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PIPE AFTER BEING FLUSHED DOWN TOILET - A newborn Chinese baby was rescued from a toilet pipe after he was flushed away by his parents, state TV reports. Chinese firefighters had to cut out the pipe and bring it to the hospital, where the 2-day-old was rescued. They found the tiny boy lodged in a sewage pipe below a squat toilet in an apartment building in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. His placenta was still attached. Firefighters sawed out an L-shaped section wide on Saturday afternoon after neighbors reported hearing crying.
The baby boy was taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors cut around him to pull out the abandoned infant. The 2-day-old child - named Baby No. 59 from the number of his hospital incubator - was reported in stable condition.

News of the ordeal prompted an outpouring from strangers who came to the hospital with diapers, baby clothes, powdered milk and offers to adopt the child. Despites the offers to adopt Baby No. 59, it was explained the boy would be handed over to social services if his parents do not claim him. Police are treating the case as an attempted homicide, and are looking for the mother and anyone else involved in the incident. 
The landlord of the building in Pujiang County said it was unlikely the birth took place in the toilet room because there was no evidence of blood and she was not aware of any recent pregnancies among her tenants. The incident has sparked outrage on China's Twitter-like service Sina Weibo. "The parents who did this have hearts even filthier than that sewage pipe," wrote one user.

Firefighters in China have rescued a newborn baby boy lodged inside a sewage pipe leading off a toilet in an apartment building in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province. Firefighters and doctors worked together using pliers to cut the pipe apart to get to the baby, who is now in stable condition. China has strict family planning rules, with the one-child policy in place for more than three decades. Couples can face fines if they violate the policy. There have also been cases of female newborns abandoned because of a traditional preference for sons. As we have repeatedly seen, nothing can harm you, if the Lord wants to save you.

We may have many enemies who may be very powerful fighters, but if we remain under the protection of Krsna, no one can do us any harm. Rakhe krsna mare ke mare krsna rakhe ke. “He whom Krsna protects, no one can kill, but if Krsna wants to kill someone, no one can give him protection.” For example, suppose a very rich man is suffering from disease. He may have a first-class physician, medicine, and hospital available for him, but still he may die. This means that Krsna desired, “This man must die.” Therefore, the so-called protective methods we have devised will be useless if Krsna does not desire us to live. ... Therefore, if God wants to kill someone, no one can give him protection, and if God wants to protect someone, no one can kill him. Rakhe krsna mare ke mare krsna rakhe ke.

Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda :
"Teachings Of Queen Kunti"
Chapter 7: "Dangerous Encounters"
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