Thursday, September 22, 2011


Buenos Aires (Télam) - Pergamino City Police, from province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, broke up a paedophile ring, comprised of three elderly men, who are charged for the crimes of “repeated sexual abuse seriously outrageous and corruption minors.”  According to the official report, the arrests were in Pergamino city, developed after several raids on different houses in that city. The accused, 70, 71 and 80 years were investigated for about 6 months, when the first complaint against them was made. Apparently, the suspects had sex with minors, in exchange for money.  Months ago, the mother of a girl of 6 years old denounced the three old men for sexually abusing her daughter and another girl of 11.

“The mother of the girls had noticed odd behavior in their daughters. After undergoing them to the Gesel camera and make several psychological studies, it was found that the girls had been subjected to some form of abuse,” authorities said.  After other medical checkups and taking statements to the children, the filming, surveillance and undercover work began, and as a result of it, the identity and current addresses of the defendants was discovered.  They were finally arrested yesterday, at their homes in the city of Pergamino, accused of being part of a paedophile ring. They are a retired man of 80 years, who owns two nursing homes, and two other accomplices, of 70 and 71 each.  It was learned that even one of paedophiles would have discovered just at the precise moment when he was in bed with a small child.

Three retired men of 80, 71 and 70 years old were arrested yesterday in Pergamino, Argentina, accused of being part of a pedophile ring. They are accused of abusing young girls in exchange for giving them some money to buy themselves things. The girls assured the police that they had gone voluntarily to the elderly home where they were sexually touched by the senior men.  Most other material attractions can usually be given up or outgrown, but the fascination for sex can hinder the spiritual advancement and remain with a person for many lifetimes.

We should always remember Nrsimhadeva.  Nrsimhadeva kills Hiranyakasipu. Who is Hiranyakasipu?  “Hiranya” means wealth and “kasipu” means bed - sexual desire.  So “Hiranyakasipu” means “those who have desire for wealth and sex; and also for name and fame”.  Such persons cannot get Krishna.  So, Hiranyakasipu is within us. Externally, we may see a demon, but that demon is also residing within ourselves.  That demon should be killed! Then you can go to Krishna.  There is also one-pointed, causeless, eternal devotion residing within our real selves. That is called “Prahlada”.  There is Prahlada, Nrsimha Bhagavan and bhakti.  Nrsimha Bhagavan will remove all ulterior motives from our hearts.  He will kill Hiranyakasipu and enhance Prahlada.

Śrīla Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Mahārāja :
“Golden Saying” - 1/19
Published on May 31, 2002

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