Thursday, September 1, 2011


ARGENTINEAN GIRL WAS FOUND DEAD - The mother of missing 11-year old Candela Rodríguez, Carola Labrador, identified her daughter’s body, which was found inside a plastic bag on the side of the Oeste Highway, in Morón.  “They killed my daughter!” she said after seeing her body, and suffered a nervous breakdown.  Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli was also at the site, accompanying her.  While police authorities were combing the area, a witness assured she had found a bag containing the body of a young girl which has been dead for three days. She was not wearing any clothes and her body showed signs of violence. Residents in the Hurlingham area were seen in shock after the unexpected outcome.  They had held several vigils and marches, demanding for her immediate appearance.  On Tuesday, a 48-hour campaign featuring many Argentine celebrities was started, in hopes it would raise awareness about the girl’s disappearance.

The last time Candela Rodríguez was seen alive, she was heading towards a church a few blocks away from her home, where she was scheduled to meet other girl scouts who were waiting for her. Police authorities were looking into several theories of her abduction that ranged from a human trafficking case to a revenge exacted on her father, currently in prison over a truck robbery. According to police authorities, only 48 hours earlier Candela’s mother had received several threatening phone calls, warning her that if she “didn’t return the money” her daughter would turn up dead.  In the last few days, over 1600 policemen were searching for the girl and authorities will now investigate to identify the culprits of such a heinous crime that has shocked an entire country.

An Argentinean missing 11-year-old girl, whose disappearance in Buenos Aires gripped the nation and sparked a celebrity-led campaign to locate her, was found dead.  The girl’s mother had received several threatening phone calls earlier in the week, warning her that if she “didn’t return the money” her daughter would turn up dead.  Authorities said Candela Rodriguez’s body was not wearing any clothes and had been dead for three days. The autopsy revealed that the girl was killed by asphyxiation 7 days after being captive. The purpose of society should be to live in peace and always avoid acts of cruelty so everyone can advance spiritually.

Persons who are attached to sinful activities generally become envious and violent toward other living entities.  Committing violence is a heinous sin.  It is everyone’s duty to give up violence.  Violence toward human beings is the gravest sin. ... Violence toward other living entities is the root of all sinful activities.  Those who are fortunate enough to engage in Krishna’s devotional service naturally do not possess a propensity for violence. ... There are three kinds of violence: violence toward human beings, violence toward animals, and violence toward demigods. Violence is born from hate. ... There are two types of cruelty, cruelty toward humans and cruelty toward animals.  Cruelty toward men and women causes great disturbances in the world. When people practice cruelty toward one another, compassion leaves the world and irreligiousness in the form of cruelty become prominent. (Caitanya-siksamrta 2/5)

Śrīla Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thākura :
‘Violence Toward the Living Entities’
“Śrī Bhaktivinoda Vānī Vaibhava”  - Vol 2. “Abhidheya”
Compiled by Śrīpad Sundarānanda Vidyāvinoda

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