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CANCER WOULDN'T STOP HER - For many women, summertime means hitting the beach and getting a sun-kissed look. For others, like Trisha Paytas, her obsession with being tan consumes everyday life. Paytas, a model working in the Los Angeles area, says she hasn't missed a day of tanning in 10 years and doesn't plan on it. "I go every morning. It's my routine," Paytas, 25, said. Day in and day out, Paytas goes to Total Tan or another local salon in Marina del Ray, Calif. Sometimes she's there twice a day. After hitting the tanning bed, Paytas gets a spray tan to make sure her complexion and color are perfectly even. 
Aware of the cancer risks, Paytas says being tan gives her confidence. "I have seen myself pale and I don't look like myself," she said. "When you see someone who is tan, you are like, wow, amazing." Giana Gerardo agrees. The 24-year-old is also a tanning fanatic, logging two or three days at week at the local Beach Bum salon where she works.

"It makes me feel good and I feel comfortable in my skin," Gerardo said.  "It makes my clothes kind of look a little bit better than if I were not as tan." Both girls started tanning in their teens after being introduced to it by their moms. Paytas has racked up an expensive tanning tab in her quest for darker skin.  Paytas' spray tans alone cost her more than $5,000 a year and she is saving up for her own tanning bed. Trisha Paytas hasn't missed a day of tanning in 10 years. She also sunbathes without protection whenever she gets the chance. The health risks of tanning don't deter Paytas either. Paytas doesn't care.
 She told ABC News that even a skin cancer diagnosis wouldn't stop her from hitting the tanning bed the next day. "If you told me that I have skin cancer I don't think I would stop," she said. "Scrape it off and keep going." Although she admits to using sunbeds a lot more than other people, Trisha Paytas doesn’t consider herself a tanning addict, and says she can quit whenever she likes. She just feels better and more confident when she’s tanned."
Miss Paytas reiterated that even a skin cancer diagnosis wouldn't stop her from using the tanning bed the next day. Giana Gerardo, 24, and a tanning fanatic, agrees. Skin cancer is now the second most-common cancer among women in their twenties, according to Cancer Research UK, and new studies show that sun bed users under the age of 30 increase their lifetime risk of melanoma by 75 %. However, the health risks do not deter the girls, especially when they’re young enough to think they’re immortal.

The concept of beauty in the world clearly refers to the physical and it is consistent with an aesthetic which is product of a mind that tends only to the enjoyment. From this, many opinions qualifying people begin to be formulated, as if everyone is in a constant gateway, where a woman is rejected when her body measurements are excessive or insufficient. … What do we know about beauty? When beauty is separated from the Divine Being, the source and Creator, is temporary. Herein lays the problem. Even Miss Universe will look like a raisin when the old age arrives, and no one will remember what she was like in his youth. ... We can not know anything about the true beauty without a connection with the Divine, nor satisfy our hearts with the appearances of the body. We discover a deep beauty in people when we see with the eyes of the heart. By contrast, if the eyes of lust are the means to value someone, then the opinion will depend on the mere satisfaction of the senses. How small is this concept of beauty, and how cruel!

Śrīla Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Mahārāja :
“The True Beauty” - “Vedic Wisdom Collection”

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