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DO YOU BELIEVE IN SUPERSTITIONS? - There are many superstitions that are followed by people. We all are superstitious in some or the other way. We might deny that we are practical and not superstitious, but, at some point, we believe in it. For example, a black cat is always taken in the negative way. Similarly, Friday the 13th is another common superstition. These beliefs make us believe in ghosts and monsters. Here are the most common superstitions that have made us believe in many myths. Lets brief out ... 
Black Cat Crossing the Path: It is believed that a black cat crossing the path ahead of you brings bad luck. It is said that if you are going for some work, you will fail if you walk the path where a black cat crossed. People either throw stones and then walk or wait for someone else to cross. Bad Luck comes in Three: There is a common saying in Hinduism, “Teen tigada kaam bigada”. This means that bad luck comes when there are three. Be it a person or an object, the belief that three spoils the good luck is a myth. 

Friday the 13th: Friday has been considered as the unlucky day of the week. Moreover, 13th is considered as an unlucky number. When the two combine, it is a bad day. People fear to face Friday the 13 if anything wrong happens, we blame the day and date. Coin on the Ground: It is said that if you find a penny or note on the road or footpath, you should pick it up. It is a lucky sign that brings good luck. Eyelash to Make a Wish: If an eyelash is found under the eye then people place it carefully on the hand and make a wish. They believe that the eyelash will fulfil the wish as it travels to God.  
Itchy Palm: This is another common superstition. If the right palm itches, it means that you will either lose money or meet someone new in life. Whereas that if the left palm itches, it signifies money coming. Blinking Eye: The eyes blink because of the tissues but we take it as a superstition. People think that right eye blinking means bad luck for (women) and left eye blinking brings good news (for women). It is vice versa for men.

There are some common superstitions observed in many places worldwide. Amrisha, the writer of the article, has mentioned just a few of them. She also adds that there are two different believes associated with money. On one had, the superstitious believe that finding money is lucky and if you get it somewhere you should not disrespect it, so you should store the money and not spend it. On the other hand, it is said that you should not keep the money with you as it is not yours. You can either donate it to the poor or offer it to God. There are many faiths and superstitions which are not based on any revealed scriptures. It is not easy to completely get rid of superstition and ignorance.

As a general principle one should try to take the best from Eastern and Western culture and apply it to one's life. It is natural that one influenced by an Indian-based spiritual tradition will develop affinity for certain aspects of Hindu socio-religious culture. However, not every aspect of Hindu culture is spiritual. Many Hindu social customs are simply ethnic traditions, some are the result of outside influences, and some are even based on superstition. None of these have much to do with essential spirituality. ... Essential spiritual practices such as chanting Krsna nama are not based on one becoming a member of any particular culture. In fact the culture of Krsna bhakti (Krsnanusilanam), centered on the chanting of Krsna nama, is a spiritual culture unto itself. Krsnanusilanam can be incorporated into any ethnic culture or lifestyle.

Śrīla Bhakti Vedanta Tripurari Mahārāja :
“Krsna lila: The Highest Reality”
Q & A with Swami B. V. Tripurari
Śrī Caitanya Sanga - April 7, 2005, Vol. VII, No. 5

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