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http://shanghaiist.com - China has detained over 500 members of an “evil cult” preaching the imminent end of the world, after the group allegedly attacked police and cheated multiple victims out of thousands of yuan. The latest arrests were made in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, where eight people were detained for spreading the group’s message door-to-door and in public. Meanwhile, four members of the group were also arrested in Inner Mongolia. Police were alerted by a man who said that proselytisers had convinced him and his wife to give nearly 3,000 yuan as a sacrifice to escape the coming doomsday, Xinhua reported. 
“They are telling everyone that on Friday the sun will rise in the west and then disappear for three days and then there will be 72 days of terrible natural disasters starting from January 1, 2013,” one 24-year-old former cult member whose 50-year-old mother is still an adherent told the Financial Times. 

“They’ve also told all members to withdraw their money from the bank in preparation for the end of the world,” he said. Members of the group, which calls itself the Church of Almighty God, organized a large-scale procession in Shaanxi last week, unfurling banners declaring that the coming cataclysm could only be survived by believing in Almighty God. Photos posted on a website dedicated to monitoring the group appeared to show violent clashes between believers and police, with images of battered police cars at the scene of the demonstrations. 
The group, also known as Eastern Lightning, has existed in China since the early 1990s, and by some estimates boasts over a million adherents. Incorporating many elements of Christianity, the church preaches that a Chinese-born messiah will overthrow the Communist Party and save believers from eternal damnation.

More than 500 members of Almighty God group have been arrested in China. They had been distributing apocalyptic literature and sending text messages throughout China preaching the end of the world and urging people to launch a “decisive battle” to slay the “big red dragon” of the Communist government. The Communist Party, particularly sensitive to the rise of any religious or quasi-religious organisation, launched a savage campaign against the Falun Gong spiritual movement in 1999. China has no established religion, and these rumours that the world is about to end, lays bare the Communist Party's obsession with social stability and maintaining its tight grip on power. Atheistic Communism collapsed in the Soviet countries, but is strong in China and North Korea. However, both those living in the Communist or Capitalist style of life, are still unhappy and their desire to know about God has increased.

The goal was a nation of atheists. Over three generations - seventy years - the government had an explicit, determined policy to create such a nation. As in the other Soviet Republics, atheistic propaganda permeated education and social life in Armenia. Any slight practice of devotion to God, in any religion, whether public or private, often met with swift, brutal consequences. ... Decades of government-induced atheism in the Soviet bloc simply increased people’s hunger for spiritual life. Now that a consumer culture has been introduced, people have become frustrated on both sides. They know that both communism and capitalism are cheating, because material happiness has not increased. To find lasting and expansive happiness that the soul seeks, one must go to the reservoir of pleasure, the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

Śrīmati Urmila devi dasi :
“Two Seeds that Grew in Iron”
March/April 2008

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