beef could be bad for health: (1) It Hardens Your Blood Vessels - This applies to all red meats. Carnitine, which is a compound that is present in red meat may clog arteries. 
(2) May Cause Infections - E.Coli is a microorganism that may cause kidney failure, cramps in the stomach or even dehydration. (3) Hormones - The hormones present in red meat may increase the risk of suffering breast cancer in women. (4) Bacteria - As beef sellers want more profits, they started using certain drugs on cattle to make them grow faster and bulkier. This makes the meat cause certain side effects in humans including bacterial infections.

(5) Affects Immunity and cause Inflammation - Your immunity may react to certain substances present in red meat. (6) May Cause Cancer - Processed meat increase the risk of cancer due to certain additives and flavours added to processed beef and this makes it more dangerous. (7) May Cause Diabetes - Too much of beef consumption may also lead to type 2 diabetes and the risk factor increases by 45%.  (8) Alzheimer's - Red meat consumption in excess may cause accumulation of iron and this might indirectly lead to the risk of suffering Alzheimer's disease. 
(9) Cardiovascular Issues - Eating too much of beef is linked to cardiovascular diseases because the bacteria in the gut breaking down certain substances in beef and releasing certain harmful compounds. (10) Obesity - It goes without saying that too much of meat on your plate can easily obesity. It is tough to burn all the calories and fat when you are on a beef diet.

This article was written by Praveen Kumar from He wisely wonders "Does it make any sense to eat artery-clogging meat? When you plan your diet with low calorie foods, why eat fattening meat on the other side? Beef pushes your waistline further and invites a host of health issues like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, heart issues and osteoporosis." Also, he adds, "any animal product comes with a set of minus points. It comes with hormones, antibiotics, bacteria and toxins too." While research found that both red meat and processed meats contained similar amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol - both a contributing factor for heart disease and stroke - processed meats had on average four times higher levels of salt and other preservatives, according to lead author of the study Renata Micha, research fellow in the department of epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health. Despite all these, many people still claim about meat protein benefits, so the debate over the pros and cons of vegetarianism will continue forever, as different people have different needs and differing views on health and nutrition. However, our spiritual teachers have taught us that the fundamental principle of vegetarianism is essentially not to be violent. To eat meat is necessary to kill, therefore we must abstain from eating meat, for not participating in violence against other living creatures. If we are part of the food chain that is based on the act of killing, we will receive as a reaction to be born as animals in order to be killed. Srila Prabhupada has very clearly explained that we had animal bodies in past lives, and if we do not reach perfection in this opportunity which has been given us this human life, we will return to these lower forms. So please, do not eat meat. We should not participate in the killing of animals and therefore we can avoid both the suffering of our younger brothers and the harmful effects on our health and our future destiny. (Editor's note).

Eating of cow flesh or the flesh of any other animal, the motivation behind slaughter, is detrimental to the health of human beings. [...] Meat bearing animals suffer from dozens of diseases and parasites caused through unnatural living and exploitation such as forced feeding, which causes fatty degeneration of organs, endocrine complications through castration diseases including contagious abortion, foot and mouth diseases, fevers, catarrhal conditions, cancer tumours, tuberculosis, mastitis, liver flukes causing ducts to be filled with septic matter (only the liver is condemned, not the carcass), etc; their blood and tissues are impregnated with preventive vaccines. Poultry is often impregnated with oestrogens, which are carcinogens. Animal fats contain cholesterol which is now thought to cause coronary diseases of the heart.

Vedic Knowledge Online - “Hidden Price of Meat”
“Modern Civilization is Centered Around Animal Killing”

Published by dasavatara das - “Vedic Views on World News”


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