Saturday, September 17, 2011


REHABILITATION CENTER CLOSED - Police in Bahia Blanca in Argentina closed the premises, working clandestinely, after a neighbor photographed a patient with psychiatric problems who had been tied to a pole in her underwear. The police closed the site that functions as a kinesiological rehabilitation gym and derived the women who suffered abuse - about 30 years old - to another specialized institution. The police operation took place Thursday afternoon at the street Alvarez Jonte 1200, Villa Ressia neighborhood, in that city of the Buenos Aires’ province.  The woman who was in charge in that place said to be an auxiliary nurse, and told police she had tied the young woman because she suffered from schizophrenia and the psychiatrist who treats her has suggested such action when the patient suffers a psychotic outbreak.

At the time of police procedure, the woman who had been tied was found lying on a bed.  The site was raided after a neighbor called Laura Aguirre, revealed the persistence of a woman tied to a stick, wearing only panties and bra, and gagged, in the afternoon hours when the temperature was quite low.  The neighbor took a photo with his cell phone and filmed the scene and then contacted the police.  The neighbor said that similar situations have already happened there; they heard screams and moans and had also seen an older woman being punished. The house has no sign on the front and neighbors believed that the site operated a nursing home, but later learned that it was a sort of gym that was on duty as “kinesiological rehabilitation center.”

There was again a case of maltreatment to patients in an alleged rehabilitation center in Argentina. A neighbor shot the scene and publicly denounced the abuse, following which the place was closed by authorities for lack of enablement.  The photo and video show a woman in her underwear, gagged, tied to a pole and weathering.  Her name is Natalia, she suffers schizophrenia, and was experimented a psychotic break, said the woman who "looked after" her.  Mistreatment of other living beings is horrible and also impedes your service to God.

Let us put aside all selfish interests. Consciousness is to serve others, and you have to sacrifice something of your own for others’ well-being; many people are suffering in this world. You have the power of change. We want that everyone becomes conscious and teaches by his own example.  We think that the duty of the humanity is to search the truth and to practice it. ... We believe that all people, who have certain knowledge, wealth or some other distinguishing capacity, should be conscious about their personal conduct and be disposed to utilize their advantages to protect and serve those less fortunate.  We believe that mercy, purity, honesty and austerity are the fundamental pillars to build a free, sane and just society. A conscious person should meditate a lot on this truth and try to practice it in his daily life.

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