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MY MANCHESTER UNITED CAREER" - Ryan Giggs has said that practising yoga has kept him in the game for so long and added that he would still love to play another 100 games for Manchester United. The Welshman, who is chasing his 13th Premier League title, told Gazzetta dello Sport that he has had to change the way he thinks on the pitch but that he is still "living the dream".  
"The yoga has definitely helped me," the 38-year-old said. "It helps me train every day because it gives me the flexibility and the strength not only to play the game but to train as well. "I rarely miss a training session even [if I do] a little less than the younger players I still go out and train. [When you get to my age] you have to change the way of thinking. I was a quick player when I was younger, now I am not so quick. [You have to] use your experience, use your intelligence on the pitch, to adapt your game and change your game, as I have done." 
The Welshman also confirmed that he wants to stay involved in football after ending his playing career but admitted that taking charge of United may prove a step too far. Initially, at least.

"At the moment I am just focused on playing. But whatever happens afterwards, I will be involved in football somewhere," he said. "I've done my coaching badges so I've done all I can really to prepare myself for life after football [as a player]. To manage a team like United ... Yes, [Pep] Guardiola has managed [to be in charge of a big club straight away] with Barcelona but even he was coach of the reserve team, the B team, for a couple of years so he had a little bit of experience so... [but] we'll have to see." 
Giggs explained, "Records and goals are not a big part of my motivation for going forward. Of course, playing 900 games for United is special but I don't look too far into the future, I just try to enjoy the moment and to do my best. If that is another 10 games then so be it, and if it is another 100 games then that would be great." 
United's local rivals, Manchester City, have emerged as the main rivals for the Premier League title this season and Giggs said: "We have the experience but City have the hunger, if we both keeping going like this, everything will be decided in the derby."

Giggs, who has already made 28 appearances and scored four goals this season, said: "When I was younger my goal was to play for Manchester United. Just once. You realise your dream and at 38 I am still living my dream." His former Wales and United team-mate Clayton Blackmore explained, "Giggs is still very effective. He’s not just a big name to sell tickets for the Olympics; he can make a difference. He still hasn’t got an ounce of extra weight on him. He has his yoga exercises which have made him more flexible than ever before."

Asanas elongate, tone and strengthen muscle tissue, massage the organs, stimulate the nerves and balance the pingala and ida nadis. As maximum stretch and flexibility are approached, a subtle stimulation of the physical and psychic nerve system begins to occur. Perform the postures daily in the privacy of your own room, without drawing attention to yourself. Naturally, they should not be performed after meals. Don’t worry if you can’t perform them perfectly, or if some are difficult for you. Do the best you can. Progress at your own pace, rather than in a competitive manner.  With practice, you will find the body becoming more supple, reflecting the mind’s flexibility, alertness and freedom from subconscious repressions. ...
When physical tensions are released through Hatha yoga, mental-emotional tensions are automatically dissolved. This is a great secret and a wonderful tool that you can use every day of your life.

What Is Hinduism?
Hinduism Today Magazine
Chapter 34: "Hatha Yoga"
"A 24-Posture System of Body Tuning and Preparation for Meditation"

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