Friday, August 7, 2009


TAIPEI — Taiwan has closed schools and offices and cancelled flights as the strongest typhoon of the year nears the island. Typhoon Morakot is expected to pass directly over the capital, Taipei, with winds of about 145km/h (90mph) and heavy rainfall, meteorologists said. Landslides and power outages have been reported in the north of the island. Millions of people living in the north of Taiwan are sheltering in their homes, awaiting the arrival of Morakot. Fourteen people were injured in Taiwan on Friday as mainland China evacuated 20,000 people and called tens of thousands of boats back to port ahead of Typhoon Morakot. None of those hurt in typhoon related accidents across the island were seriously wounded though, rescuers said. Local television reported that a woman was drowned in northern Keelung habour.

Taiwan's financial markets, offices and summer schools were shut and most outdoor festivities postponed, with Morakot expected to make landfall in the northeast late Friday, unleashing powerful winds and heavy rain. All domestic flights and many international flights have been cancelled, service on the island's high-speed railroad has been suspended and seaports have been closed due to the high winds. Gusts have reached up to 180km/h (112mph). Nearly 50cm (20 inches) of rain has already fallen in some mountainous areas. Some minor landslides have been reported in the north of the island and power has been cut to about 25,000 households. Taiwan's weather bureau has said the impact of the typhoon could be prolonged as it is moving slowly. Taiwan is typically hit by a dozen or so typhoons in the summer which help to replenish its water supply. The authorities said Morakot had already brought 167 million tons of water to reservoirs island-wide to help avert an imminent drought.

Modern scientists say that there are no demigods and that there is no God, that all events are being carried out by nature. It is true that nature is working, but nature, after all, is nothing but matter. Matter cannot work without being directed by a living being. We cannot say that matter works independently. In the ocean we always see that there are great waves moving. Water is dull matter, but the air is pushing these great waves and dashing them onto the earth. Scientists say that nature works in this way and that, but nature is not independent. We receive information from authoritative śāstras that nature is moving under the direction of the demigods. So we cannot say that these processes are automatically taking place. Scientists admit that nature is working in a wonderful way, but, after all, nature is not under their control. The scientists may accept or defy Krishna, but they cannot defy the activities of nature. Everyone is subordinate to nature. Nature, however, is working under the direction of God; therefore everyone is subordinate to God.

Srila A.C. BV Swami Prabhupada:
"Teachings of Lord Kapila, the Son of Devahuti - Chapter 17 - Verse 42"

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