Saturday, September 24, 2011


Zhengzhou (Xinhua) - A Chinese man who kept six “sex slaves” in his basement prison, forced the women into prostitution and to feature in porno videos posted on the Internet to make money, police investigators said Saturday, a day after the case was exposed and shocked the nation.  Li Hao, the 34-year-old married suspect who has a son, told police investigators in Luoyang, central Henan Province, that he dug the basement two years ago wanting to enter the lucrative business of running porno websites.  Six girls were forced against their will into the basement, where Li repeatedly raped them and forced them to perform porn shows and prostitution, police said.  Two girls who fought back were tortured, and eventually killed, police added.

Their bodies were found on September 3 when police raided the basement on a tip off from relatives of one of Li’s “sex slaves” who managed to escape.  Police freed three other girls and arrested Li.   According to media reports, Li spent about two years digging two small rooms 4 meters beneath a basement before abducting the women, who all worked at nightclubs and karaoke bars.  The horrific nature of the case has shocked the nation, prompting local authorities to launch an overhaul of entertainment venues - beauty parlours, karaoke halls, saunas, and Internet cafes, while boosting an “online cleansing” campaign to crack down on porn websites.

In China, a man kidnapped 6 women who worked as hostesses at karaoke bars in Luoyang city.  He then locked them in two small rooms - hidden behind 7 iron doors - he had dug 4 metres under his rented basement.  Li regularly raped the women and would give them food only once every two days to keep them physically weak.  Two sex slaves were killed.  He only let the women out when he wanted them to perform sexual services for other men to earn money for him.  On one of these outings, a young woman escaped and went to the police.  The Age of Kali is progressing. 

In Kali-yuga it is seen that women become stronger, bolder, and  more independent. In some cases, women are forced to become strong and independent due to being mistreated or left unprotected by men of little character. The Bhagavatam (1.16.21) explains that  women and children are left unhappy and forlorn by unscrupulous men who often search for young girls with whom they might have illicit sex. ... The Vishnu Purana (Book Four, Chapter 24) also confirms this, stating that union between the sexes will be based on passion alone, and women will be mere objects of gratification.  ... By the time this takes place in Kali-yuga, child pornography, rape, and other sexual crimes will be out of control. Politicians and law officers will be bribed into impotence, some even participating in  and profiting from these perverse activities.

Stephen Knapp (Śrīpad Nandanandana dasa) :
 “The Vedic Prophecies: A New Look into the Future”
Vol. 3 - “Changes During Kali Yuga”
“The Depravity in Family Life ind Relations Between People”  -

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